ml> Gasha for Ethiopians

We pledge allegiance to the Ethiopian flag and the history and ideals for which it stands one indivisible nation under God, and with equality and freedom for all !

An opposition rally May 2005 in the Ethiopian capital was unprecedented in the history of the country. Over 3 million people flooded the entire city, conveying the message the time is over for the mercenary regime of Legese Zenawi.

"I urge all of my Ethiopian brothers and sisters to fully support PM Abiy. He is our leader who will take us to that shining city upon the hill called,The Beloved Ethiopia, which simply means the Ethiopia that love built." Pro Al Mariam

Ethiopia arrest warrant for ex-spy chief, Getachew Assefa

Ethiopian authorities have made a move in respect of a former binomo intelligence chief widely reported to have superintended over systemic rights abuse during his tenure. Getachew Assefa was fired by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in 2018 as part of a housecleaning of regime officials mentioned in cases of rights abuse. The BBC Amharic service quoted the Attorney General as telling parliament on Tuesday that the Tigray regional state was shielding Assefa from arrest......full text

Thank You PM Abiy Ahmed for All You Have Done for Ethiopia!

I believe I resonate the feelings of millions of Ethiopians in my expressions of gratitude to the Almighty first and to all of the young Ethiopians who, through their blood, sweat and tears, managed to liberate Ethiopia from the iron clutches of ethnic apartheid. I also believe millions of Ethiopians share my expressions of gratitude to you and The Team for toiling behind the scenes for years to root out ethnic hate, religious bigotry and social division in Ethiopia. .....full text

Amdom Gebreselassie: Speaking Raw Truth to TPLF “Chased Out of Power” in Ethiopia

In these heady times , Amdom also put to shame so many cowardly and servile TPLF apologists who have been defending and making excuses for the TPLF’s corrupt, dictatorial and oppressive rule in Ethiopia over the past 27 years......full text

Reflections on the Rule of Law and Ethiopia’s Transition to Democratic Rule

So, what Ethiopia needs today to institutionalize the rule of law binomo demo is a professional judiciary with the constitutional power of judicial review that is ready, willing and able to take on the executive and legislative branches when they exceed their constitutional powers......full text

Birtukan Mideksa, Abiy Ahmed and the Future Country of Ethiopia Today

Thank God almighty, the 27-year nightmare of captivity in the bloody and corrupt hands of the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front is over. t.......full text

The Huff and Puff of Shape Shifter/Slim Shady Debretsion Gebremichael in Ethiopia

Debretsion and his doppelgänger (evil twin) Getachew “Motor Mouth” Reda, who will spill the beans with a few shots of qatikala, are now mounting a disinformation campaign that Tigreans are being persecuted because corrupt TPLF thugs are brought to justice.Getachew “Motor Mouth” Reda Where were Tweedledee Debretsion and Tweedledum Getachew when their bogus anti-terrorism law was being used to arrest, jail and torture hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians over the past 27 years? Debretsion and Getachew were apologists for untold crimes against humanity committed in Ethiopia by the Thugtatorship of the Tigran Peoples Liberation Front.......full text

The End of Thugtatorship and Rise of the Rule of Law in Ethiopia

Last week, TPLF thugs and others were being rounded up and lassoed like wild horses in California to be brought to the bar of justice. In January 2012, I warned the TPLF thugs to beware and change their evil ways. “Justice will also arrive like a slow, chugging and delayed train for those who have committed crimes against humanity and war crimes in Ethiopia.”......full text

Ethiopia: Justice for the Victims of the Meles Massacres of 2005!

The TPLF thugs, like the Nazi thugs, also believed they were the law and will rule for 100 years. They too must be held to account for the untold crimes against humanity they have committed on the people of Ethiopia.......full text

U.S. govt asked to sanction Ethiopia's ex-spy boss, Getachew Assefa

Getachew Assefa is by all accounts a criminal and ruthless human rights violator .....full text

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia, We must separate the thorns from the roses

I offer PM Abiy my highest respect and admiration. He was the binomo trading personification of grace under fire. He was literally under fire, but he did not flinch or wince. He maintained his cool and composure certain in his knowledge that in the end good always triumphs over evil......full text
June 12, 2018

Ethiopia: Mass protests 'rooted in country's history'

It has been a tumultuous week in Ethiopian politics after the country's prime minister abruptly resigned and the ruling coalition declared a six-month state of emergency as it seeks to contain mass anti-government protests......full text

198 Ways to Fight the T-TPLF�s State of Emergency in Ethiopia and Win

Make no mistake about it! The peaceful struggle for political change in Ethiopia is now in its final and terminal phase. On February 16, 2018, the Thugtatorship of the Tigrean Peoples� Liberation Front (T-TPLF) declared a war of the people of Ethiopia for the third time since October 2016 by declaring a state of emergency. That is the T-TPLF�s response to the Ethiopian people�s peaceful demands for change......full text

Ethiopia Must Persevere Over the Abbay River

Regardless of whether we agree or disagree with the brutal and barbaric Tigray People�s Liberation Front (TPLF) that does not even have an ounce of respect for the Ethiopian Orthodox church or for the Muslim religion or for the lives of children, harnessing the enormous potential of the Abbay River (Blue Nile) for the betterment of the Ethiopian people is a fundamental and non-negotiable national right. Sadly, this sovereign right that has been asserted by generations of Ethiopian leaders might be at risk because Ethiopia does not have a patriotic, representative and competent national defense or security force. Its internal ethnic and religious division favors its adversaries. Ethiopians must wake up before it is too late. They must bridge minor differences; unite and defend the country from internal and external adversaries.....full text

The Integrity of Dissent and Systemic Change

Like a spider, the TPLF regime has spun out of itself a predatory web of rhetorical devices, ideological conceits, codes of ethnic domination, and simulations of state institutions and practices in which it has ensnared Ethiopian national life for nearly three decades now. It is a paradox: the Woyane network of partisan-tribal dictatorship is morally and culturally repugnant to the Ethiopian people, including patriotic intellectuals, yet it has not been met with effective resistance in organized ideas and principles involving the nation�s dissenting educated class......full text

Ethiopian Borders Affairs Committee on Woldia Massacre

The Ethiopian Borders Affairs Committee (EBAC) condemns the heinous crimes against humanity committed by the Tigray People�s Liberation Front (TPLF) and its mercenaries on innocent civilians, including children as young as 9 years old in the town of Woldiya in the Amhara region. Such crimes against humanity have no parallel in Ethiopia�s long and distinguished history. Those murdered under the direction of the TPLF were celebrating Epiphany, one of the holiest events in the country. The nine-year-old child atop of a car was simply celebrating and watching the ceremony and had done nothing to provoke anyone......full text

Ethiopia wants to turn a notorious prison into a museum. But some fear the abuses will continue

By Los Angeles Times / January 4, 2018
The government of Ethiopia is a closed, opaque and authoritarian organization, which jails and harasses local journalists and bloggers and denies foreign journalists access to report on protests that have wracked the country in recent years or on a severe hunger emergency caused by the worst drought in half a century. According to Human Rights Watch, Ethiopia uses spyware and malware to monitor and hack Ethiopian activists and critics abroad. It reports that security agents pursue and abduct opposition figures who flee to neighboring countries, taking them back to Ethiopia to be jailed .......full text

Deaf Ear! Blind Eye! Do Not Advance Security

Ethiopians are used to �deaf ear and blind eye� with regard to the international community in general and Ethiopian regime �strategic allies,� especially the United States and the European Union with regard to gross human rights violations in Ethiopia. Even under the worst of conditions, including massacres of innocent civilians by Ethiopian federal and security forces, these friends continue to issue innocuous and timid statements. It is time to change......full text

Open Letter to Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn

It is with a great deal of anger, frustration and dismay that we write this letter to you urging your government to take a firm stand with regard to Sudanese aggression against Ethiopia; and against the annexation of territories that do not belong to the Sudan. The people of Ethiopia have the right to know why your government allows incursions into Ethiopian territory; why Ethiopia�s armed forces are unable to defend the country�s territorial integrity and sovereignty and why Ethiopian citizens are being assaulted by the Sudanese and displaced from their lands.......full text

Open Letter to Sudanese President Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir

As you know, the Constitutive Act of the African Union that the Sudan signed along with other member countries underscores a fundamental principle that each member country must respect at all times. �Conscious of the fact that the scourge of conflicts in Africa constitutes a major impediment to the socio-economic development of the continent and of the need to promote peace, security and stability as a prerequisite for the implementation of our development and integration agenda.� ......full text

Teddy Afro, Ethiopia's biggest pop star: 'Because of our government, our country is divided'

...He argues that the country, under a state of emergency after violent anti-government protests last year, is slipping backwards.Africa,� he says, �but, because of our government, our country is divided.� The album is a call for unity and the rehabilitation of Ethiopia�s glorious past. �This younger generation is in a dilemma about their history,� he continues. �I feel a responsibility to teach them about the good things from their history. They should be proud of their achievements.�......full text

Ethiopia: The T-TPLF Trojan Horse of the Apocalypse Riding in Oromiya

Author�s Note: The ruling Thugtatorship of the Tigrean People�s Liberation Front (T-TPLF) in Ethiopia is said to be on the verge of passing a �law� protecting �Oromia�s special interest in Addis Ababa� and �giving Oromia extensive rights in the capital city� (hereinafter the T-TPLF Masters� Addis Ababa Plan B). It is a trial balloon �leaked out� by the T-TPLF to gauge public reaction (hoping the Ethiopian public will be blinded, hoodwinked and bogged down in recrimination about what name to give the capital) while they implement their diabolical Addis Ababa Master Plan B in broad daylight......full text

ኢሕአዴግ ድርድር ጠርቷል? በዚህ ጉዳይ ላይ ፎረም 65 ሰፊ ውይይት አዘጋጅቷል። ያድምጡት! click here

February 3, 2017

Ethiopia: Another T-TPLF White Elephant for Sale?

The �Ethiopian Railway Line� opened in October 2016 with all the bells and whistles. Today it is derailed and teeters on the edge of financial disaster. The T-TPLF (Thugtatorship of the Tigrean People�s Liberation Front) last week announced that the �Ethiopian Railway Corporation� (�ERC�) is drowning in an ocean of debt.......full text

TrAIDing in Misery: The T-TPLF, its Partners and Famine in Ethiopia

The T-TPLF (Thugtatorship of the Tigrean People�s Liberation Front) is out in full force once again on its annual panhadling circuit. In January 2016, the T-TPLF was out peddling for food aid and blaming the West for being ungenerous. For the past one-quarter century, the T-TPLF has been panhandling in the name of the Ethiopian people.......full text

Quick Judgments are easy: why not contribute constructively?

On October 30, 2016, I had the opportunity to express my genuine views concerning the welcome formation of the �Ethiopian National Movement (ENM).� I said at the time that this is a great start with enormous potential to do the right thing. Its potential resides in sending the right signals at the right time. Equally, ENM is embedded in the organizers willingness and readiness to reach out, embrace and empower others to join. It is not an end. It is a beginning. In my estimation, this formation paves the way for an inclusive or All-Stakeholders Conference that Ethiopia desperately needs.......full text

Obang Metho's speech at Amnesty Int'l Conf in New York City

The authoritarian regime of the TPLF/EPRDF has exerted increasing repression, violence, imprisonment, infringements of every kind of liberty and freedom of expression, the closure of political space, the hijacking of institutions and now with a state of emergency declared, the regime has built a wall of isolation around the country.......full text

What Do WE Want and Do NOW?(Part III)

As I have argued in Parts I and II, the T-TPLF today operates a kinder and gentler black apartheid system in Ethiopia. In its essential attributes and consequences, there is little difference between the minority white apartheid system of South Africa and the T-TPLF apartheid system in Ethiopia.......full text...full text

What Do WE Want and Do NOW? (Part II)

In my commentary last week, I sought to provide an explanation on what the T-TPLF wants and do now that it has declared a �state of emergency� for itself. (Ethiopians have been under a T-TPLF state of emergency for the last 25 years! Ho-hum!)......full text...full text

Time for the U.S. and EU to take a tough action on Ethiopia

When a government takes a deliberate and dangerous step to segregate itself and its ethnic base from the rest, the implications are far bigger, deeper and more dangerous than the State of Emergency the TPLF dominated government declared on October 9, 2016. This segregation confirms what the majority of the Ethiopian people have been saying for the past quarter century. ......full text

Ethiopia: What Do We Do Now? (Part I)

THEY know what they want, and do NOW! The T-TPLF has declared a �state of emergency� and unleashed a reign of terror on Ethiopia. But what do they want, and do now? What the T-TPLF wants to do NOW is use every trick in the book to remain in power for another 25 years and do business as usual!.......full text...full text

Ethiopia Opens a Pandora's Box of Ethnic Tensions

The EPRDF�s governing ideology, �revolutionary democracy��a curious concoction of Marxist, Maoist, and ethno-regionalist thought�demands Soviet-style submission to the Tigray-dominated state. It calls for communal collective participation and democratic centralism.......full text

Ethiopia: State of Emergency or T-TPLF S.O.S. (Save Our Souls/Ship) Emergency?

Did the T-TPLF just pull off a publicity stunt by declaring a �state of emergency�? Or was it a big distress signal the T-TPLF sent out, �Save Our Souls/Save Our Ship�? I enjoy T-TPLF scams, disinformation, hypes and con games. I really do. I even grudgingly admire them T-TPLF dudes on how they use their weapons of mass distraction. Ain�t they slicker than a can of grease?......full text

Ethiopia Faces Imminent Danger and The rest of us who love the country have failed

My contention in this paper is simple and straightforward. Despite the challenges Ethiopia faces, we have failed to unite on the fundamental principles of Ethiopia as an independent, free and sovereign country; and expressing the notion that we are Ethiopians first. My other identities as an Ethiopian from Gondar, an Amhara by virtue of ethnic affinity imposed on me by the TPLF/EPRDF constitution, an Orthodox Christian by faith, a political economist by profession, a human rights activist and writer by vocation etc. are all a given. No one can deny me these identities and rights regardless of his or her power. The identity that has defined all my life is being accepted as an individual from a proud and independent country called Ethiopia. It is this country that I do not wish to lose........full text

Ethiopia: Cry! Cry Freedom the Beloved Country!

I cry for the hundreds of victims of the October 2, 2016 Irreecha Festival Massacres in Ethiopia. I also cry out for freedom, democracy and human rights in Ethiopia......full text

Ethiopia declares state of emergency amid protests

BBC / October 9, 2016
...full text

We Ethiopians Must Lead and Shape Our Own Destiny

The people of Ethiopia have spoken loud and clear. The TPLF/EPRDF ethnic-elite dictatorship commandeered by the TPLF that kills with impunity and plunders with gusto must go. When a regime carries-out murders, maiming and wounding, massive jailing and enforced disappearances of tens of thousands of innocent people instead of listening and responding to their legitimate demands for justice, freedom, genuine equality, inclusion and democracy, it is time for it to go for good. Otherwise, the consequences for Ethiopia and its 102 million citizens will be unimaginable. By all criteria, Ethiopia is a failing state and will soon join the likes of Syria, South Sudan and others. We must do all we can to avert this scenario.......full text

Time to Challenge the US and the UK

Not only do they invariably support an oppressive and brutal regime, but also influence how its taxpayers perceive it by carefully and systematically influencing almost all American and British mainstream media.......full text

"Ethiopian forces have systematically used excessive force in their mistaken attempts to silence dissenting voices" Michelle Kagari, Amnesty International's Deputy Regional Director for East Africa

Miracle or Mirage? Manufacturing Hunger and Poverty in Ethiopia

As months of protest and civil unrest hurl Ethiopia into a severe political crisis, a new report from the Oakland Institute debunks the myth that the country is the new �African Lion.� Miracle or Mirage? Manufacturing Hunger and Poverty in Ethiopia exposes how authoritarian development schemes have perpetuated cycles of poverty, food insecurity, and marginalized the country�s most vulnerable citizens. Miracle or Mirage? offers lessons from the deadly impact of sugar and cotton plantations in the Awash Valley in the Afar Region, established in the 1950s. The projects drastically reduced land and water availability for people and cattle, undermined food security, destroyed key drought coping mechanisms, and stirred up violent conflicts between different groups over the remaining resources.......full text

The 'Ethiopian Spring': "Killing is not an answer to our grievances"

There is every sign that Ethiopia is plunging into a crisis whose scale, intensity, and multiple and interdependent drivers are unprecedented since the founding of the regime in 1991......full text
August 2016

Olympics marathon medalist's protest shines spotlight on unrest in Ethiopia

When marathon silver medalist Feyisa Lilesa crossed the finish line at the Rio Olympics, he crossed his arms above his head in an "X", a sign of protest against the Ethiopian government's treatment of his people, the ethnic Oromo. ......full text

Why the US Should Consider Siding with the Ethiopian People Now!

It is no longer defensible for the U.S. and other Western countries to provide financial, intelligence, military, diplomatic and logistics support to the TPLF dominated government unless the TPLF is ready and willing to embrace an inclusive government now......full text

Ethiopia doesn�t want you to know these things are happening in the country

In the political realm, news of unrest and protests is suppressed. During a weekend of demonstrations on Aug. 6 and 7, the Internet was cut, making it difficult to find out what happened. Human rights organizations, opposition parties and media tried to piece together the toll from the deadly demonstrations, which according to Amnesty International may have been up to 100. The United Nations has called for international observers to carry out an investigation in the affected regions, which the government has strongly rejected even as it has dismissed estimates of casualties without providing any of its own......full text
August 2016

Ethiopian Spring in the Summer of 2016

No people [in the world] will remain smothered, meaning oppressed, for ages. It is [a] universal [truth]. No people, to the extent that they are people [human beings] and [as evident] in world history will not remain [like an inanimate object] in one place, they will not stay put in one place as one [an oppressor] may want them. When they [people] become very bitter, they explode. This is a universal truth......full text

A year after Obama�s visit, Ethiopia is in turmoil

In the face of the repression, the protests slowly quieted in Oromia, only to erupt last month in the neighboring region of Amhara, the historical ethnic center of the Ethiopian state and home to spectacular rock-cut churches and medieval castles that attract tourists......full text

Ethiopia protests: 'Nearly 100 killed' in Oromia and Amhara

BBC / August 8, 2016
Nearly 100 people were killed in the weekend's protests in Ethiopia as demonstrators clashed with security forces in different parts of the country, Amnesty International says........full text

What is behind Ethiopia's wave of protests?

BBC / August 8, 2016
Ethiopia's government normally keeps a tight grip on the country but has been unable to prevent a wave of protests in recent months. There has not been anything on this scale in the last 25 years........full text

Deaths and detentions in Ethiopia as protests flare

ALJAZEERA / August 7, 2016
At least six people have been reported killed over two days of protests in Ethiopia while dozens were arrested in the capital, Addis Ababa.A source told Al Jazeera that four people were killed on Saturday in the northern Gondar region, in addition to two people killed in the area on Friday. Located 700km north of Addis Ababa, Gondar is a region dominated by the ethnic Amharas. .......full text

'Several killed' as Ethiopia police clash with protesters

BBC / August 6, 2016
Several people are feared dead in clashes in north-western Ethiopia between police and anti-government protesters, amid a wave of unrest.......full text

The �End of the Story� for the T-TPLF in Ethiopia?

The obituary and epitaph for the Thugtatorship of the Tigrean Liberation Front (T-TPLF) was written last year by Bereket Simon, the former �communication minister� and longtime sidekick of the late criminal mastermind of the T-TPLF, Meles Zenawi and Addisu Legesse, �deputy prime minister� to Meles and �deputy chairman� of the T-TPLF front organization called the �Ethiopian Peoples� Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF)�.......full text

What Is Behind the Oromo Rebellion in Ethiopia?

The Ethiopian government is now faced with unprecedented rebellion from the Oromo ethnic group, consisting 35% of the Ethiopia�s population, which it disingenuously claims is inspired by terrorism. The immediate pretext is the Addis Ababa Master Plan encroaching and displacing Oromo farmers, but this masks a deeper grievance which has been brewing for at least two decades under this regime, and for over a century under successive highland Ethiopian rulers. In the following, I will try to provide some context and offer some analysis of the danger Ethiopia and the region are facing.......full text
December 2015

Ethiopia: Make Peaceful Change Impossible? Make Violent Revolution Inevitable!

In December 2015, there is only one question that is uppermost in the mind of every Ethiopian: Will the Thugtatorship of the Tigrean People�s Liberation Front (T-TPLF) kill, massacre, slaughter, murder and unleash a campaign of bloodbath and bloodshed to cling to power in Ethiopia? ......full text

"Famine" in Ethiopia: Key Facts

The first question a person asks you when in Addis Ababa these days is: do you have any information about the famine? Do you think the authorities are hiding the reality from us? Once more, millions of Ethiopians are facing an acute food shortage. Once more, foreign donors are called upon for a dramatic and urgent increase of relief aid. Does it mean that the same age old malediction is repeating itself, again and again, with the same deathly tribute?.......full text

Lethal Force Against Protesters

(Nairobi) � Ethiopian security forces have killed dozens of protesters since November 12, 2015, in Oromia regional state, Human Rights Watch said today, based on reports from the region. The security forces should stop using excessive lethal force against protesters. �The Ethiopian government�s response to the Oromia protests has resulted in scores dead and a rapidly rising risk of greater bloodshed,� said Leslie Lefkow, deputy Africa director at Human Rights Watch. �The government�s labelling of largely peaceful protesters as �terrorists� and deploying military forces is a very dangerous escalation of this volatile situation.�.......full text

Moral Hazards of the Aid Industry in Ethiopia: justice is overdue

In October each year the Bretton Woods Institutions, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund created in 1944 to reconstruct worn-torn Europe and the rest hold their meetings alternating between Washington and other countries. These meetings discuss and define global monetary and development policies that affect and often bind the global community regardless of economic and political status......full text

1984 Great Ethiopian Famine: TPLF Still Licensed to Steal

In my commentary last week, (Remembering the Great Ethiopia Famine of 1984, Part I), I reviewed various commentaries I had written over the years challenging the fabricated and false claims of the Tigrean Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) ......full text

Ethiopia amid global village crisis

The lesson for Ethiopia is therefore not to emulate the economic growth model of the CPC. Any serious combating to uproot corruption must start with the arrest of the Mother of corruption in Ethiopia. To that end, one should follow the recent two examples:-......full text

The Great Ethiopian Famine of 1984 Remembered

There is famine in Ethiopia in 2014, but it is known by other fancy names.Famine in Ethiopia is a topic that horrifies me.......full text

Amnesty says Ethiopia detains 5000 Oromos illegally since 2011

Ethiopia�s government illegally detained at least 5,000 members of the country�s most populous ethnic group, the Oromo, over the past four years as it seeks to crush political dissent, Amnesty International said.......full text

Ethiopia, 30 years after the famine

Three decades after images that shocked the world, country has become darling of the global development community � and the scourge of the human rights lobby With an Einsteinian shock of hair and a wise man�s beard, Mulugeta Tesfakiros, just off a flight from Washington, settled into an office of glass walls and vibrant artworks in Addis Ababa. ......full text

Ethiopia: Obang Metho condemns �Life Grabs�

�We live in a country where the minorities are not only denied their rights, but where their rights do not exist......full text

US court issues arrest warrant for embassy gunman

The United States Attorney�s Office has obtained an arrest warrant in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia for the Ethiopian embassy gunman, Solomon Tadess Gebre Silasse. The security attache, who dramatically shot at peaceful protesters at the Ethiopian embassy, fled to Ethiopia to escape prosecution......full text

What Does President Obama �Know� About Ethiopia�s �Election�?

(Let me state at the outset that I am addressing my commentary here in relevant parts personally to President Obama because he voluntarily injected himself in Ethiopia�s electoral politics by specifically commenting that he �knows something about� it. In light of his extraordinary declaration, I want to hold him accountable by demanding to know what he publicly declared he �knows about that� election. I also want to share with him the �something� I �know� about elections in that country.)......full text

Crimes Against Womanity

In my September 7 commentary, DIFRET: The Abduction of a Film in Ethiopia, I expressed my outrage over the aborted Ethiopian premiere of the film DIFRET. That film, based on a �true story� of Aberash Bekele, tells the dramatic story of a teenage victim of the inhuman and barbaric practice of �telefa� or �marriage by abduction/abduction of child brides� in certain parts of Ethiopia......full text

Why is Ethiopia the second poorest country on the planet?

Recently, a well-known correspondent for one of the major American media outlets stationed in Ethiopia sent me an email grousing about my article urging boycott of Coca Cola in Ethiopia. He wrote, �I�m sorry to be blunt, but I don�t understand the thrust of this article [on boycotting Coca Cola]. ......full text

No Country for Ethiopian Human Rights Abusers

They are hidden in plain view. They have been hiding in plain view in the U.S. for over 30 years. They have been hiding in plain view in the U.S. for just three years.......full text

Ethnic Federalism vs Nation of Individuality

The Ethnic Federalism practiced in Ethiopia is non-consequential to Ethiopia�s past or present social or political evolutions. Considering the unending external attempts to control Ethiopia, logics guide us to the footprints of Ethiopia�s worst enemies who designed and prescribed Ethnic Federalism also known, rather negatively as �Kilil-Governance� (???? ????) for the purposes of controlling the rich resources of the nation......full text

Ethiopia�s prosecutor from hell in America

Under the brutal rule of the TPLF, courts are key instruments of repression. This is not an allegation. It is rather a well-documented and substantiated fact widely known across the world......full text

Light at the end of the tunnel for the "Dark Continent"?

�Making predictions is hard. Especially about the future�, said the famous American baseball player, Lawrence �Yogi� Berra facetiously. Likewise, predicting whether there is light at the end of the tunnel in 2050 and beyond is hard. ......full text

�Nineteen Eighty-Four� in 2014 Ethiopiana

The secrecy-obsessed regime in Ethiopia has a huge creepy dragnet of secret electronic surveillance programs to sniff out the deeply-buried secrets of the people of Ethiopia. They spend sleepless nights interrogating themselves about what the people could do to them. Who do they talk to secretly? What do they secretly say about them? Do the people secretly despise them as much as they think they do? (That�s an open secret.) Are the people secretly planning to overthrow them? Who are the secret conspirators? Where are they? In Ethiopia?......full text

Ethiopia: Telecom Surveillance Chills Rights

(Berlin, March 25, 2014) � The Ethiopian government is using foreign technology to bolster its widespread telecom surveillance of opposition activists and journalists both in Ethiopia and abroad, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. The 100-page report, ��They Know Everything We Do�: Telecom and Internet Surveillance in Ethiopia,� details the technologies the Ethiopian government has acquired from several countries and uses to facilitate surveillance of perceived political opponents inside the country and among the diaspora. The government�s surveillance practices violate the rights to freedom of expression, association, and access to information. The government�s monopoly over all mobile and Internet services through its sole, state-owned telecom operator, Ethio Telecom, facilitates abuse of surveillance powers.......full text

Rotten to the core, regime makes country's future bleak

The fundamental premise of this commentary is that only genuine commitment to FREEDOM and human rights of all citizens would assure Ethiopians sustainable and equitable growth and improvements in their lives. In turn, it is the institutionalization of these norms through free and fair elections that will establish a firm foundation for lasting peace and national reconciliation--singularly the most critical governance gaps in Ethiopia......full text

In Kontempt of Ethiopia�s Kangaroo Kourt?

I must confess that I take a bit of perverse pleasure in getting full vindication for my long held view that the regime in Ethiopia runs a kangaroo court system. For years, I have been saying that there is no rule of law in Ethiopia and that the courts are kangaroo courts puppet-mastered by the political bosses of the �Tigray People�s Liberation Front�. .....full text

Foreign regimes use spyware against journalists, even in U.S.

Mesay Mekonnen was at his desk, at a news service based in Northern Virginia, when gibberish suddenly exploded across his computer screen one day in December. A sophisticated cyber�attack was underway ......full text

USAID�s cover-up of Ethiopia abuses overruled by Congress

One Mursi man told Survival International, �We are waiting to die. We are crying. When the government collects people into one village there will be no place for crops, and my children will be hungry and have no food.� The Ethiopian government has not consulted any indigenous communities over its aggressive plantation plans in the Omo Valley, and very few were consulted over the construction of the Gibe III dam. ......full text

A Glimpse of the Creeping Famine in Ethiopia

The problem of �food shortages�, �food insecurity�, or whatever euphemism one chooses to use, in Ethiopia cannot be solved by food handouts. After corruption, panhandling is the lifeline of the regime in Ethiopia today.....full text

An Ethiopian land is not a blanket - a belated reply

In his article, Time to Bring Back Eritrea from the Cold, Ambassador Herman Cohen initiated an important discourse ensued by voluminous reactions from fellow Ethiopians outlining their serious concerns and proposing alternative solutions to the one advanced by Cohen. With admiration and greatest respect to all discussants, I will throw in few points to the interactively splendid dialogue already enriched by substantive arguments. Should any of my suggestions make this vivid conversation redundant, I shall readily ask for forgiveness......full text

Open Letter to UN Sec.-Gen. Ban Ki-Moon

By Ethiopian Borders Affairs Committee
We, the undersigned representatives of various Ethiopian political parties, civic organizations and professional associations, have the honor to bring to your attention our strong protest against the secret border deal that the dictatorial governments of Ethiopia and the Sudan have recently been hatching.......full text

Dynamics of Conflict, Promises of Renaissance(Part V (b))

By Aklog Birara (PhD) / January 16, 2014
I do not subscribe to the contentious view that there is no growth in Ethiopia. There was in fact growth under the Imperial regime and under the Dergue. The current ruling party tried to diminish the contributions of previous regimes solely for a political reason......full text
Part I
Part II
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2013: The Year of Ethiopia's Rising Cheetahs in Review

In January 2013, I proclaimed, �2013 shall be the Year of Ethiopia�s Cheetah Generation.� I promised �to make my full contribution to uplift and support Ethiopia�s youth and to challenge them to rise up to newer heights.� They rose to greater heights......full text

Africa: �Dynamics of Conflict and Promises of Renaissance� (Part IV)

By Aklog Birara (PhD) / December 22, 2013
The Doha Conference on Africa in November 2013, tried to understand and create consensus on the governance alternative that enables countries create a foundation for sustainable and equitable development. Although presentations and discussions lacked lacked depth and breadth in comparing a pool of countries within and outside Africa, there was no contest that good and representative governance is deemed central in achieving sustainability with equity.......full text

Witness for Ethiopia�s Semayawi (Blue) Party

In the days leading up to my speech at the first Semayawi (Blue) Party town hall meeting in Arlington, VA, just outside of Washington, D.C., on December 15, I was peppered with all sorts of questions. The one recurrent question revolved around my unreserved support for Semayawi Party after so many years of staying neutral and unaligned with any Ethiopian political party or group.......full text

Menelik II & Mandela vs Mengistu & Meles

I would like to start writing this piece with this quote attributed to Sir Isaac Newton in his own right as one of the giants in mathematics and classical physics: �If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.� ......full text

Mandela�s Message to Ethiopia�s Youth: Never give up�!

December 15, 2013. It is the saddest day of the year for me. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was finally interred with state honors in Qunu, a small rural village in South Africa's Eastern Cape Province. He spent the �happiest days� of his life there as a shepherd......full text

Nelson Mandela: Farewell, My African Prince!

NelsonRolihlahla Mandela finally finished his long walk to freedom in the last month of the Year 2013.........full text

Mandela�s colossus legacy versus Ethiopia he once loved

The indisputable Great Statesman Nelson Mandela glorified Ethiopia in these immortal words in 1961 at a conference in Addis Ababa: �Ethiopia has always held a special place in my own imagination and the prospect of visiting attracted me more strongly than a trip to France, England and America combined......full text

The Ethiopian Ordeal in the Middle East: How can we end it?

In Ethiopia we have a habit , I am not sure if I can call it a culture, of going through an agonizing massive problem and forgetting about it once we get the feeling that we are through it. We simply hope the problem will go away and not come back again......full text

Dynamics of Conflict, Promises of Renaissance,
Part I, Part II, Part III

By Aklog Birara (PhD) /
This series is intended to raise awareness among Ethiopians and others with keen interest in African-Arab relations and the dynamics that are shaping political, social, cultural, economic, trade, investment and religious relations between the Arab world and Sub-Saharan Africa......full text

Woyanne bringing the war to America

�Things come apart so easily when they have been held together with lies.� Is what comes to mind when we see the behavior of the Ethiopian government and its response to the Ethiopian tragedy taking place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia......full text

From the Ethiopian Fire Into the Saudi Arabian Frying Pan

The ongoing human rights abuses of Ethiopian migrant workers in Saudi Arabia have triggered massive expressions of outrage against the regimes in Riyadh and Addis Ababa and unprecedented outpouring of concern and support in Diaspora Ethiopian communities.........full text

Retaliation to carnage on Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia

The obnoxious shocking news of the spate of barbaric attacks, murders, gang raping, and humiliation inflicted on Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia has opened a floodgate of outrage, fury and revulsion on an unprecedented scale by fellow citizens at home and in the Diaspora against the perpetrators of the heinous crimes. This is a deep rooted contempt and hatred of Ethiopia by Arab slave traders......full text

From the Ethiopian Fire Into the Saudi Arabian Frying Pan

Over the past decade, hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians have voted with their feet to escape one of the most ruthless and brutal dictatorships in Africa. According to Ethiopia's �Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs�, approximately 200,000 women sought employment abroad in 2012, the vast majority of them in the Middle East. Many of these workers believed they were jumping out of the fire of dictatorship in Ethiopia, but found themselves smack in the middle of the Saudi Arabian frying pan......full text

Ethiopian Migrants Victimized in Saudi Arabia

Whilst thousands of its nationals are detained, beaten, killed and raped, the Ethiopian government hangs its negligent head in silence in Addis Ababa, does not act to protect or swiftly repatriate their nationals, and criminalises those protesting in Addis Ababa against the Saudi actions......full text

Ethiopia: I Always Remember in November and in...

For the past few years, there has been systematic persecution of Ethiopians living, working and seeking refuge in Saudi Arabia. Even Ethiopians practicing their faith in the complete privacy of their homes have faced criminal prosecution and deportation. In 2011, according to a Human Rights Watch report, Saudi police arrested �thirty five Ethiopian Christians for �illicit mingling,�� while the �Ethiopians gathered to pray together during the advent of Christmas, in the private home of one of the Ethiopians.� ......full text

Ethiopia: The �liberty of movement�

I am compelled to write this commentary on the constitutional �liberty of movement� of Ethiopian citizens for two reasons. First, for quite some time I have been concerned about and very critical of the regime�s policy of forced displacement or internal deportation .....full text

UK and US Complicity in Ethiopia's Mass Displacement

In the face of evidence, the UK and US continue to deny systematic human rights abuses are occurring in the Lower Omo as thousands are displaced for an irrigation scheme. ......full text

Mining Corruption in Ethiopia

I continue to offer commentaries on corruption in Ethiopia to keep public attention sharply focused on the structural nature of the issue. In the past few months, the ruling regime has been grandstanding its �anti-corruption� efforts by corralling a few officials of the �Revenue and Custom�s Authority� and businessmen on charges of corruption......full text

Sebhat Nega lying right through his teeth

During this interview, Sebhat brushed aside in his effort to deceive the hard truth of the past and present political events of Ethiopia. His outright denial of reality and his annoying gut during the entire interview period would drive listeners crazy. He spent his time trying to convince listeners that things are not really worse as they seem......full text

TPLF vs EPLF and the Opposition

The regime in Ethiopia is called the TPLF/EPRdf. But in reality its make up and essence have been TPLF/EPLF. The propaganda about Eritrea as an enemy is a convenient ploy to attack Ethiopians......full text

Ethnic politics versus individual rights

The prevailing assumption, which originates from the ideologues of ethnic politics, is that identity politics is a direct consequence of social inequalities resulting from the political or/and economic marginalization of groups of people defined by linguistic, racial, cultural, or religious particularisms......full text

Ethiopia: Confessions of a police state

The Ethiopian Constitution guarantees, �Persons arrested have the right to remain silent. Persons arrested shall not be compelled to make confessions or admissions which could be used in evidence against them......full text

Address Oromo issues to make Ethiopia a true democracy

No politics is ever born new as the politics of tomorrow is the projection of what we have on our hands today. It is only that as a society the wisdom we deploy in handling our political moves makes the outcome of the projection to take a desirable course or a catastrophic one. ......full text

Who�s Having �Nightmares� in Africa?

Great African leaders have dreams. The rest have nightmares.Recently, African leaders, at least those at the helm of the African Union and their flunkies, have been reporting endlessly recurring ghastly nightmares of Lady Justice �race hunting� them with scales in one hand and a sword in the other......full text

The AU�s Mass Treaty-cide Brinksmanship

The African Union�s threatened �mass treaty-cide� (a phrase I am compelled to coin to describe the bizarre threatened walkout on the Rome Statute) fizzled out. Those who predicted the �extraordinary summit� on the �AU�s relation with the International Criminal Court� (ICC) would end in a big bang were pleasantly amused to see it wrap up with a whimper about �undertaking consultation with members of the UN Security Council�......full text

The International Criminal Court on an African Safari?

Hailemariam Desalegn, the titular prime minister of Ethiopia, says the International Criminal Court (ICC) is on African safari. In May 2013,according to the BBC, Desalegn said, �African leaders were concerned that out of those indicted by the ICC, 99% are Africans.....full text

Ethiopian regime's repression

They speak of democracy, but act violently to suppress dissenting voices and control the people through the inculcation of fear: they ignore human rights and trample on the people, they are a tyrannical wolf in democratic sheep�s clothing, causing suffering and misery to thousands of people throughout Ethiopia......full text

Ethiopia: Beyond the Hubris of Evil

When I wrote a commentary on the plight of the imprisoned 32-year old Ethiopian journalist Reeyot Alemu last April, I titled it �The Audacity of Evil in Ethiopia.� At the time, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) had sent a letter to the �Minister of Justice� of the ruling regime in Ethiopia pleading medical care for Reeyot.....full text

Women's group submits human rights report on Ethiopia to UN

New York -- Ethiopian Women�s Human Rights Alliance (EWHRA) released a report on Thursday that was submitted to the Universal Periodic Review (UPR), a United Nations (UN) mechanism aimed at reviewing the human rights record of UN member countries. EWHRA�s Report details the egregious violation of human rights committed by the Ethiopian government in contravention of its obligations under numerous international human rights treaties......full text

A Renaissance for Ethiopia's Youth

For the past one-half decade, Ethiopia has been awash with talk of renaissance. There has been a lot of windbagging about a �Renaissance Dam� over the Blue Nile. Our ears nearly fell off listening to the endless gab about an �economic renaissance� with �11 percent� plus annual growth. There has also been much talk of a political and social renaissance complete with slogans of �ethnic federalism�, multiculturalism, pluralism and other �isms� (excluding neoliberalism). Of course, all of it is talk! That is exactly what I am talking about. How come there is no talk about a renaissance for Ethiopia�s youth?.....full text

The Diplomacy of Nonviolent Change in Ethiopia

In my commentary last week, �Interpreting and Living MLK�s Dream�, I discussed, among other things, Dr. Martin Luther King�s (MLK) philosophy of nonviolent social change. MLK argued that the �crucial political and moral question of our time� is the �need for man to overcome oppression and violence without resorting to oppression and violence.�......full text

Ethiopia: End stifling of peaceful protests

Amnesty International is concerned that the rights to freedom of expression, association and assembly are once again under attack in Ethiopia. Two political opposition parties have reported to Amnesty International the arrests of many of their members in various locations around the country in recent weeks, in relation to efforts to hold peaceful protests......full text

Ethiopia�s Anti-Terrorism Proclamation and the right to freedom of expression

On Wednesday 17 July 2013, members of the European Parliament�s Sub-committee on Human Rights visited Ethiopia and urged the government to release journalists and opposition activists imprisoned under the country�s Anti-Terrorism Proclamation No. 652/2009 (Anti-Terror Proclamation). The visit is an important reminder that despite widely hailed progress on poverty reduction, the Ethiopian government continues to punish free expression in violation of international law.......full text

Meles� selected speech: completing the story

It has been a year since long time Ethiopian ruler Meles Zenawi died of unestablished causes in a Belgian hospital somewhere between June and August of 2012. The Government hasn�t come out clearly about the cause of his death......full text

Interpreting and Living MLK's Dream

On August 28, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered a speech for the ages from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. A quarter of a million people stood in rapt attention and listened to that speech. It was the crowning moment of the March on Washington for jobs and freedom........full text

Semayawi attacked, beaten up and ransacked

In the evening of Saturday August 31, Semayawi Party headquarters around Ginfle, Addis Ababa, was buzzing like a bee hive as nearly one hundred party activists and organizers were busy making posters, writing slogans, stacking flags and other paraphernalia needed for a colorful rally. ......full text

Corruption in the Ethiopian JUST US Sector

Talking about corruption in the Ethiopian �justice sector� is like talking about truth in Orwell's 1984 Ministry of Truth (�Minitrue�). The purpose of Minitrue is to create and maintain the illusion that the Party is absolute, all knowing, all-powerful and infallible......full text

Is America Disinventing Human Rights?

In his 1981 farewell speech, President Jimmy Carter said, �America did not invent human rights. In a very real sense, it is the other way round. Human rights invented America.�......full text

Azeb Mesfin lost TPLF�s cash cow

The Tigray People�s Liberation Front (TPLF) has quietly removed the late dictator�s widow Azeb Mesfin from the helm of EFFORT as Chief Executive Officer a few months after her husband�s demise, it emerged......full text
August 3,2013

A New Lease For �Thugtatorship� In Zimbabwe � OpEd

Robert Mugabe, the senile octogenarian and the only president since Zimbabwe gained independence in 1980, �won� for the seventh time by 61 percent of the vote . His Zimbabwe African National Union � Patriotic Front (ZANU�PF) clinched a supermajority in parliament that will allow it to change the constitution.......full text

Ethiopia: Lives for land in Gambella

To many people land is much more than a resource or corporate commodity to be bought, developed and sold for a profit. Identity, cultural history and livelihood are all connected to �place�. The erosion of traditional values and morality (including respect for human rights and environmental responsibility) are some of the many negative effects of the global neo-liberal economic model, with its focus on short-term gain and material benefit. The commercialization of everything and everybody has become the destructive goal of multinationals and corporate-driven governments......full text

Eskinder�s Wail from the Gulag irks �Tyrants on the Throne�

At a time when patriotic Ethiopians like Eskinder Nega are languishing in Gulag-style prisons for exercising their rights to express their opinions, those of us living beyond Woyane�s reach are blessed with the freedom to read books that stimulate the mind......full text

Ripple of hope v. audacity of hope

In June 1966, Senator Robert Kennedy (RFK) visited South Africa and delivered a speech at the University of Cape Town on the occasion of the annual Day of Affirmation organized by the National Union of South African Students .....full text

Ethiopia and the next revolution

Exactly a year ago, ESAT declared the death of Meles Zenawi. That was the most important breaking news in the last two decades. TPLF went into frenzy to bury the news under a barrage of counter-propaganda.......full text

Donors fuel abuses in Ethiopia

Two new reports published this month say sustainable development in Ethiopia is impossible without a specific focus on human rights. The reports say donor countries should bear responsibility for ensuring their aid money is not used to fuel abuse......full text

Letter From Ethiopia�s Gulag

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia � I AM jailed, with around 200 other inmates, in a wide hall that looks like a warehouse. For all of us, there are only three toilets. Most of the inmates sleep on the floor, which has never been swept. About 1,000 prisoners share the small open space here at Kaliti Prison. One can guess our fate if a communicable disease breaks out......full text

Ethiopia is the hub of the Nile

Part one of this series presented the Egyptian position on the Nile in a manner suggesting that, on its part, Ethiopian society must, equally, overcomes its internal governance gridlock that emanates from a cruel and repressive government leadership......full text

I'm Ethiopian first

It has come to my attention that my brief Facebook comment regarding a few controversial statements made by Jawar Mohammed has been posted on ECADF�s website as an article. I had no intention of writing a series piece on the issue. Quite obviously, there is a big difference between a well-thought out lengthy commentary and a brief message in a particular context......full text

The Last Ethiopian Standing

That is exactly what I feel like now. Who died and left me with this burden is not clear to me but believe me I feel like I am all alone and it is up to me to carry the flag and sing the national anthem. This business of being an Ethiopian has never been easy but you would think with experience and practice I have gotten the hang of it. I am afraid I am hopeless in that department. I still feel the burden. ......full text

Ethiopia: Corruption in the construction sector

In the construction sector, Ethiopia exhibits most of the classic warning signs of corruption risk, including instances of poor-quality construction, inflated unit output costs, and delays in implementation......full text

Proving them wrong - the Ethiopian way

They say all kinds of bad stuff about us. It is said so many times and so often sometimes some of us start to believe the lie. That is always the problem with being lied to. I am sure by now Woyanes are drunk with their own silly propaganda. The situation with us is that they used to own the means of communication and we were their potted plants waiting to be told, lectured and abused to no end......full text

Thus spoke Eskinder Nega

Eskinder Nega is still drumming for democracy in Ethiopia. From inside the belly of the infamous Meles Zenawi Prison in Kality, just outside the capital Addis Ababa. Until recently, Eskinder was in solitary confinement. He was allowed to see only his wife and son and a couple of other relatives......full text

The day Mandela became a terrorist

JOHANNESBURG � Fifty-one years ago today a spry Nelson Mandela landed in Emperor Haile Selassie�s Ethiopia with one goal: to become a trained guerrilla commander.It was 1962 and peaceful protests against the racist rule of South Africa�s apartheid government had achieved little beyond hardening attitudes on both sides.......full text

Ethiopia: victim of geopolitics & tribal feud

Ethiopia is located in the Horn of Africa in a hostile environment surrounded by Eretria, Djibouti, Somalia, Sudan and the only friendly Kenya. The Blue Nile River is a strong link between Egypt and Ethiopia. The Middle East is a stone throw away where conservative Arab leaders plot to annex Ethiopia and become the masters of her strategic location, temperate climate, fertile land, and abundant rivers suitable for irrigation to produce food.......full text

Obama is Coming to Africa!

The scene is a barbershop somewhere in Africa. Two young African college friends are talking soccer as they await their turn in the barber�s chair. Their conversation shifts from sports to international politics on the news that President Obama is scheduled to visit Africa in late June 2013. ......full text

Egypt & Ethiopia: The war of two morons

Just like the proverbial bald men fighting over a comb, two unpopular regimes in Cairo and Addis Ababa have lately ended up being ridiculed and jeered across the world for their absurdities. With that melodrama, the long standing loveless relationships between Egypt and Ethiopia have hit rock bottom. It appears that the root cause of the recent debacles by the two beleaguered regimes appears to have little to do with water security but the maddening internal crises that both wanted to divert attention from.......full text
May 24,2013

The irony of the Zenawi foundation On political taboos and woos

The regime in Ethiopia and the opposition in the Diaspora and at home appear to live in totally different �worlds�. Each is a typical alien to the other. The governing party sees the opposition as powerless, incompetent, disorganized, delusional, visionless, and remnants of the past regime......full text

Ethiopia: The Corruption Game

Are they playing us like a cheap fiddle again? For a while, it was all about the Meles Dam and how to collect nickels and dimes to build it. That kind of played itself out. (Not to worry. That circus will be back in town.......full text

The irony of the Zenawi foundation

The TPLF regime was catapulted to power armed to the teeth with modern weapons of war provided by Gaddafi coupled with supply of intelligence about the military movements of the Derg regime, which the western powers wanted to revenge for its ideological leaning to the left and its anti-USA stance � all due to the political immaturity of Mengistu breaking at a public rally bottles filled with red liquid condemning imperialism......full text

Edu-corruption and Mis-education in Ethiopia

�Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,� said Nelson Mandela. For the late Meles Zenawi and his apostles (the Melesistas) in Ethiopia, the reverse is true: Ignorance is the most powerful weapon......full text

Abune Petros in our heart

On July 29. 1936 Abune Petros was executed by the Italian fascist that were trying to colonize our country for his refusal to submit. On May 2nd. 2013 the monument that was built to commemorate our Holy Father was removed by the order of the TPLF party that is currently ruling our country. Our Holy Father died for the first time......full text

Ethiopia: Shadowboxing Smoke and Mirrors

Meles Zenawi when he was alive and his apostles today (�Melesistas�) keep playing us in the Diaspora like a cheap fiddle. They make us screech, shriek, scream and shout by simply showing their mugs in our cities......full text

Amharas and Ethiopian Resistance against Tribal Tyranny

In responding to the savagery of the recent forcible removal of Amharas from their homes, farms and businesses in the Benishangul-Gumuz region, Ethiopians at home and in the Diaspora reacted with deeply felt concern for the survival and wellbeing of the Amhara people in their own country. The response in the media and on the Internet was in the main emotionally focused upon the act of ethnic cleansing itself. Ethiopians, Amharas and non-Amharas alike, justifiably directed their abhorrence and outrage toward the brutality and criminality of the Woyane regime.......full text

Under darkness in the Ogaden

No matter how tightly the truth is tied down, confined and suffocated, it slowly escapes. It seeps out through cracks and openings large and small, illuminating all and revealing the grime and shame that cowers in the shadows.......full text

Watching American diplomacy in Ethiopia

Edmund Burke, the British statesman and philosopher, said �Hypocrisy can afford to be magnificent in its promises, for never intending to go beyond promise, it costs nothing.� We�ve heard many promises on human rights in Africa from President Obama and his Administration over the past four years.......full text

The audacity of evil in Ethiopia

�The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing�, said Edmund Burke. But what happens when evil triumphs over a good young woman journalist named Reeyot Alemu in Ethiopia? Do good men and women turn a blind eye, plug their ears, turn their backs and stand in silence with pursed lips?......full text

Myopic EPRDF warlords in their airtight cage

Self-defense at this critical time in the history of Ethiopia threatened by divisive ethnic policy being perpetrated by TPLF�s warlords is a natural right. The Amharas subjected to ethnic cleansing and indeed the living under tyranny in abject poverty seek practical solutions to their multiple miseries quickly before it is too late to avert civil disorder of far reaching consequences to Ethiopia and the region of the Horn of Africa......full text

Behind the ethnic cleansing in Benishangul-Gumuz

The despicable and barbaric action of targeting, evicting and deporting ethnic Amaharas from the Benishangul-Gumuz ethnic state in western Ethiopia is a horrific crime and a crime against humanity by any measure and the outrage of Ethiopians across the world is justified. The stories we hear from the victims themselves and the witnesses who saw it are heart wrenching......full text

TPLF bosses should face justice

One may ask why rulers commit genocide, crimes against humanity, and ethnic cleansing on the very people they rule. Although nothing would justify, heinous rulers always provide bizarre and incomprehensible justifications. The tyrants in Ethiopia, for example, say Amharas were evicted because they cut trees.......full text

Ethiopia: Liberating a "Prison Nation"

Ethiopia today is a �prison of nations and nationalities with the Oromo being one of the prisoners�, proclaimed the recently issued Declaration of the Congress of the Oromo Democratic Front (ODF).......full text

One country, Ethiopia

I do want to express my solidarity with the entire content of the special release by G-7 dated 31 March 2013 under the title......full text

World Bank Must End its Support for Human Rights Abuses in Ethiopia

A multi-billion dollar aid program administered by the World Bank is underwriting systematic human rights abuses in Ethiopia. Last September, Ethiopian victims submitted a complaint about the program to the World Bank Inspection Panel, which is tasked with investigating whether or not the Bank complies with its own policies to prevent social and environmental harm......full text

Ethnic-based politics in Ethiopia

According to the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia, there are 79 political parties registered under Proclamation No573/2008. Of these, only 29% have country-wide (national) identity whereas 71% are regional parties that are organized around ethnic lines......full text

Land and Ethiopia�s Corruptocracy

Recently, the World Bank released its 448-page World Bank (WB) report, �Diagnosing Corruption in Ethiopia� with evidence galore showing that Ethiopia under the absolute dictatorship of the Meles Zenawi regime has become a full-fledged corruptocracy (a regime controlled and operated by a small clique of corrupt-to-the-core vampiric kleptocrats who cling to power to enrich themselves at public expense).......full text

Ethiopia: The Death of Democracy and a New Level of Tyranny

For those who had any lingering doubt about the death and burial of democracy in Ethiopia, a recent incident in Addis Ababa gave all the evidence they might have needed.......full text

The Dragon Eating the Eagle�s Lunch in Africa?

In June 2011, during her visit to Zambia U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton pulled the alarm bell on a creeping �new colonialism� in Africa. While dismissing �China�s Model� of authoritarian state capitalism as a governance model for Africa, she took a swipe at China for its unprincipled opportunism in Africa.......full text

Graziani and the TPLF, an Ethiopian saga

I am writing this as a proud Ethiopian because Graziani�s promise to the Fascist dictator was thwarted by my gallant ancestors. If it was not for the bravery and sacrifice of our grandparents, to day our country will be referred to as ex Italian Colony, we will be conversing in Italian, our national dish would be spaghetti and my name will probably be Mario. Please don�t knock it because my country being referred to as the only independent country in Africa, having my own national language, dining on Injera and answering to an original name is what defines me as unique member of the human race.......full text

Tigray economics and Ethiopian politics

During the last two decades, Tigray has occupied the minds of Ethiopians. That EPRDF�s (the Ethiopian Peoples� Revolutionary Democratic Party) creator, the Tigray People�s Liberation Front (TPLF), is native to Tigray explains all the discourses. Ordinary conversations, media reports, and developments on the ground all seem to testify that Tigray is being preferentially and positively treated in all fronts......full text

Obama �Moonwalking� Human Rights in Africa?

The great American poet Walt Whitman said, �Either define the moment or the moment will define you.� Will the election of Uhuru Kenyatta as president of Kenya define President Barack Obama in Africa or will President Barack Obama use the election of President Kenyatta to define his human rights policy in Africa?......full text

The selling of Ethiopia

Actually that statement might not be true. We do know our country is being sold but we have no idea if the bidding has been open or closed. We have sold almost all of Gambella, we have leased half of Afar and Oromia has been parceled out bit by bit. Our Beer factories are under new owners, our gold mines belong to the fake Ethiopian sheik, Telephone is under the Chinese and our Airlines is looking for a suitor. Have we always looked for outsiders to own us? ......full text

From Ethiopia to Vietnam, researchers map reach of German-made government spy software

LONDON - The discovery of a group of servers linked to an elusive espionage campaign is providing new details about a high-tech piece of spy software that some fear may be targeting dissidents living under oppressive regimes......full text

Ethiopia: Rumors of Water War on the Nile?

Late last month, Saudi Arabia�s Deputy Defense Minister Prince Khalid Bin Sultan fired a shot across the bow from the Arab Water Council in Cairo to let the regime in Ethiopia know that his country takes a dim view of the "Grand Renaissance Dam" under �construction� on the Blue Nile (Abbay) a few miles from Sudan�s eastern border. ......full text

The Green green gold of Ethiopia

Ancestral land that for generations has served as home and livelihood for hundreds of thousands of indigenous people in Ethiopia is being leased out, on 99-year renewable contracts at nominal sums to foreign corporations. The land giveaway or agrarian reforms as the government would prefer to present them began in 2008 when the Ethiopian government, under the brutal suppressive Premiership of Meles Zenawi......full text

Moral equivalent of an anti-apartheid movement in Ethiopia?

In her recent commentary in the New York Review of Books, �Obama: Failing the African Spring?�, Dr. Helen Epstein questioned the Obama Administration for turning a blind eye to human rights violations in Africa, and particularly the persecution of Muslims in Ethiopia. She argued that �After more than four years in office�......full text

The 117th Anniversary of the Battle of Adwa

There is no heritage more glorious, precious, and inspiring than freedom and independence won by the ill-equipped and poorly trained, if at all, Ethiopian militias over vastly superior Italian invaders at the famous Battle of Adwa in 1986 under the leadership of Emperor Menilik II and His brilliant diplomat and strategist, Empress Taitu, who in Her own right commanded 16,000 valiant militia warriors......full text

Ethiopia: The Prototype African Police State

Let there be no mistake. Zemedkun is not some isolated freakish rogue police chief in the Ethiopian police state. He is the gold standard for post-Meles governance. There are thousands of Zemedkuns that have infested the state apparatus and metastasized through the body politics of that country. For these Meles wannabes, constitutional accountability means personal impunity; illegal official activity means prosecutorial immunity; moral depravity means moral probity and crimes against humanity means legal impunity. ......full text

EOTC in Exile issues Statement of Declaration

"ln the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen"

Statement of Declaration from the Legal Holy Synod of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in Exile on the Upholding of the Church's Cannon Law and the Return of His Holiness Patriarch Abune Merkorios to the Throne from which He was lllegallv Ousted...
...full text

Ethiopia�s real ambassador-at-large

The tireless Tamagn never says no when it comes to promoting the interests of Ethiopia and Ethiopians across the world. I had the privilege to travel to a few cities with Tamagn for ESAT�s fundraising events. His unmatchable love for his country, his passion for freedom, unwavering voice for the truth, humor and eloquence has won him genuine admiration and respect among his fellow Ethiopians......full text

How to Tackle the TPLF�s Theory of the Ethiopian Jihadists

The documentary �Jihadawi Harekat", sponsored by the state-owned television and security forces in Ethiopia that I watched on youtube a week ago is indicative of the terrible political situation in Ethiopia. Basically, the documentary aims to convince the viewer that the �terrorism� witnessed in Afghanistan, Mali and Nigeria is coming to our own backyard through the Muslim activists who are presently on trial.......full text

Playing with fire as EPRDF pries in religious and ethnic affairs

This article is prompted by The Horn Times News breaking news dated 03 Feb 2013 titled: �Ethiopia: �Judas of Wollayta� shattered as pagan TPLF warlords cancelled his bizarre Sunday mass� written by Ethiopian heroic fighter for freedom � resident of South Africa.......full text

Ethiopia: The Politics of Fear and Smear

In December 2011, I wrote a commentary entitled, �Ethiopia: Land of Blood or Land of Corruption?� contrasting two portraits of Ethiopia. At the time, the portrait painted by Transparency International (TI) (Corruption Index) and Global Financial Integrity (GFI) showed Ethiopia as a land blighted by systemic corruption.......full text

Jihadawi Harekat: Context, Objectives, and Internal Contradictions

We can now come back to the EPRDF's deceptive propaganda machine and insert it into general framework mentioned above. Faced with one of the most formidable---in terms of size, persistence, and public visibility---opposition to its policies, it has to engage itself in massive counter-propaganda........full text

Ethiopia: They shall inherit the wind

All dictators on the African continent have sought immortality by leaving a legacy that will outlive them and endure for the ages. But all have inherited the wind......full text

Federalism or internal colonialism -- the Ethiopian situation

In our country Ethiopia the Federal Government owns the country including resources, land and most of the vital economy. Communication tools such as television, radio, telephone and Internet are fully owned and operated by the Federal Government. The Ethiopian government is the number one employee in the country. Controlling all this assets give the Federal Government total power on every aspect of the people and country. For the Woyane regime Ethio Telecom is a weapon to amass large amount of money, spy, control, create anxiety and bully the citizen........full text

The EOTC Synod in Exile: Issues and Challenges

The reconciliation efforts underway between the EOTC home and exile synods seem to come to an abrupt halt. Technically speaking, it is the home synod who takes it to the limit. The ratification of a law that governs patriarch choice, the selection of patriarch nominating committee, the crystal clear decision not to allow Abune Merkorios to reassume his position,......full text

Ethiopia: Rise of the Chee-Hippo Generation

In my first weekly commentary of the new year, I "proclaimed" 2013 �Year of Ethiopia�s Cheetah Generation� (young people). I also promised to reach, teach and preach to Ethiopia�s youth this year and exhorted members of the Ethiopian intellectual class (particularly the privileged �professorati�) to do the same. I have also been pleading with (some say badgering) the wider Ethiopian Hippo Generation (the lost generation) to find itself, get in gear and help the youth......full text

Endemic corruption ending the EPRDF rule?

This piece is prompted by the recent development of crisis in Pakistan where �Pakistan's Supreme Court has ordered the arrest of the country's prime minister on corruption charges, heightening the already extreme political uncertainty and fears the country's fragile democracy could be derailed.� ......full text

FBI aware of TPLF's terrorist activities: Genocide Watch

(ESAT News) -- Genocide Watch, the Global coalition to end genocide and mass atrocities, says that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is well aware of the fact that the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) is a terrorist organization that the United States should label as such.......full text

Ethiopia: The Irresponsibility of the Privileged?

Recently, Naom Chmosky, MIT Professor of Linguistics and arguably America�s foremost public intellectual, gave an interview to Al Jazeera on the social (ir)responsibility of American academics and intellectuals. Chomsky, 84, has been raising hell for over four decades, getting into the faces of the powerful and mighty and whipping them with the truth......full text

The Zenawi legacy: Let's make it a thing of the past

The foiled plot to assassinate activist/journalist Abebe Gelaw is an issue all freedom-loving people abhor and condemn. The plot, foiled by FBI, was an act of terrorism designed to take place in the United States � in the land of the brave and free and bastion of democracy where the rule of law reigns supreme. There is no doubt that the TPLF thugs will pay for their lawlessness......full text

Ethiopia: A time to heal, a time to reconcile

An ethnic-based conflict between Addis Ababa University (AAU) students following derogatory graffiti posted on toilet-walls and library walls has left half a dozen students with severe injuries while others had faced arrest......full text

Fighting the virus Meles left behind

This hideous foiled plot to conduct the savage act of assassination in the 21st century on the icon human rights activist and renowned journalist Abebe Gellaw, must be roundly condemned by all freedom loving humanity on our globe. The foiled plot is an act of terrorism designed to take place in the United States � in the land of the brave and free and bastion of democracy where the supremacy of law reigns supreme. There is no doubt that the TPLF thugs will pay for their lawlessness......full text

FBI foils assassination plot against Ethiopian journalist

Addis Voice / January 9, 2013
Addis Voice�The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has foiled a plot to shoot and kill Ethiopian journalist Abebe Gellaw in Boston, Massachusetts......full text

Ethiopia 2013: Year of the Cheetah Generation

�The Cheetah Generation refers to the new and angry generation of young African graduates and professionals, who look at African issues and problems from a totally different and unique perspective. They are dynamic, intellectually agile, and pragmatic. They may be the �restless generation� but they are Africa's new hope. They understand and stress transparency, accountability, human rights, and good governance......full text

Ring in Redress to All Humankind

2012 is gone. 2013 is on the way. Let us ring in redress to all humankind. I wish a happy and prosperous new year to all of my readers throughout the world. To those who have unwearyingly followed my columns for nearly three hundred uninterrupted weeks, I wish to express my deep gratitude and appreciation. I am thankful for all of the support and encouragement I have received from my readers in Ethiopia and the Ethiopian Diaspora and others throughout the world......full text

World's dictators threatened by social media

Most of the world’s dictators share a common fear, and it’s not of the United States, NATO, the United Nations or any outside entity. No, the force that most threatens them is social media ......full text

Will the U.S. Stand by the Side of Brave Africans?

When President Obama visited Accra, Ghana in 2009, he delivered two distinct political messages within one overarching moral imperative: �History is on the side of brave Africans�. His message to African governments and leaders was emphatic:......full text

Frantic move by TPLF to split Christians and Muslims

Ethiopia is one of the first countries in the world to accept Christianity in 330 AD welcoming the advent of preaching the New Testament to enrich the Old Testament that was in place. She was also the first country in the world where a Christian Emperor gave refuge to Muslims in 615 AD escaping persecution in Mecca. Harar has been the main center of Islamic culture, learning, and propagation......full text

Susan Rice and Africa�s Unholy Trinity

Susan Rice, the current U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., has been waltzing (or should I say do-se-do-ing) with Africa�s slyest, slickest and meanest dictators for nearly two decades. More cynical commentators have said she has been in bed with them, as it were. No doubt, international politics does make for strange bedfellows......full text

UN: 'Land Grab' Deals Hurt Local Farmers

While investment in agriculture is essential to help developing countries reduce hunger and poverty, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization says these large-scale "land grabs" don't always help.The surging global demand for food, fodder and fuel crops is driving a land rush in parts of the developing world.......full text

Ethiopia's Renaissance Dam - A mega dam with potentially mega consequences

While Egypt was undergoing dramatic political changes last year, Ethiopia was secretly moving to unveil "Project X" - a huge hydropower dam it intends to build on the Blue Nile, 40 km from the Sudanese border......full text

In Defense of Religious Freedom in Ethiopia

In a weekly column entitled �Unity in Divinity� this past June, I expressed grave concern over official encroachments on religious freedom in Ethiopia. I lamented the fact that religious freedom was becoming a new focal target of official human rights violations. But I was also encouraged by the steadfast resistance of some principled Christian and Muslim religious leaders to official interference in religious affairs......full text

EPRDF embroiled in Zenawi�s legacy

Azeb Mesfin reportedly revealed the existence of a project document prepared by her late husband Zenawi to transform Tigray into an industrial center of the tribal-based Federation of Ethiopia. This rather surprising revelation and its timing has been a hot topic of debate with views converging on the question of what her husband�s vision was for the rest of the balkanized regions of Ethiopia......full text

Ethiopia: Meles rules from beyond the grave

The trade-off offered by authoritarianism to its client-constituents is security and high growth rates. After Meles challenges may force change, or build the case domestically for a new strong man......full text

The Tall Tale of Susan Rice

On September 2, 2012, Susan Rice, the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., delivered a nauseatingly sentimental oration at the funeral of Ethiopian dictator Meles Zenawi. She called Meles �selfless and tireless� and �totally dedicated to his work and family.�......full text

Likely war over the Blue Nile?

The Nile water is the sole lifeline for Egypt to which the Blue Nile River contributes 85%. The Blue Nile River is a vital indispensable resource of Ethiopia for irrigation farming in view of her increasing population, source of hydraulic power, and a deterrent weapon of last resort for self-defense......full text

Ethiopia: I Remember!

On June 6-8 and November 1-4, 2005, following the Ethiopian parliamentary elections in May of that year, hundreds of citizens who protested the theft of that election were killed or seriously wounded by police and security personnel under the exclusive command and control of the late Meles Zenawi......full text

Reform in China vs crisis within EPRDF

The 18th Congress of Communist Party of China (CPC) opened in Beijing with a keynote speech by its General Secretary (GS) Hu Jintao on 07 November 2012. The GS articulated the stunning achievement in economic growth in the last decade. He vowed continuation of the �construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics �, a phrase frequently used by Chinese officials and scholars.......full text

Ethiopia's Muslims Protests

ADADDIS ABABA (IRIN) � Tensions have been simmering over several months between Muslims and the government, with thousands holding demonstrations in protest at the government�s alleged interference in religious affairs; the government has blamed the protests on a small group of extremists.......full text

What Should Ethiopians Expect in a Second Obama Term?

It is proper to congratulate President Obama on his re-election to a second term. He put up a masterful campaign to earn the votes of the majority of American voters. Mitt Romney also deserves commendation for a hard fought campaign. In his concession speech Romney was supremely gracious: �At a time like this we can't risk partisan bickering and political posturing. Our leaders have to reach across the aisle to do the people's work, and we citizens also have to rise to occasion......full text

Ethiopia abusing religious freedom of Muslims

(Reuters) - A U.S. panel on religious freedom accused the Ethiopian government of trying to tighten control of its Muslim minority amid mass protests, saying it is risking greater destabilization of the Horn of Africa region......full text

The Obama victory versus the fake transfer of power in Ethiopia

I begin this piece with my sincere congratulations to President Obama on his clear victory over his rival Governor Mitt Romney. I do so despite my repeatedly expressed vehement objection to the inaction of his Administration to stop gruesome human rights violations in Ethiopia on the excuse of giving priority to the US security interest. ......full text

Ethiopia�s Reeyot: �The Price for My Courage�

There are few things more difficult or dangerous than speaking truth to abusers of power. But for Reeyot Alemu, the 31 year-old young Ethiopian heroine of press freedom, no price is high enough to keep her from being �the voice of the voiceless�......full text

Zenawi's 40 years of homework for TPLF

Change is perpetual in the entire universe and no one can prevent its happening; it is a constant occurrence in our lives whether we like it or not. The best human beings can do is to use their innate intelligence to adapt to the change. The best way for avoiding man-made catastrophic change is to actively engender and preserve a democratic environment......full text

Breast cancer awareness

October is international Breast Cancer Awareness month. Throughout the month, public and private organizations in many countries promote programs and activities aimed at breast cancer risk reduction, early detection, treatment and research......full text

Ethiopia: Time for a paradigm shift (Part I)

It takes two to tango. The government�s talk about democracy appears to deal more with the image of democracy than with the reality of democracy. The opposition�s talk about democracy seems to be targeted more at assuming power by whatever means than at providing an alternative unified option for the people to choose.......full text

Land grabs in Ethiopia leave tribes hungry on World Food Day

Violent land grabs in Ethiopia�s Lower Omo Valley are displacing tribes and preventing them from cultivating their land, leaving thousands of people hungry and �waiting to die�.......full text

Ethiopia: What We Can Learn from Our Distance Runners

Ethiopia is known for the best and the worst. Ethiopia is known for the legendary hospitality and charm of its people, unrivalled beauty of its picturesque landscape, fabulous coffee and, of course, unbeatable distance runners. Ethiopia is also known as the epicenter of human rights abuses, citadel of press repression and home to the largest population of political prisoners in Africa......full text

Ethiopians and the moral conduct

I dreamt about my uncle. He has been dead for over ten years so I was wondering what brought him to my conscious now. It was a vivid dream and I woke both sad and happy. So all day long I kept wondering what is it that made me dream about him. I really think I was able to come up with a reasonable explanation why this memory was triggered in my brain. I believe it is due to what I have been reading lately that woke up this memory about service, integrity and today�s Ethiopia......full text

World Bank Support for �Development� by Force

Abuses such as this in Ethiopia, including arbitrary arrests, beatings and killings, have been occurring not in an armed conflict or political uprising, but as part of a government program billed as improving life for indigenous people and other ethnic minorities in designated rural areas. Donor governments supporting World Bank programs in Ethiopia, including the United States, are indirectly funding these atrocities. .....full text

Ethiopia: An early warning for a famine in 2013

For the past several months, there has been much display of public sorrow and grief in Ethiopia. But not for the millions of invisible Ethiopians who are suffering and dying from starvation, or what the �experts� euphemistically call �acute food insecurity�. These Ethiopians are spread across a large swath of the country (see map above, "Estimated food security conditions, 3rd quarter 2012 (July-September 2012, Famine Early Warning Systems Network FEWS NET)......full text

Zenawi died with his phantom "golden race"

Change is perpetual in the entire universe and no one can prevent its happening; it is a constant occurrence in our lives whether we like it or not. The best human beings can do is to use their innate intelligence to adapt to the change. The best way for avoiding man-made catastrophic change is to actively engender and preserve a democratic environment......full text

Ethiopia�s opposition at the dawn of democracy?

For several years now, I have been �speaking truth to power�. In fact, the tag line for my blog page is �Defend Human Rights. Speak Truth to Power.� It is a special phrase which asserts a defiant moral and ethical position against those who abuse, misuse and overuse their powers......full text

Regarding the new prime minister

There is no place on planet earth that begs for change like our country. There is no need to itemize all the areas where we stand at the tail end of human achievement. That is the bad news. The good news is we can�t get any lower than where we are at now thus the only way for us is up......full text

Hailemariam Desalegn parroting dead tyrant

Hailemariam Desalegn�s recent interview with Peter Heinlein of VOA confirms that his rise to the helm of power can be largely attributed to his opportunistic imitation of how the late dictator talked and walked as well as his commitment to serving TPLF bigwigs that control him as their Trojan horse......full text

Ethiopia's New PM Says Policies Will Remain Constant

NEW YORK � Ethiopia's Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn has pledged to maintain the controversial policies of his predecessor, Meles Zenawi, who died last month. The Ethiopian leader outlined his views on foreign and domestic issues in an interview with VOA's Peter Heinlein in New York......full text

Internal feud dismantling EPRDF

The powerhouse of EPRDF built according to Stalin�s design is replete with mistrust instilled in it by its architect the late pathological liar. Therefore it would be na�ve to expect the new Prime Minister (PM) as an accomplice to the heinous crimes of his former boss to denounce in his acceptance speech the destructive policy of the EPRDF of which he was one of the architects. He didn�t even mention God in taking oath of office. .....full text

Ethiopia: A new prime minister in a new year

Ethiopians had their new year on September 11. It is now 2005. On September 21, they also got a new prime minster. How delightfully felicitous to have a new prime minister in the new year! Heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to the people of Ethiopia are in order. .....full text

Seye and his politics

Seye�s short speech ( in Seattle was a little short on facts and completely void of vision and historical accuracy. It can also be said that Ato Seye has Chutzpah or Cojones or in simple English balls to show up among the Diaspora and read eulogy for the person that caused so much hurt and agony to our people......full text

Happy New Year for the New Ethiopia

The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus is credited as saying: �The only thing that is constant is change.� This simple but profound statement is accepted as a universal truth. Those who have seriously grasped the meaning of life are always ready for change and challenge. While the majority of Ethiopians have been craving for drastic and radical changes to end their miseries under TPLF�s oppressive regime, the ruling elite appear to be resisting and frustrating change. ......full text

Ethiopia finally has a new prime minister?

It seems Ethiopia finally has a new prime minister. Two days ago, the leaders of the ruling EPDRF party approved Hailemariam Desalegn, the current deputy prime minister [DPM], to replace the late Meles Zenawi as party chief and prime minister. But Hailemariam will not be sworn in until early October according to Bereket Simon. No explanation was given for the two-week delay. ......full text

Why I am Supporting President Obama�s Re-election

Did I enthusiastically support presidential candidate Barack Obama in 2008? Absolutely! Do I agree with everything he has done over the past four years as president? No! Has he carried out all of the promises he made in 2008? No! Am I disappointed in President Obama in 2012? Yes! But so are millions of Americans who supported him in 2008. So are tens of millions of other people throughout the world who saw his election as history making and wished him well.......full text

Bereket Simon�s naked lies and propaganda

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi died on July 14, 2012 at St. Luke University Hospital, in Brussels, Belgium. This fact is no more news. But even after the death of the former dictator, Bereket Simon, the chief TPLF/EPRDF�s lie factory and propagandist, had insisted that the former tyrant was on holiday abroad and would be back before the Ethiopian New Year.......full text

Ethiopia: Time for radical improvements

It is time to bury the hatchet and move forward in Ethiopia! Nelson Mandela taught that �If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner.� I would add that your enemy also becomes your friend and your ally. Historically, when warring nations of Native Americans made peace with each other, they would bury their axes (hatchets) into the ground as a symbolic expression of the end of hostilities.......full text

Drama and Zenawi's death

I am hoping this is the last discussion about our emotional response regarding the disappearance then death of Ato Meles Zenawi. As controversial and in your face individual he was alive his death has brought drama, division and ugliness to our life. The person is refusing to go away in silence and dignity. I am very much conflicted about his going away. First and foremost I want to make it clear that I am definitely not sad at all. It is not because I am inhuman or lack empathy. Far from that, I consider myself caring and always concerned about others.......full text

The Cause of Zenawi's Death and Its Impact

In the absence of a legitimate autopsy report, a death certificate or a credible official statement relating to the reason behind the hospitalization and eventual death of the former ruler of one of the most populous countries in Africa, there are compelling medical and circumstantial arguments to suggest that the episode of May 18, 2012, in which the valiant Abebe Gellaw confronted Zenawi, might have played a major role in accelerating the demise of the dictator.......full text

Death of an autocrat: What comes next for Ethiopia?

...But Meles' death points up the limitations of autocratic rule. Because he failed to establish the rule of law and set up strong democratic institutions, Ethiopia is likely to face a period of uncertainty, and possibly one of serious upheaval. The odds of finding another strongman of comparable skill are remote......full text

Imploding TPLF powerhouse built on sand

The stage-managed wailing in Addis Ababa 40 days after the death of Meles Zenawi is pretty much a copycat of the funeral services held for the Dear Leader Kim Ill Sung of North Korea......full text

A farewell to Meles Zenawi

For over two hundred seventy-five weeks, without missing a single week, I have written long expository commentaries on the deeds and misdeeds of the man who has been at the helm of power in Ethiopia for over two decades. Meles Zenawi has now passed on. The cause of his death remains a closely guarded state secret......full text

Inducing TPLF to relinquish power

The tyrant finally died leaving us with the legacy of his heinous crimes including genocide, victims of torture, incarceration of peaceful protesters en masse; extra judiciary execution of peaceful protesters, the wailing of mothers, the agony of bereaved families, toiling peasants in serfdom, interethnic hatred, daylight robbery of votes, pervasive corrupt practices, demised free media, government monopoly of all pillars of democracy, blocked freedom of expression, poor educational standard, forbidden academic freedom in tertiary institutions, abject poverty, rampant unemployment embarrassing lies, rampant breach of the constitution, regional instability et al. ......full text

Ethiopian Tyrant Should Not Be Lionized

Zenawi built a totalitarian state, guided by Marxist-Leninism, complete with a cult of personality and zero tolerance for dissent. Like Saddam Hussein or Bashar al-Assad, he filled the country�s top political and economic positions with men from his own Tigaray ethnicity. When elections did occur, he won them with Saddam-like numbers, most recently, 99 percent of the vote. Civil society organizations were harassed into submission or banned. His government only allowed one television station, one radio station, one internet-service provider, one telecom, one national daily, and one English daily�all churning out government propaganda. Zenawi used this information hegemony to heavily censor news available to Ethiopians, taking special delight in preventing them from hearing news from exile groups outside the country......full text

Ethiopia After Meles

Meles engineered one-party rule in effect for the Tigray People�s Liberation Front (TPLF) and his Tigrayan inner circle, with the complicity of other ethnic elites that were co-opted into the ruling alliance, the Ethiopian People�s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF). The Front promised freedom, democracy and ethnic devolution but is highly centralised, tightly controls the economy and suppresses political, social, ethnic and religious liberties.In recent years, Meles had relied ever more on repression to quell growing dissent.......full text

Cheetahs, Hippos and Saving Ethiopia

The Cheetah Generation refers to the new and angry generation of young African graduates and professionals, who look at African issues and problems from a totally different and unique perspective. They are dynamic, intellectually agile, and pragmatic. They may be the �restless generation� but they are Africa's new hope. They brook no nonsense about corruption, inefficiency, ineptitude, incompetence, or buffoonery. They understand and stress transparency, accountability, human rights, and good governance......full text

Standing up with our Moslem citizens

The TPLF regime is the kind that believes in a proactive stance in their approach to ward off unwanted happenings. They learned that during the war with the Derg. It is said that upon taking over a village their first act was to gather the village heads and kill those that don�t agree with them, humiliate a few to teach the rest a lesson and recruit the weak to use and abuse. That system sharpened and enhanced has served them to stay in power......full text

The Meles Zenawi Mystery: Has anyone seen Ethiopia�s Prime Minister?

To many Ethiopians the sudden disappearance of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi is a source of joy and excited expectation. For his die-hard supporters apprehension no doubt and concern for their leader. Is he dead? they ask, or perhaps critically ill, has he run away, finally overwhelmed by guilt and shame at the way he and his ministerial cronies have treated the people of Ethiopia, since they took power from the communist Derg twenty one years ago? Or is he recovering from illness peacefully on some isolated retreat?......full text

�What if Mr. Meles goes for good?�

Last week, The Economist Magazine rhetorically inquired, �What if Mr. Meles goes for good?� Shouldn�t the question be, �Is it not good for Ethiopia if Mr. Meles goes for good?� ......full text

Ethiopian Democratic Political and Civic Groups Call for Unified Action

We, the undersigned believe that, the dictatorial single party rule of the minority ethnic-based Tigray People�s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the Ethiopian Peoples� Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) it dominates, faces the prospect of sustained popular resistance and inevitable demise that its oppressive predecessors also faced. ......full text

Has Meles gone AWOL?

What happens when a �prime minister� goes AWOL? That is, absent without constitutional leave of absence. Dictator Meles Zenawi has disappeared from public view for several weeks now. He was last seen in public on June 19 at the G20 Summit in Mexico......full text

Ode to timidity - the Ethiopian experience

I knew something was missing. It kept nagging at me, the little voice in side kept saying �you know you have been here before.� I was driving south on the 580 Freeway when it hit me. It was 2005 deja vu. How could I forget? I ask for forgiveness, I am an Ethiopian and memory is an option......full text

Operation Save Ethiopia

The Marxist-Leninist League of Tigray (MLLT), in political jargon, died right from its formation on a wrong premise at the wrong time and wrong place in non-industrialized Tigray � the cradle of Ethiopian Civilization unbreakably linked to Zenawi�s hate-name, Ethiopia; at the wrong place for communism also because Tigray is a citadel of Orthodox Tewahido Christian faith......full text

Ethiopia in constitutional crises?

In an interview I gave to the Voice of America Amharic program last week, I was asked to comment on the nature of constitutional succession in the event of death, disability, resignation, illness, incapacity or removal from power of the prime minster (PM) in Ethiopia. The answer I gave seems to have surprised, shocked, dismayed and appalled many......full text

Shrewd, brutal, and a master at soliciting and spending aid money, Prime Minister Zenawi's 20 years of rule could be nearing its end

Following the news of the past few years, you might get the impression that flamboyance and bellicosity are signature traits of any long-tenured dictator. But for every Muammar Qaddafi there�s a Meles Zenawi, the shrewd, technocratic Prime Minister of Ethiopia.......full text

Dreams of an Ethiopia in peace

All who love and revere President Mandela call him Madiba. He is the ultimate symbol of human love, hope, courage, charity, endurance, patience and perseverance. He is the personification of good will, tolerance, generosity, forgiveness and reconciliation......full text
Who is in power? --(By Ethiomedia)
...The guys who fought and turned Ethiopia into a landlocked nation, the guys who fought on the Eritrean side against Ethiopia during the 1998-2000 War, have neither the legal nor the moral right to rule Ethiopia even for a day. They have to go......full text

Ethiopia: Not free to speak or write?

Free speech is the bedrock of all human freedoms. In my view, the value a society gives to freedom of expression determines whether that society is free or unfree......full text

Eskinder Nega was sentenced to 18 years in prison

VIENNA, July 13, 2012 � The International Press Institute (IPI) strongly denounced the long prison sentences handed down to journalist and writer Eskinder Nega in Ethiopia today, as well as the punishments given to five other journalists who were tried in absentia, all of whom were convicted of �terrorism� in late June 2012......full text

Ethiopia in bond aid

�Bondage� is the state of being bound by or subjected to some external power or control. When people are bound by debt, they are in �debt bondage�. When they are held in involuntary servitude, they are in �bondage slavery�. Before much of Africa became �independent� in the 1960s, Africans were held under the yoke of �colonial bondage�......full text

Ethiopia: Dismantling authoritarian ethnicism

How did authoritarian identity politics come to dominate Ethiopian national affairs, rising to the level of official state ideology and practice under the Woyanes? What are the sources, forms, and contradictions of this domination, and how can the nation begin to get out from under it? These are huge questions and require broader analysis than can be attempted here. What I offer are some thoughts and views for discussion and further analysis......full text

The free press in Ethiopia's kangaroo kourts

Over the past six years, I have written numerous columns defending press freedom in Ethiopia. In a 2009 commentary entitled, �The Art of War on Ethiopia�s Independent Press �, I expressed astonishment over the heavy handed treatment of the free press: �Use a sledgehammer to smash a butterfly! That is the exquisite art of war unleashed on Ethiopia's independent press by the dictatorship of Meles Zenawi today.� ......full text

Ethiopia: Conviction of government opponents a 'dark day' for freedom of expression

More Ethiopian government opponents have been convicted on trumped up terrorism and treason charges in what Amnesty International called "a dark day" for freedom of expression. Iconic dissident journalist Eskinder Nega and leading members of the political opposition, Andualem Arage and Nathnael Mekonnen, along with five other men, were found guilty on charges of �Terrorist Acts,� �Encouragement of Terrorism,� and �High Treason� and several other charges. ......full text

Ethiopia: Terrorism Verdict Quashes Free Speech

(Nairobi, June 27, 2012) � The Ethiopian high court on June 27, 2012, convicted 24 journalists, political opposition leaders, and others under Ethiopia�s deeply flawed anti-terrorism law, Human Rights Watch said today. ......full text

Ethiopia: The Sky(pe) is Falling

Most of my readers know how much I enjoy �bedtime stories�. Recently, I wrote about my favortie bedtime story of Pinocchio in Africa. Ever heard of the story of Chicken Little? One day Chicken Little was scratching around the yard when something fell on her head. �Oh,� screeched Chicken Little, �The sky is falling. I must go tell the king.� ......full text

Skype and Ethiopia

The origins of the Internet can be traced to ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) that was funded by the US Department of Defense (DARPA) for use by its research labs in the 1960�s. The Internet as we know moved from connecting research institutions and Universities into commercial use in the middle of the 1980�s......full text

Internet intrusion and increased repression in Ethiopia

In its latest assault on the human rights of the people, the governing Ethiopian People�s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) decreed certain activities on the internet to be illegal. Access to the internet inside Ethiopia is very poor......full text

Ethiopia: Unity in Divinity!

For the past two decades, Ethiopia has been the scene of crimes against humanity and crimes against nature. Now Ethiopian religious leaders say Ethiopia is the scene of crimes against divinity......full text

A thank-you note for Teddy Afro

There are some people blessed with an unbreakable spirit. They can turn adversities into triumph and setbacks into progress. These kinds of people have a deeper understanding of life as a rollercoaster with ups and downs, turns and twists, gains and lose, defeats and victories�. They take times of sadness, grief, illnesses, falls, trials or tribulations with grace and resurrect themselves against all odds. After all, true heroes and heroines are not those that kill enemies with the arrows of vengeance and hatred, but those who defy the darkest hours of life and come out shining........full text

Ethiopia: On the Road to Constitutional Democracy

Over the past few months, I have been penning occasional commentaries in a series I called �Ethiopia�s transition from dictatorship and democracy�. In my last such commentary, I argued that �on the bridge to democracy, there is often a collision between individuals and groups doggedly pursuing power, the common people tired of those who abuse and misuse power and the dictators who want to cling to power......full text

Social contract perverted by Zenawi

Meles Zenawi in 2010 said he has entered a contract with the Ethiopian people to rule the country for five more years. Reason? Because he said the Ethiopian people had voted for him 99.6%. This preposterous claim drew international outcry of rejection but the tyrant could care less;......full text

Ethiopia: Food for Famine and Thought!

At the recent 2012 G8 Food Security Summit in Washington, D.C., Abebe Gellaw, a young Washington-based Ethiopian journalist, stood up in the gallery and thunderously proclaimed to dictator Meles Zenawi, �� Food is nothing without freedom�� Is he right?......full text

When we were the achievers

I am always harking back to the pleasant years of our past. Believe me it not being nostalgic rather it is the lack of good news that makes me reach deep to salvage a little bit of dignity how ever fleeting that might be. One can also make an argument for the fact that my generation has lost the battle to continue on the tradition of leaving intact what was passed on to us. Actually what was expected was a little bit of enhancement but we seem to have managed to degrade and discount. Let us not talk about that today. ......full text

Ethiopia: Meles, Speechless!

On May 18, 2012, dictator Meles Zenawi learned a lesson he will not easily forget. In the land of free speech, he was rendered speechless......full text

Ethiopia: How Meles Rules The Country

This is subtle totalitarianism, dubbed �Authoritarian Developmentalism� by some. If you do what the government says, you get assistance � land, water, services. If you don�t, you get nothing. The basic principles of political freedom enshrined in the constitution are frequently undermined by subtle edicts from government departments. Press freedom is clearly spelt out and recently a minor ruling stated that printers must take responsibility for everything they publish and can refuse to print anything the government might consider illegal. Hardly a devastating blow to press freedom you might think until you discover that the only presses in Ethiopia capable of printing newspapers are government-owned........full text

My brother Abebe and his WMD

I doubt there is an Ethiopian in the Diaspora not familiar with what happened last Friday. As they say the video has gone viral. The act has brought deep satisfaction to the psych of the oppressed and left the evildoers in disarray. Abebe took less than one minute to do what has been tried for over twenty years.His heroic act will be remembered in the history books like that other important event in the annals of our glorious past. ......full text

Ethiopia: The Bedtime Stories of Meles Zenawi

My view is that there is no direct relationship between economic growth and democracy historically or theoretically. But my view is that democracy is a good thing in and of itself irrespective of its impact on economic growth......full text

President Obama, Camp David is for peacemakers, not for dictators

In my social life, political or any, I don�t remember to have seen any movement that captivated the imagination of the entire segments of a society like the 2008 Obama presidential campaign did......full text

Why are the Tigrean Ruling Elites in Power for so long?

The Tigrean ruling elites are in power for two decades now, and it looks as if they will be staying in power for more years to come. How do we explain their longevity in power? They represent a minority constituency in the country (six percent of the total population) ........full text

Intimidated, detained and tortured: false imprisonment in Ethiopia

If there is a terrorist organisation flourishing in Ethiopia, committing crimes against humanity and violating the human rights of the people it is State terrorism delivered by the EPRDF government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi......full text

Justice for Sierra Leone! No Justice for Ethiopia?

After 420 days of trial (over nearly four years), 115 witness, over 50,000 pages of testimony, and 1,520 exhibits, Charles Taylor, warlord-turned-president of Liberia, was found guilty on 11 counts by the U.N. Special Court for Sierra Leone......full text

Ethiopia: A special tribute to my hero Eskinder Nega

On May 1, 2012, Eskinder Nega, Ethiopia�s foremost journalist and political prisoner, will be awarded the �Freedom to Write Award�, the highest honor given out by Pen America, one of the great international free press institutions that has been in continuous operation since 1922......full text

The struggle is bearing fruit

The ethnic cleansing that is being waged has become an international knowledge. This is not the first time the TPLF regime has practiced such crime against humanity. This is the first time it has been exposed for all to see......full text

Green Justice or Ethnic Injustice

Last week, dictator Meles Zenawi hectored his rubberstamp parliament in Ethiopia about the forced expulsion (or as some have described it �ethnic cleansing�) of Amharas from southern Ethiopia and zapped his critics for their irresponsibility in reporting and publicizing it.......full text

The giant shows signs of life

The ethnic cleansing that is being waged has become an international knowledge. This is not the first time the TPLF regime has practiced such crime against humanity. This is the first time it has been exposed for all to see.......full text

Media control in Ethiopia

Meles Zenawi Asres of Ethiopia knows little of democracy, human rights or the manifestation of democratic principles and much of repression and intimidation. ......full text

Ridding Ethiopia of the TPLF gang

Ethiopia was betrayed by the League of Nations (LoN) and the Fascist Italian Forces unleashed a naked aggression replete with grave violation of human rights, war crimes, crimes against humanity including genocide......full text

Ethiopia: The Bridge on the Road(map) to Democracy

Last week I had an opportunity to address a town hall meeting in Seattle sponsored by the Ethiopian Public Forum in Seattle (EPFS), a civil society organization dedicated to promoting broad dialogue, debate and discussion on Ethiopia�s future. I was asked to articulate my views on Ethiopia�s transition from dictatorships to democracy in light of my recent emphatic commentaries on the subject. ......full text

Gura Ferda and the crimes against humanity

The inhuman measures of expelling Ethiopians from their own country in the district of Gura Ferda should outrage all Ethiopians. How can hardworking innocent farmers, women and children who were living legally be deprived of their houses, farmland and belongings and evicted by force, simply because they are ethnic Amharas? The root cause of this crime is the backward and divisive ethnic politics of Meles Zenawi.......full text

Get out! You don't belong here!

When I recently heard the sickening news of mass deportation of ethnic Amharas form the southern regional state, my stomach flipped and somehow I was catapulted back to my boyhood when I was a student in Awassa Comboni Elementary School......full text

Dire need for Amhara-Oromo et al united action

How long ago was is it since us Ethiopians said ENOUGH! of TPLF regime�s multiple cruelties amounting to those of the ruthless invader Mussolini? When is the intense hatred for the Amharas, contempt for the Oromos and other ethnic groups going to end? When is trading in the name of the valiant people of Tigray going to end? Why has the Zenawi regime adopted Mussolini�s strategy of total subjugation of the Amharas and the Oromos in particular? ......full text

Identity Politics and Ethiopia's Transition to Democracy

For the past two decades, Zenawi has been repackaging an atavistic style of tribal politics in a fancy wrapper called �ethnic federalism.� He has managed to segregate the Ethiopian people by ethno-tribal classifications and corralled them like cattle into grotesque regional political units called �kilils� (literally means �reservation�; semantically, the word also suggests the notion of an exclusion zone, an enclave)......full text

Loving Ethiopia to death - The doctors

On November 11, 2011 Yenesew Gebre was driven to kill himself on behalf of all suffering Ethiopians.He killed himself out of love for his people and country. He made the ultimate sacrifice to wake us up so we can see what it means to be humiliated in your own home......full text

Can we be indifferent to TPLF destruction of Ethiopia?

Ethiopian ethnic-based political elites, most prominently, the champion of ethnic politics and business,TPLF Inc., were always bent on shredding to pieces our commonalities, shared history and common identity as Ethiopians of all shades, colors, languages and faiths, from their inception......full text

As separatists in Ethiopia disarm, a new chapter for D.C.�s Oromo community

On a windy Saturday afternoon at a small Petworth cafe, Taha Tuko orders a round of celebratory macchiatos for three of his countrymen and tells them their 38-year armed struggle for secession from Ethiopia is over � fighters back in Africa have laid down their arms......full text

The Rule of Law in Ethiopia�s Democratic Transition

All of the weekly commentaries I have written over the years have been structured on a single fundamental principle: the rule of law. What is it? How does it configure in Ethiopia�s transition from dictatorship to democracy?......full text

Ethiopian Heritage Society Alarmed by Government Plans

In yet another egregious assault on its own Ethiopian citizens, the regime of Prime Minister Melees Zenawi and the Tigrayan People's Liberation Front (TPLF) are preparing to raze 18 ancient churches, to bulldoze the surrounding forests and pastures, and to force the indigenous people to relocate to substandard environs far from their heritage homelands.....full text

No way for Ethiopian refugees in Norway

Three years ago to the week, I wrote a weekly commentary entitled, �Cry Me a Lake: Crime Against Nature�. That commentary focused on the plight of tens of thousands of Ethiopians who are sick and dying from drinking the polluted waters of Lake Koka, once a pristine lake, located some 50km south of Addis Ababa......full text

TPLF down-sized to a single-family party: Seeye Abraha

Atlanta (Gerogia) -- After the 2005 farce election, the Tigray People's Liberation Front(TPLF), has been downsized to a single family party, namely that of Melez Zenawi and Azeb Mesfin, Seeye Abarha senior member of Unity for Democracy and Peace Party said last Saturday while addressing a public gathering in Atlanta......full text

The legacy the martyrs left behind

So, in all cases the fault lies with societies that allow dictators on the loose to exploit their silence. We ought to be ashamed for letting Meles Zenawi in power for the last twenty years. As the popular saying goes �Every nation deserves the government it deserves�. I believe that we deserve far better if we Ethiopians unite and act together......full text

37 years of the TPLF and the footprints of Meles (Part Two)

Why are we writing about Meles? Meles has absolute power as all his predecessors. He can decide the fate of more than 80 Million Ethiopians and probably the coming generations. As every major aspect of life of all Ethiopians is controlled by Meles, there is no possibility for Ethiopians to take their own destiny into their own hands without removing Meles. Since Meles, more than anybody else, has been committing so many crimes with impunity, it is Imperative to deal with the worst enemy of the people before everything else and hence expose his crimes. ......full text

The Dam and the Damned: Gibe III Ethiopia

Three years ago to the week, I wrote a weekly commentary entitled, �Cry Me a Lake: Crime Against Nature�. That commentary focused on the plight of tens of thousands of Ethiopians who are sick and dying from drinking the polluted waters of Lake Koka, once a pristine lake, located some 50km south of Addis Ababa......full text

Donald Payne: A Drum Major for Democracy and Human Rights

Grassroots Ethiopian human rights groups and activists have been stunned by the death last week of Donald Payne, our strongest ally and advocate in the U.S. Congress. His passing marks a major setback to the cause of freedom, democracy and human rights in Ethiopia and Africa. But Don Payne has left us a rich legacy of human rights advocacy and legislative action spanning over two decades. It is now our burden -- indeed our moral duty -- to build, to expand and to deliver on that legacy. ......full text

TPLF survives through repression

Those of us who enjoy freedom from constant harassment, intimidation and fear need to remind ourselves each day that the Ethiopian people continue to suffer from poor, corruption-ridden and repressive governance-induced hyperinflation, hunger and malnourishment that is legendary, growing unemployment that drives thousands out of the country each month, glaring wealth and income inequality, pervasive corruption and illicit outflow of resources, dispossession and dislocation of hundreds of thousands from their homes and ancestral lands, and massive transfer of the pillars of the Ethiopian economy to foreigners and a selected few ethnic elites.........full text

Donald Payne: A Farewell to a Human Rights Champion

How does one say farewell to a great friend of Ethiopia and Africa? Representative Donald Payne, the dean of New Jersey�s House delegation and the first black congressman elected to represent New Jersey, died at age 77 from colon cancer on Tuesday. He was elected to 12 terms in the U.S. House of Representatives, and served on various committees including Education and Workforce and Foreign Affairs committees. He chaired the Subcommittee on Africa for a number of years. His passing marks a great loss for the cause of democracy and human rights in Ethiopia and Africa.......full text

Ethiopia: From dictatorship to democracy

The road from dictatorship to democracy in Ethiopia will be challenging but not impossible. What will the transition to democracy look like? When the mud walls of dictatorship crumble in Ethiopia and the veil of secrecy and hype is lifted, two facts will stand stark naked......full text

37 years of the TPLF and the footprints of Meles

On 19 February 2012, the official 37th birthday of the TPLF, many people in Tigray have to think of their loved ones as martyrs as every year; it is a day for remembering the loss of about 60 000 young women and men; as well as thousands of civilians killed in the country side and urban centres by the TPLF and the Derg respectively. The only act of paying respect to the martyrs would have been the prevalence of justice, the rule of law and democracy for all Ethiopians. But this is not the case and therefore the day is a day of sorrow for the overwhelming majority of oppressed and hungry Ethiopians ......full text

Political Prisoners Inside Ethiopia�s Gulags

The �Gulag� prison system in the old Soviet Union was infamous for warehousing and persecuting dissidents and opponetns. The gulags were used effectively to weed out and neutralize opposition to the Soviet state......full text

Africa�s Hall of Shame in Addis Ababa

The debate on whether Emperor Hailesilassie�s statue deserves to stand along with that of Kwame Nkrumah in front of the newly inaugurated AU headquarters in Addis Ababa built by the government of China as a �gift� to the AU misses a lot of big points. In my view, and I am sure in the views of many observers of Africa, the entire building itself is one giant statue of shame for Africa......full text

Deutsche Welle (Ethiopia): A Disgrace to Press Freedom?

Why is Schadomsky bent out of shape over �ethiomedia and similar sites by extension�? Apparently, he had been chewed out, tongue-lashed, dressed down, squeezed, badgered, blackmailed and �monitored� by none other than dictator Meles Zenawi�s doppelganger in charge of information. Schadomsky explained to his staff:......full text

Ethiopia�s tribes cry for help

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Al Jazeera)� The Lower Omo Valley in south-western Ethiopia is a vast and rugged region of mountains and valleys, inhabited largely by nomadic agro-pastoralist tribes numbering some 200,000 people......full text

The dragon�s dance with hyenas

The Chinese Dragon is dancing the Watusi shuffle with African Hyenas. Things could not be better for the Dragon in Africa. In the middle of what once used to be the African Pride Land now stands a brand-spanking new hyenas� den called the African Union Hall (AU)......full text

Meles Zenawi: Where the truth lies

What confounds me is why the international community continues to accept Zenawi�s claims about the regime�s economic record, while taking for granted that he has lied repeatedly on human rights issues and consequently rejecting his official line on Ethiopia�s human rights record. That his statements on human rights, democracy, foreign threats, opposition groups, journalists and a host of other topics and issues are manifestly and consistently false should indicate that other information taken from the same source also has a high likelihood of being untrue......full text

Panel experts discuss US foreign policy in Africa

An open panel discussion on American policy in Africa was hosted at 7 p.m. Tuesday in the Student Union Building, as part of an ongoing lecture series about the continent......full text

African Beggars Union Hall?

The new African Union (AU) headquarters was inaugurated last week. It was �China�s gift to Africa.� China picked the entire USD$200 million tab for the building, fixtures and furniture......full text

We have met the enemy

Mr. Fisher�s description fits most successful dictators. Admit it you thought he was talking about ours, didn�t� you? It is all right, no need to worry; he was actually talking about the late Colonel Gaddafi. The Leader got away with just doing that for over forty years. Libya lost a generation. That is what failed leaders do to a country. After they are gone they leave a mess behind ......full text

Ethiopia�s anti-terrorism laws must not be misused to curb rights � UN

A group of independent United Nations human rights experts today spoke out against the ongoing use of anti-terrorism laws to curb freedom of expression in Ethiopia, where several journalists were recently given prison sentences under such legislation......full text

African Dictators: Can�t Run, Can�t Hide!

The International Criminal Court (ICC) is on the chase; and over the past few months, things have taken a slow turn for the worse for African dictators and human rights violators. They are finding out that they can�t run and they can�t hide......full text

What�s He Got to Hide?

Meles has criminalized dissent, with a blogger named Eskinder Nega now facing terrorism charges, which could mean a death sentence. His true crime was calling on the government to allow free speech and end torture......full text

Ethiopia: Copyrights and CopyCrimes

If a person were to maliciously burn or vandalize another�s house, it would be regarded as a serious property crime under the laws of any nation. If one were to walk into a bookstore and steal thousands of books and give them away to any passerby, that would also be a major property crime. How about taking a copyrighted book, scanning it and making it available to anyone in digital form online? Is that a serious criminal act? Is it also an immoral and depraved act? ......full text

Ethiopia: Terrorism Law Undercuts Free Speech

The Ethiopian Federal High Court on January 19, 2012, convicted three Ethiopian journalists, an opposition leader, and a fifth person under an anti-terrorism law that violates free expression and due process rights, Human Rights Watch said today. The Ethiopian government should immediately drop the case, release the defendants, and investigate their allegations of torture in detention......full text

Ethiopia: Middle Passage to the Middle East

Middle Passage� of Middle East �contract slavery� for the young Ethiopian women is unspeakably harrowing. Their working conditions are described as slave-like, except, as Beydoun argues, �Shackles and whips have been replaced by more inventive designs to dehumanize, suppress, and subsequently enslave persons for economic or sexual purposes......full text

(Gebremedhne Araya on ESAT(unearthed once again TPLF buried secrets )

OLF: Ethiopians Unite!

�How good and how pleasant it would be before God and man, to see unity among all Ethiopians!� ......full text

OLF - A bold move!

It was like I was hit by a thunderbolt when I heard the long yearned news that the OLF has reversed and discarded its secessionist policy at last affirming its commitment to the unity of Ethiopia and vowing to fully participate in coordinated struggles to stem tyranny in Ethiopia. I was numb for a moment and then held my breath thinking what to do......full text

OLF drops secession, embraces Ethiopian unity

Washington DC (ESAT)�The Oromo Liberation Front has announced its historic decision to drop its long-held secessionist agenda and to embrace the unity of Ethiopia under a genuine federal arrangement that must guarantee the rights, equality and liberty of all Ethiopians......full text

The great Ethiopian land-grab: feudalism, leninism, neo-liberalism ... plus �a change

This economic logic fits completely with the prevailing political logic. The radical Marxist �revolutionary elite� made a complete U-turn when it came to power in 1991, promising democratisation and a free market economy. In fact, using the same mechanisms of �communist engineering� based on �democratic centralism� that had been so useful for sizing power, this elite continued to consolidate their control to the point of achieving a monopoly. Today, due to �the effective �fusion� of party and state�,[xviii] Ethiopia is de facto ruled by a �monolithic party-state,�[xiv] dominated by a handful of leaders where Tigreans � 6% of the population � are over-represented.......full text

An "African Spring" in 2012?

Waiting for the Dawn of �Africa�s Spring� in 2012? How about an �Ethiopian Tsedey� in 2012?......full text

Bolstering the UDJ success

The following is an extract from my letter to the editors of pro-democracy websites written in appreciation of Dr. Negasso Gidada�s apology for his past political mistakes before he made the noble decision to join the UDJP......full text

Ethiopia is abusing terrorism law: McLure

American Journalist Jason McLure worked in Ethiopia as a foreign correspondent for Bloomberg from 2007 to 2010. McLure left Ethiopia on his own volition after his difficult assignment in Ethiopia, where he, along was a translator, was even detained by security agents in Mekele for two days. He was investigating allegations of food aid misuse for political ends in Ethiopia......full text

Loving Ethiopia to death � the teacher

Yenesew saw beyond himself. He felt the pain and sorrow of his neighbor. What he was about to do goes against his religion, his value system and his culture but the importance and timeliness of the message must have outweighed all other considerations......full text

Ethiopia: 2011 in the Republic of Corruptistan

In December 2008, I wrote a weekly column entitled �Groundhog Year in Prison Nation� summarizing some of my weekly columns for that year. I used the �groundhog� metaphor from a popular motion picture in which a hapless television weatherman is trapped in a time warp and finds himself reliving the same day over and over......full text

Pentagon official says Ethiopia needs to move on

Washington DC (ESAT)-- Ambassador Vicki Huddleston, Assistant Deputy Secretary of Defense for Africa in the Office of the US Secretary of Defense, has said that Ethiopians have to move beyond the aftermath of elections 2005, which she referred to as a tragic time....�...full text

Ethiopia: Land of Blood or Land of Corruption?

The fact of the matter is that every major international human rights and other independent organizations dedicated to good governance has condemned Zenawi�s regime for gross human rights violations, corruption, lack of transparency and accountability and suppression of press freedoms......full text

TPLF buried secrets (Part I & II)

Gebremedhin Araya unearthed once again TPLF buried secrets by articulating on various issues. If reconstruction of history is to fail, one of the preconditions is to muzzle and discourage all those who are living testimonies and by discrediting and linking them as terrorists than admitting ones own guilt. ...�...full text

Opposition Leader Labels Ethiopian Government 'Dictatorship'

The newly elected leader of Ethiopia's largest opposition group says his party faces a monumental task in trying to unseat what he calls "dictators" bent on silencing dissent. The party held leadership elections even as some of its top officials are being tried on terrorism charges......full text

Ethiopia: The Art of Bleeding a Country Dry

The cancer of corruption is deeply embedded in the marrow of the Ethiopian body politic. The recently released Transparency International (TI) 2011 Corruption Perception Index report on Ethiopia confirms the findings of GFI and other anti-corruption international organizations. For the past decade, TI has ranked Ethiopia at the bottom of the barrel of countries ruled by the most corrupt governments......full text

As winter begins, an African Spring heats up

The Arab Spring�s effects continue to ripple outward. As Tahrir Square fills once more, it gains new momentum. For months now, the autocrats of Africa have feared it would move south, infecting their youth in often-unemployed, restless areas......full text

Azeb Mesfin: The woman from Gadarif

Little is known about Azeb Mesfin Haile�s journey to the heart of the Tigray People�s Liberation Front (TPLF), and by extension the pinnacle of power in Ethiopia. She rarely gives interviews unless it is about scripted matters such as her �humanitarian� work...�...full text

"Awramba Times": More powerful than...

Needless to say, all dictators and tyrants in history have feared the enlightening powers of the independent press. Total control of the media remains the wicked obsession of all modern day dictators who believe that by controlling the flow of information, they can control the hearts and minds of their citizens. But that is only wishful thinking......full text

Ethiopia's crackdown 'a threat to democracy'

ADDIS ABABA � A spate of arrests and terrorism charges leveled against opposition politicians and journalists in Ethiopia this year raises fears of a government slide away from democracy, analysts warn......full text

Why is Ethiopia poor?

...Few should be surprised by LPI�s conclusions that the �levels of confidence in the military and judiciary are both very low� and �Ethiopia is the country where expression of political views is perceived by the population to be most restricted.� None of the facts above matter to the dictators in Ethiopia because they are ready, willing and able to do whatever it takes to cling to power.......full text

TPLF and the unbalanced growth strategy

To help boost the economies of low income countries a development strategy named unbalanced growth theory was introduced by development theorists. With the use of this strategy select economic zones grow at rapid rates, while other economic zones experience stagnation or reduced growth as a result......full text

Ayittey says Ethiopians must end Zenawi's apartheid

ESAT News -- The renowned Ghanaian economist Prof. George Ayittey, who has been one of the most outspoken critics of African dictators, has said that the politics of exclusion, which is reminiscent of Apartheid era South Africa, should come to an end in Ethiopia......full text

Why Ethiopians Must Unite

In the previous five commentaries, I provided compelling evidence that Ethiopia�s governance is repressive, exclusionary, discriminatory and essentially rent-seeking. The system reinforces itself and keeps most Ethiopians among the poorest people on the planet......full text

Patriot Yenesew Gebre: Give me Liberty or Give me Death!

On 11/11/11, Yenesew Gebre, a 29-year-old Ethiopian school teacher and human rights activist set himself ablaze outside a public meeting hall in the town of Tarcha located in Dawro Zone in Southern Ethiopia......full text

ESAT Radio Daily Broadcast to Ethiopia

Tribute to heroic victims of Zenawi�s Anti-Terror Law

We have heard the gruesome news that our heroes leading peaceful struggle have been brought in chains to the Kangaroo Court in Addis Ababa. Zenawi controls all pillars of democracy as well as the armed forces, security services, law enforcement and the prison administration. ......full text

Thanks for the honor Prime Minister

First of all, I would like to thank you profusely for including me in the latest roll call of patriots and freedom fighters. I am extremely humbled for the honor. ......full text

To Catch Africa�s Biggest Thieves Hiding in America!

For the past four decades, a plague of cold-blooded thieves has descended upon Africa like a swarm of blood sucking ticks. These thieves masquerading as leaders have been trafficking in Africa�s natural resources and trading in the wealth created by the blood, tears and sweat of African peoples......full text

Letter to President Umar Hassan Ahmad Al-Bashir

The Ethiopian Border Affairs Committee recalls its letter of June 2, 2008 addressed to Your Excellency concerning the border situation between Ethiopia and the Sudan. ......full text

I'm Eskinder Nega

I�m Eskinder Nega � I am Voice of the Voiceless. I open my mouth for those who are left desolate and I seek justice for the poor and powerless.......full text

ESAT shines at Washington, DC event

Washington DC (ESAT News)--The Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) held a successful fundraiser on Sunday, October 30, in the presence of guests of honor and members of the Ethiopian community in Washington Metropolitan Area and nearby states...�...full text

TPLF buried secrets (Part II)

Gebremedhin Araya unearthed once again TPLF buried secrets by articulating on various issues. If reconstruction of history is to fail, one of the preconditions is to muzzle and discourage all those who are living testimonies and by discrediting and linking them as terrorists than admitting ones own guilt. ...�...full text

African Dictators: The People Don't Love You!

...African dictators who make peaceful change impossible will make vigilante justice possible as they peek straight through the barrel of a gun whimpering, �Don�t shoot me! Please don�t shoot me!� African dictators, there is a better way. Show your people some love. LEAVE THEM! ....�...full text

Prof. Bisrat Amare: The man who tortured history

There are new breed of historians in town that are endorsed by the TPLF to rewrite and narrate Ethiopian history. A �professor� from America is the late arrival to launch a book recently at Axum Hotel, Addis Ababa. The book, Finote Gedil, is not an ordinary book....�...full text

Ordeal of men and women of valor under arrest in Ethiopia

I salute with all humility and candor all suffering ladies � among them Serkalem Fasil and Dr. Selam Aschalew who are dearly missing their spouses languishing in prison and Reeyot Alemu � the trio and other illustrious heroines are making heavy sacrifices on behalf of all their fellow citizens; they and other ladies in similar hardship are bearers of our hope for dignity, liberty, freedom, prosperity, democracy and justice in our Motherland, Ethiopia....�...full text

Kangaroo justice for two Swedish journalists

The old adage is that �ignorance of the law is no excuse.� Could it be said equally that arrogance excuses ignorance of the law? Dictator-in-chief Meles Zenawi....�...full text

American scholar says TPLF domination poses threats to Ethiopia

Washington DC (ESAT News)--Renowned American Professor Theodore Vestal, who has been keenly studying and following Ethiopian affairs since the early 1960s, said that the domination of the Tigray People�s Liberation Front (TPLF) poses a threat to greater Ethiopia. Prof Vestal also indicated that the government may implode if the current conditions get worse and the people say enough is enough...�...full text

Karuturistan, Ethiopia: The Fire Next Time?

�Karuturi�s First Corn Crop in Ethiopia Destroyed,� announced the headline. Karuturi Global Ltd., is the Indian multinational agro company that has been gobbling up large chunks of Ethiopia over the past few years. This time, Mother Nature gobbled up Karuturi. The company reported last week that its 30,000 acre corn crop in Gambella in western Ethopia was wiped out when the Baro and Alwero rivers overflowed their banks and overwhelmed Karuturi�s 80km long system of protective dikes....�...full text

TPLF's buried secrets

We Tigreans, the price of not speaking up have been huge against TPLF leaders. Many innocent lives are lost and huge sacrifices are paid. The struggle for accountability has been replaced by fear, reprisal and loyalty to muzzle the untold brutality...�...full text

Ethiopia: Divide and Misrule? Unite and Lead!

Unity is the most powerful gravitational force in the life of any people or nation. When the Americans founded their Republic, they were driven to transform their colonial identity by creating unity in a new American community...�...full text
  • ESAT launches shortwave broadcast to Ethiopia (ESAT Press Release)

  • Zenawi's anti terrorism law

    The Ethiopian Awakening re-inspired by the Arab Spring has now scared Zenawi and Co to death. Zenawi hates to see the Ethiopian people exposed to what is going on in North Africa and the Middle East...�...full text

    TPLF found in global terrorism blacklist

    Criminal records rarely go unnoticed wherever they are meticulously archived and preserved. Let alone leaders that hold state power, ordinary people are even required to go through criminal background checks for jobs that require high level of trustworthiness. Today one of the most serious criminal offenses in the world is quite obviously terrorism...�...full text
  • Prof Al Mariam receives humanitarian award

  • Dictatorship is state terrorism

    Lately, Meles Zenawi, the dictator in Ethiopia, has been rounding up dissidents, journalists, opposition party political leaders and members under a diktat known as �Anti-Terrorism Proclamation No. 652/2009�...�...full text

    I'm Eskinder Nega: Now 80 million strong

    I am Eskinder Nega. I am not one person. I am eighty million strong. I will let one of my voices speak for me because today I am locked up in Makelawi prison. Those who are in power in Ethiopia have tried to silence my voice. They want to shut me up by locking me up......full text

    Ethiopian media gagged by anti-terror laws

    The Ethiopian government is using sweeping anti-terror laws to crack down on journalists critical of the regime......full text

    Ethiopia: The diplomacy of defending dictatorship

    In November 2006, in her farewell cable to her replacement Donald Yamamoto and the Assistant Secretary of State Jendayi Fraser, former Acting U.S. Ambassador to Ethiopia Vicky Huddleston warned: �It is time to stop hating Ethiopia.� ...�...full text

    Born in pain, growing in torture

    Six years ago � a predisposed Ethiopian prosecutor accused journalist Eskinder Nega and his wife, Serkalem Fasil, and charged them with treason. The young couples who love their country and profession were expecting their first child when they were sent to the notorious Kality prison...� ...full text

    Government crackdown intensifies following investigation

    Evidence has emerged that the Ethiopian government has launched a renewed crackdown on opposition members, less than two months after a joint investigation by the Bureau and Newsnight revealed allegations of torture, repression and the political manipulation of foreign aid......full text

    Africa: No honor among dictators

    The old saying is that there is no honor among thieves. Is it also true that there is no honor among dictators? Perhaps that is a distinction without a difference. But Meles Zenawi, the dictator in Ethiopia and Omar Bashir, the dictator of Sudan seemed to be good longtime friends. At least Bashir thought so....� ...full text

    I'm Eskinder Nega

    They can jail Eskinder Nega, but they can�t jail the tens of millions of Eskinder Negas. They can�t jail freedom. No man can jail a man who is the voice of freedom because the voice of freedom is the voice of the people; and the voice of the people is the voice of God. (Vox populi, vox Dei.) ......full text

    Meles Zenawi jails two young fiery critics

    The Vice President of Unity for Democracy and Justice Party, Andulalem Andargie, and journalist Enskinder Nega have reportedly been detained by security agents in Addis Ababa.Andulam was picked up late afternoon at UDJ�s headquarters while Eskinder was reportedly arrested at the same time but at a different location. .....full text

    Missing a �Large Chunk� of Ethiopian Territory?

    The past few weeks have been tough going for dictator Meles Zenawi in Ethiopia. Secret cables released by Wikileaks provided stunning revelations on Zenawi�s secret world. The U.S. believes Zenawi�s security forces staged a bomb explosion in 2008 and blamed an opposition group for committing terrorism...� ...full text

    Debebe Eshetu's arrest and the New Year

    Debebe�s infectious smile sustained prisoners� spirit in those difficult times. Of all the prisoners, his easy smile, authentic and warm, gave us reason to hope against hope. He somehow made the prospect of long prison sentences bearable. There was no gloom where Debebe tread and naturally prisoners clamored for his company......full text

    What should starving Ethiopians do to help themselves?

    It is the privilege of those who give to pity those who receive. One of the great indignities of being a perennial object of charity and handouts is the perception by those lending a hand that handout recipients are not only moneyless and helpless but also hopeless and clueless about what they need to do to help themselves...� ...full text

    Ethiopia: Time for peaceful change

    The missing ingredient, I believe, is neither weak opposition nor absence of political and economic push factors. The shortcoming lies in absence of people who have so far failed to hazard the first steps. Ordinary citizens took the initiative all over North Africa and the Middle East. The results made history. They are powerful precedents for the rest of humanity......full text

    What should the world do to save starving Ethiopians?

    Nearly a quarter of a century ago, Time Magazine on its cover page asked two weighty questions about recurrent famines in Ethiopia: �Why are Ethiopians starving again? What should the world do and not do� to help them?...� ...full text

    Meles Zenawi and the fall of Gadhafi

    Ethiopia�s Meles Zenawi, who now leads Africa�s largest dictatorship, and who many suspect is calculating as Gaddafi did at first, should take serious note ......full text

    Message of Condolence to Jack Layton's family

    On behalf of the Solidarity Committee for Ethiopian Political Prisoners Canada (SOCEPP CANADA) , we are writing to express our deep condolences to you, the family and friends of the Honorable Jack Layton who passed away on August 22, 2011......full text

    Why are Ethiopians starving again in 2011?

    In 2011, Ethiopia is the second poorest country in the world despite fanciful claims of 15 a percent annual economic growth and fantasies of building the largest hydroelectric dams in all of Africa by dictator Meles Zenawi...� ...full text

    In search of a common ground

    How to manage and resolve conflict has always been our Achilles Heel. That is part of the reason why we stumble from one crisis to another. Last week was a perfect example of an attempt to try to find out a reasonable solution to a problem that arose in our region here in Northern California. I hope it will give us an insight into an exercise in positive behavior that will probably end up in a win-win situation...� ...full text

    Meles' and Mengistu's visits to China

    This was a bitter sweet visit for Ethiopia�s increasingly precarious PM, Meles Zenawi. It was obvious he traveled to the Orient savoring the ensuing headlines. His cheerful mood was apparent as he boarded the chartered Boeing that was to ferry him to the Middle Kingdom. He was mysteriously all smiles......full text

    Ethiopian perspectives on London riots

    Had it transpired anywhere in the US, home to world-famous Uzi-brandishing street gangs, hardly any other person but victim and family would have paused to take notice. But fatal police shootings are still rare in the UK. They tend to raise many eyebrows......full text

    Meles Zenawi and the weaponization of famine

    The bottom line from Meles Inc. is: There is no famine in Ethiopia. Just millions of Ethiopians who can�t afford to buy food because it is damn too expensive! But Meles runs a pretty slick disinformation campaign: Blame the international commodities markets for high food prices in Ethiopia, and demonize the foreign media and aid organizations for ruining Ethiopia�s image. Then dish out boldfaced lies to distract public attention from the raging famine, and promptly declare victory: �The country has registered during the last five consecutive years rapid double digit economic growth...� ...full text

    Ethiopia:Vicious cycle of Famine and all sorts of Misery

    Once again, millions of Ethiopians are starving while agonizing on the loss of personal and political freedom. After 20 years in power, the ruling group in Addis Ababa - the TPLF/EPRDF regime, has persistently failed its basic responsibility as a government to provide the basic necessities of life to its citizens. Instead of taking responsibility, the regime is now resorting to the same approach that has repeatedly failed � reliance and dependency on foreign aid......full text

    Mubarak in court: Is Meles next?

    Thirty years in the limelight and yet Mubarak seldom smiled. Arab leaders rarely do. Perhaps it�s the 600 years under the Ottomans. But the last time he appeared on television, February 10, 2011, there was more than the customary solemnity. The sneer was manifestly apparent......full text

    The Meles Regime 'using aid as weapon of oppression'

    A joint undercover investigation by BBC Newsnight and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism has uncovered evidence that the Ethiopian government is using billions of dollars of development aid as a tool for political oppression......full text

    Britain and EU increase aid to Ethiopia while ignoring human rights warnings

    An investigation by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and BBC Newsnight has found that as Ethiopia is hit by drought and famine, communities are being denied basic food, seed and fertiliser for failing to support Meles Zenawi, the country's authoritarian leader......full text

    VOA is not VOZ

    VOA is the Voice of America. It is emphatically not the VOZ (Voice of Zenawi) or anyone else. Thus spoke VOA Acting Director Steve Redisch responding to the firestorm of controversy surrounding revelations of a blacklist of critics drawn up by the �ber-dictator Meles Zenawi......full text

    Ethiopia: Terrorism Law Undercuts Free Speech

    The Ethiopian government should stop using a restrictive and vague counterterrorism law to repress free speech and due process rights, Human Rights Watch said today. An Ethiopian court ruled the week of July 17, 2011, that under this law, two Ethiopian journalists � already held for over a month without being charged or given access to counsel � will remain imprisoned for another 28 days......full text

    Ethiopia: Dictator with a Conscience?

    Zenawi: Ten years from now (laughter). Let me start with ten years from now. One big thing I think will happen and dream about is that all Ethiopians will get three meals a day (applause). After that may be, if everything works out well, my hope is that Ethiopians will have two or three changes of clothes. If everything works out, all Ethiopians will live within two hours of a paved road......full text

    VOA and Ethiopia: Challenges and Danger

    Come Monday, July 25, 2011, a protest rally by Ethiopians on 330 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, DC will most likely draw the keen interest of a southern Republican Senator, Tom Coburn. Here at last is the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), the US government agency which has oversight authority over the VOA, at the center of a brewing controversy......full text

    Ethiopia: unfreedom of Information

    The long march of democracy in West Africa seems to be well underway. In July 2009, I wrote a weekly commentary marveling about Ghana�s multiparty democracy. Wistfully, I asked the rhetorical question: �Why is democracy in motion in Ghana, and on life-support in Ethiopia?� ......full text

    VOA quietly reinstates Horn of Africa chief

    The Voice of America (VOA) has reversed its decision to suspend its Horn of Africa chief, David Arnold. After Addis Voice published a disturbing story on censorship and questionable actions taken against Mr. Arnold for comments he made recently in a June 23rd VOA report, VOA bosses held a series of crisis meetings and decided to reinstate him, sources disclosed......full text
    Ethiopia: Apocalypse Now or in 40 Years?
    By Prof Alemayehu G. Mariam / JuLY 10, 2011
    It is hard to talk about Ethiopia these days in non-apocalyptic terms. Millions of Ethiopians are facing their old enemy again for the third time in nearly forty years. The Black Horseman of famine is stalking that ancient land. A year ago, Meles Zenawi's regime denied there was any famine......full text
    Reflections on South Sudan's independence
    By Eskinder Nega/ JuLY 8, 2011
    If it was up to the Egyptians there would be no independent country called Sudan. And briefly, in the mid-nineteenth century, Egypt and present day Sudan were indeed one under the wildly ambitious and much romanticized Albanian Khedive, Ismail the Magnificent......full text
    One more unifying chance goes down the drain
    By Fekade Shewakena / JuLY 6, 2011
    Think about this for a minute. There is a maddening paradox in Ethiopia. There is an abundance of river waters and harvestable rain in Ethiopia that is more than sufficient to feed all Ethiopians. Yet, the country is home to famine, widespread hunger, severe malnutrition and perennial dependence on international food handout......full text
    Ethiopia: Educating a dictator
    By Prof Alemayehu G. Mariam / JuLY 4, 2011
    The Voice of America�s (VOA) Journalist Standards & Practices (document 11-023 and 11-024), under the section captioned �WHAT DO VOA'S AUDIENCES HAVE A RIGHT TO EXPECT? Audiences ' Bill of Journalism Rights� provides that VOA�s audiences have the:......full text
    SOS: Dissent and terrorism in Ethiopia
    By Eskinder Nega/ JuLY 1, 2011
    Entrapment is often a controversial but yet an established component of law enforcement even in democracies. But true to form the controversy is wholly absent in authoritarian countries. Entrapment is embraced with spiteful fervor......full text
    Ethiopia: U.S. Africa Policy: Empty words, emptier promises
    By Prof Alemayehu G. Mariam / June 27, 2011
    When U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton made a brief stop at the African Union summit meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia a couple of weeks ago, she was talking my language: human rights, democracy, rule of law, accountability, transparency and the rest of it. She announced to the coterie of African dictators that the �status quo had broken� and she had come to talk to them about how they can regain democracy, achieve economic growth, and maintain peace and security......full text
    No to "Grand Coalition" with the EPRDF
    By Eskinder Nega/ June 24, 2011
    There is bitter irony to the story of the large Ethiopian Diaspora in the US. No more is it only large in sheer numbers but it�s also progressively more and more successful, impishly enticing the nation�s best and brightest to leave their native land. Two cases illustrate this unfolding saga of immigrants� hard work and reward as they lay claim to their share of the fabled American dream......full text
    The shocking truth about the 'double-digit growth'
    By Geletaw Zeleke / June 21, 2011
    Development is knowingly understood as a positive and desirable change. Whenever this kind of progress takes place in a given country it has a positive impact on the day to day lives of fellow citizens. Farmers, civil servants, businessmen and citizens as a whole will benefit from the much needed rain of development......full text
    The fakeonomics of Meles Zenawi
    By Prof Alemayehu G. Mariam / June 20, 2011
    There is the economics of Adam Smith, the intellectual father of capitalism. There is Levitt & Dubner�s freakonomics of weird stuff. Then there is the fakeonomics (economics by gimmickry) of Meles Zenawi, the dictator in Ethiopia and author of the five-year �Growth and Transformation Plan� (GTP). Zenawi forecasts a �not unimaginable� 14.9 percent economic growth for Ethiopia over the next five years after devaluing the currency by 20 percent, slapping price controls on many food items and watching from the sidelines annual inflation galloping at 34.7 percent......full text
    Homage to Hillary Clinton's message to dictators
    By Eskinder Nega / June 18, 2011
    Freedom is a universal value, she asserted. There is no room for imaginary national exceptionalism for her. �If you believe that the freedoms and opportunities that we speak about as universal should not be shared by your own people, men and women equally, or if you do not desire to help your own people work and live with dignity,� she said with visible passion, �you are on the wrong side of history, and time will prove that.� ......full text
    George Ayittey's war on African dictatorships
    By Prof Alemayehu G. Mariam / June 13, 2011
    Last year, there were ten elections in Africa. The dictators won all ten� Why? Because the opposition was divided. In Ethiopia, for example, there were 92 political parties running to challenge the dictator Meles Zenawi� It shouldn�t be this way. The council should bring all of the opposition into an alliance......full text

    Open Letter to Hillary Clinton from Ethiopia

    Unlike the almost annoyingly fussy, routinely dead-beat and robotically mechanical welcome of the government, I extend to you the simple, warm welcome of Ethiopia�s oppressed tens of millions:......full text

    The SEEDs of Hope in the Ethiopian Diaspora

    I am proud there is an organization such as SEED to recognize Ethiopians who have aspired to make their own small contributions to the cause of Ethiopianity and humanity. For that, we should all celebrate SEED and congratulate its Board and members......full text

    Understanding the absence of Ethiopia's 'day of rage'

    VOA�s stringer in Addis, Peter Heinlein, a veteran of cold-war stints as a high-profile American correspondent behind the iron curtain, expressed the paradox best......full text

    Hope Springs Eternal in Africa

    Africa�s dictators who once sneered at the very notion of legal accountability for their flagrant human rights abuses are now waking up at night in cold sweat.......full text

    Can mobs of the millennium be trusted to build The Renaissance Dam?

    The current leaders of Ethiopia were leaders of a rag-tag guerilla force who did not have a property worth mentioning when they assumed power in 1991. When they set their foot on the streets of Addis Ababa some 20 years ago, none of the current TPLF leaders had a spare pair of shoe........full text

    The Unconquered Nation, Crippled By Bureaucrats

    Seems like it�s Sub-Saharan Month around here: first Sarah Lacy went to Nigeria, and now here I am in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia�s capital and Africa�s fourth-largest city. It feels like a boomtown. There are cranes and construction sites everywhere, throwing up gleaming new glass-and-steel buildings full of shops selling computers and mobile phones. The major thoroughfares throng with people making, trading, repairing, unloading, selling, and generally hustling.......full text

    �Beka!�, �Enough!� Will Ethiopia be next?

    �Beka!� �Enough!� In the wake of the Arab uprisings, this is the watchword of mysterious opponents to the ruling regime circulating on internet sites hosted outside Ethiopia and in a few tracts being handed out inside the country. They are calling on the people to take to the streets on 28 May......full text

    Africa: Cause Looking for rebels

    I have been asked to comment on youth political apathy and how to transform apathy into constructive action. That is a very tall order, but I am glad to be able to share with you my views on a subject that has defied and puzzled political scientists and pundits for generations......full text

    Ethiopia's stolen $8.4 billion and EPRDF

    Covering the 18 years between 1990 and 2008, which are all, but one, 1990, within the realm of EPRDF�s reign, the report includes Ethiopia, one of the world�s most impoverished countries, in the top ten countries from which funds have been transferred illegally into banks and offshore financial centers in developed countries. The amount: a whooping 8.4 billion US dollars, which places Ethiopia at a shocking 9th place in the world, just below resource rich and gruesomely autocratic Myanmar with 8.5 billion dollars......full text

    Africa: Is the world growing honest?

    Few Africans have illusions about Western condemnation of African dictators and promises of support for democracy, freedom and human rights. Perhaps the �doomsday� in North Africa is giving the West a new perspective on blindly supporting dictators......full text

    Ethiopia, Egypt and the Millennium Dam

    The Egyptian Prime Minister, Dr. Essam Sharaf, is in Addis for a two-day working visit. He is leading a large Ministerial delegation to Ethiopia and Uganda, where he attended, on Thursday, the controversial inaugural ceremony of President Museveni, who has been in power since the mid-1980s and has just been brazenly �elected� yet to another term by a �whooping majority.�......full text

    An imaginary conversation with Nelson Mandela

    There is nothing that is both amusing and annoying than the chest-beating triumphalism of Africa�s tin pot dictators. This past February, Yoweri Museveni of Uganda lectured a press conference: "There will be no Egyptian-like revolution here......full text

    Stop the eviction of Mekelle residents

    Reports trickling out of Mekele (Tigray) in Northern Ethiopia indicate an increasing and disturbing violation of rights of the residents of the city including the forceful eviction and displacement, violent suppression, imprisonment and beating of peaceful protesters. ......full text

    Quo Vadis Ethiopia (PART VIII)

    As I stated earlier, the challenges we Ethiopians, as a people, face are infinitely ever more complicated, definitely huge, complex and can by no means be taken lightly.......full text

    What Osama bin Laden's death means to Ethiopia

    Obama is a voracious reader. He has read expansively and intensely. Not even his tacky detractor,The Donald, as he likes to be called, who personally and unabashedly prefers a sizzling tabloid to a weighty hardcover, would dare to question him on this count.......full text

    A few smart moves to ousting the Zenawi regime

    The truth will always catch up with criminals. The death of Osama Bin Laden is a case in point. He paid with his life for his beastly role in masterminding and ordering the gruesome mass murder of thousands of innocent people in the USA on 11/09/2001. The elimination of this monster is a monumental achievement of the century; however it must not be reason for compliance until all tyrants big and small are finished, including Meles Zenawi the invader of Ethiopia......full text

    Ethiopia: The silence of lying lips

    Meles Zenawi, the dictator-in-chief in Ethiopia, says he does not want to talk about the 2010 U.S. State Department Country Reports on Human Rights [Report] in Ethiopia. But speaking through his parrot Hailemariam Desalegn, Zenawi said the Report is a meaningless �cut and paste� exercise and will be treated with �the contempt it deserves�:......full text
    Pro-democracy activist Negasi Beyene vs EPRDF Cadre Wahede Belay - VOA - Interview in Tigrigna

    Reflections of a "Netch Lebash" (Eritrean agent)

    There was something in the air on Tuesday, April 14, 2011. Intrigued by news of Ethiopian protesters in North America against the frivolous and mechanically hyped GTP, the glee on the faces of Addis residents was transparently noticeable ......full text

    Open letter to US State Department

    In her remark at the release of the US State Department 35th Annual Report to Congress on the State of Human Rights around the World, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, said: �The struggle for human rights begins by telling the truth over and over again.�......full text

    Ethiopia: We went, we saw, we got chased out...

    Ethiopian men and women, Christians and Muslims, young and old, professionals and service workers, students and teachers and members of various political groups and parties showed up in a united front to confront and challenge Zenawi�s henchmen......full text

    Bonds of fraud

    There may be one thing that otherwise disparate-seeming people can agree on: government supporters, regular folks who are looking for investment opportunities, the gullible who trust any information as long as it comes from an "official" government source, and the Ethiopians with a conscience and love for country who are trying to give back: They all have no interest in losing their hard-earned savings where financial gain was promised them......full text

    Exporting 'kilil' to America

    They came with their ethnic baggage in hand; we waited for them as one. They came to divide, we ended up together. They came to saw hate and discord but they made us see how beautiful our diversity is. They are programmed to think as one while we celebrate the many voices that enrich our discussion. It was obvious we were like oil and water. Woyane and Ethiopia don�t mix......full text

    Ethiopia :FreedomHouse 2011 Report

    Although Ethiopia is one of Africa�s most populous countries, poor infrastructure and a government monopoly on telecommunications have significantly hindered the expansion of digital media......full text

    Zenawi in his phantom dream to avert uprising in Ethiopia

    ...Regard the TPLF regime as a colonizer and a mercenary that does not care about the interests of Ethiopia;......full text

    The end game of African dictators

    These are heady days on the African continent. These are days of joy. Africa�s thugdoms are crumbling like clumps of dirt underfoot. These are days of grief and tribulation. After one-half century of independence, Africa continues to sink deeper into a quagmire of dictatorship, corruption and extreme violence......full text

    Meles Zenawi savors fiasco number one

    I didn�t really want to go to Saturday�s Growth and Transformation meeting here in the Nation�s capital because I was already disgusted by its hysteria and exaggeration. Though I badly wanted to confront the high profile gluttons form Addis Ababa, the little doubt that abruptly crossed my mind made me look hopeless and nervous. But, I quickly woke up from the hallucination and asked myself . . . to hell Ephrem!�. ...full text

    Our Achilles' Heel

    Unless we acknowledge that Ethiopia is under a mercenary rule, we will remain vulnerable to the machinations of Meles, and unity among opposition groups may remain elusive because they mistake him for a Tigrian from Adua, and hence an Ethiopian dictator, which is profoundly wrong......full text

    Ethiopia: The art of war by mass distraction

    Lately, Meles Zenawi, the dictator-in-chief in Ethiopia, has been beating the drums of war. He charged......full text

    The international community has a responsibility to avert further tragedy in Ethiopia.

    During a televised address to the rubber-stamp �Parliament� on March 15, 2011, the dictatorial PM of Ethiopia � Meles Zenawi, issued a public warning and threat against the opposition parties and their supporters to sit still or face persecution if they were to attempt any public protest similar to that of Tunisia and Egypt......full text

    Meles Zenawi's threat against opposition parties

    A respectable crowd gathered to listen to him in a popular caf� in the middle of Piazza on Tuesday, March 15, 2011. They usually do, about once every three months, when he appears on televised sessions of Parliament. But this is hardly an assemblage in anticipation of a grand or an important speech. The irremediable draw is the battle of wills that ensues with fleeting looks, embroidered smiles and exchanges of pained or delighted expressions between his supporters and detractors......full text

    Ethiopia's Meles Zenawi: Seller of Borderlands and Fertile Farmlands

    As the focal point of the border issue between the Sudan and Ethiopia, the Ethiopia Border Affairs Committee continues to champion the legitimate and irrevocable rights of the Ethiopian people to 1,600 kilometer-long border of fertile farmlands, valleys, meadows and water basins that the Ethiopian Government led by Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, and his ruling party ceded to the Sudanese government through secret deals only known to the top leaders of the Ethiopian Government......full text

    Africa: Democracy by Civil War

    If the Ivory Coast, one of the most prosperous African countries, can be considered a template for political change on the continent,democracy can replace dictatorship only by means of a civil war......full text

    Time to say no in unison is now

    Calls for cooperation and unity of action among and by opposition groups have been every so often heard since TPLF/EPRDF usurped state power. And patriotic and democratic Ethiopians have answered every call unfailingly......full text

    Meet Meles Zenawi: "World's poorest leader"

    I gather this is the loyal troops� rejoinder to the recent news from Spain about an alleged shopping spree in Europe by first lady Azeb Mesfin, wife to Ethiopia�s PM Meles Zenawi......full text

    Zenawi exports his �Divide & Conquer� Policy to the Last Frontier

    ...Zenawi�s toxic divide and rule strategy has ruined families, diminished our sense of national pride, forced young female Ethiopians to seek �slavery� in the Middle East, and has forced a large number of Ethiopians to leave their country. Under the leadership of Meles Zenawi, self expression and political dissent have increasingly been criminalized, and as a result the prison population of Ethiopia has grown astronomically......full text

    Poor Azeb Mesfin and her grand new palace

    ...What was even more interesting to most Ethiopians was ABC Internacional�s revelation that our first lady of corruption, Azeb Mesfin, has been siphoning off millions of dollars from the starving people of Ethiopia. According to Molano, Meles Zenawi�s wife spent 1.2 million Euros just in one of her shopping sprees in Europe. But Meles had recently told the nation that his salary was 6400 birr......full text

    Ethiopia: Country for Sale

    ...But this is no time to despair and submit to the arrogance of power and the power of arrogance. The trials and tribulations of the indigenous people of Gambella and their 80 million compatriots shall come to pass soon; and the bright sun that is lifting the darkness over North Africa and the Middle East is dawning just over the horizon over the land of 13 months of sunshine. "...Let them all stand up, hold hands, march together and cast away their fears into the fierce blowing winds of change." Let them all stand up, hold hands, march together and cast away their fears into the fierce blowing winds of change. ....full text

    Meles Zenawi's doctrine of self-preservation

    What one may find quite incomprehensible is the fact that dictators are never short of people who readily avail themselves to be at their service. Some may be committed to the same overall causes, ideology or philosophy that those dictators espouse; others may have different reasons like rendering what their professions require of them......full text

    Meles Zenawi's war threat against Eritrea

    Much to the amusement of Addis� increasingly politically astute public, peace-dove-on-Eritrea Meles Zenawi has abruptly vanished from the public arena. In place of this familiar persona has come the new war-drumming-on-Eritrea Meles Zenawi......full text

    Robbery of Land and Resources Incites Mounting Call to End Meles Regime!

    Meles and his TPLF regime are their own worst enemies. As they attempt to hang on to power, they are fomenting large-scale rebellion against their own iron-fisted rule and seem incapable of altering their selfdestructive path. Meles knows his time is coming to an end as his survival instincts sound out loud alarms to the rising danger of an entire nation of discontented people.......full text

    Meles Zenawi and his rhetoric

    Supporters of Ethiopia�s PM Meles Zenawi may admire him for his oratory, unrelenting rejection of his opponents� views despite their worth, and his ever improving English. They would not, however, seem to realize that if his politics were to be defined by a word, it is nothing but denial. All the decisive socio-political failings and sad states of affairs that the nation has witnessed ever since he came to power, he denied them before or/and even while they have actually taken place. Cases are too many to exhaust but examples are easy to enlist......full text

    Ethiopia: Broken Contract, Broken Faith, Broken Country

    Over the past week, Meles Zenawi has been waxing eloquent on contract and leasehold law. Asked by a local journalist whether the winds of change blowing in North Africa could make a detour to Ethiopia, he said that was impossible because he and his party have a five-year �contract� with the Ethiopian people. He explained: ......full text

    The prospect of popular uprising in Ethiopia and the hurdles

    Popular uprisings are collective responses to injustices, undemocratic, suppressive and oppressive systems that deny people equal treatment and deprive them of equal opportunities and rulers that fail to be governed even by their own laws, lack human decency and fairness......full text

    Ethiopia: Protest and Addis Ababa University

    Imagine a student movement�s hall of fame, and two countries in Africa, Ethiopia and South Africa, would be its uncontroversial inductees. But whereas rowdy, angry and not particularly ideological students dominated the South African movement, disciplined, focused and highly ideological university students towered prominently over that of Ethiopia. ......full text

    The Moral Hazard of U.S. Policy in Africa

    The concept of �moral hazard� in politics may be used to explain a situation in which a government is insulated and immunized from the consequences of its risky, reckless and incompetent behavior. For instance, a regime that is heavily dependent on the safety net of foreign aid, sustained infusion of multilateral loans and perpetual supply of humanitarian assistance will behave differently if it were left to its own devices to deal with the consequences of a mismanaged economy, debilitating corruption and proliferating poverty......full text

    Open letter to US Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton

    The world is fixatedly watching the news unfolding in Libya that it has even overshadowed raging civil wars in Somalia and elsewhere and a budding genocide in the Ivory Coast. The on-going exceptional popular movements in North Africa and the Middle-East, led mainly by enlightened young revolutionaries that aspire for a dignified life, democracy and human decency have been phenomenal and an inspiration to people everywhere......full text

    Ethiopia: Protest and �danger of Military Government�

    The announcement of Mubarak�s fall was greeted with the loudest cheer in Egyptian history. People power had come and triumphed in the Arab world�s most important country. There was every reason to celebrate. And with their live images broadcast around the world, celebrate they did for a whole night. ......full text

    How How to overthrow the Meles Zenawi regime

    The winds of change that has been rocking the Arab world have once again confirmed the fact that every tyranny is a house built on sand. Unlike rock solid democratic systems that are built on the consent of the people, evil tyrannical regimes are founded on brutality, oppression, corruption, domination, intimidation and abuse of power......full text

    Ethiopia: The Sun Also Rises

    "When the sun rises, it rises for everyone," goes the old saying. The sun that rose over tyranny in North Africa will not set at the edge of the Sahel; it will shine southward on the African savannah and rainforest. The wind of change blowing across the Middle East will soon cut a wide swath clear to the Atlantic Coast of West Africa from the Red Sea. The sun that lifted the darkness that had enveloped Tunisia, Egypt and Libya for decades can now be seen rising just over the Ethiopian horizon. The sun rises to greet a new generation of Ethiopians......full text

    The power of no: the prospect of popular uprising in Ethiopia and the hurdles

    One of the ills of allowing people to stay in power for too long is that, in addition to encouraging nepotism and enabling systemic corruption, those in power would start to have difficulty distinguishing between themselves and the country they rule, and consider any call for change, no matter how genuine, legal and legitimate, to be one against the interests of the people and the country......full text

    Bereket and Seif El Gaddafi � birds of a feather

    ...We are gentle, loving people. Hate have no place in our Ethiopia. Woyane�s are planters of hate. The only thing they will harvest is this colossal tsunami of rage directed at the thousand or less Woyane dogs.......full text

    Ethiopians Unite Against the Meles Dictatorship
    Enough! Beka! Gaye! Bass! Yiakel!

    We call upon all Ethiopian civic organizations world wide to engage in consultations with all democratic forces inside and outside of Ethiopia and provide moral and material assistance to bring about a democratic change in Ethiopia......full text

    Thugtatorship: The Highest Stage of African Dictatorship

    If democracy is government of the people, by the people and for the people, a thugogracy is a government of thieves, for thieves, by thieves. Simply stated, a thugtatorship is rule by a gang of thieves and robbers (thugs) in designer suits. It is becoming crystal clear that much of Africa today is a thugogracy privately managed and operated for the exclusive benefit of bloodthirsty thugtators......full text

    The prospect of a popular uprising in Ethiopia and the hurdles

    A few months ago a relative of mine and I were discussing the power, significance, importance and impact of the word 'no'; both in the individual and societal context. This simple sounding word with otherwise negative connotations is also a powerful expressive signifier of a definitive personal decision that is firmly grounded in determination and resolve the source of which is an immeasurable internal strength......full text

    Libya�s Gadhafi and Ethiopia�s EPRDF

    Strange as this may sound, there is a mainstream in the unsanctioned confederacy of dictators. Whether of the present times or from the distant past, the mainstream dictator is usually decidedly understated, more often than not a loner, eccentric in private habits, and almost as a trademark, lives in a complex world of paranoia......full text

    How to bring down Meles Zenawi (Part II)

    Before I try to make my points, I would like to offer two contrary views that come from the minds two different people. The first viewpoint was made by Bereket Simon, one of the ugly faces of tyranny in Ethiopia. According to Meles Zenawi�s Goebbels, the kind of changes that have swept away dictators in Tunisia and Egypt are impossible in Ethiopia. He told Capital newspaper recently that in Tunisia and Egypt �there are desperate people, people who have nowhere to turn to.� ......full text

    Out of touch in the Horn of Africa?

    Zenawi has demonized a major opposition group as a "terrorist" organization bent on "creating a rift between the government and the people of Oromiya." In his pursuit of the opposition, he has "used extreme force trapping the civilian population between the insurgents and the government forces."......full text

    36 Years of the TPLF and 35 Years of Meles Zenawi:The reign of a serial mass murderer

    For the TPLF the month of February is officially a month of its birth day celebrations. The real celebration behind the veil of the birth day is actually the propaganda of the regime to exploit the emotions of Ethiopians, especially Tigrayans who lost their loved ones during the armed struggle, play the big benefactor for removing the military dictatorship and justify its �entitlement� to stay in power......full text

    Ethiopia: Threats against journalist are another attack on freedom of expression

    Amnesty International condemns threats made by the Ethiopian authorities against Eskinder Nega, a journalist and former Amnesty International Prisoner of Conscience. Eskinder has been issued a warning to cease writing articles that the government considers to be inflammatory, or face imprisonment. Amnesty International is seriously concerned that Eskinder Nega is at risk of detention or of physical harm......full text

    African youths united can never be defeated

    A specter is haunting Africa and the Middle East - the specter of an awesome army of youths on the move, in revolt, marching for freedom, chanting for democracy and dying for human rights and human dignity. Millions of youths are standing up and demanding dictators to stand down and leave town......full text

    How to bring down Meles Zenawi

    As ordinary Egyptians have erupted in jubilant euphoria at Tahrir Square and on the streets of Egypt after the fall of the three-decade long dictator Hosni Mubarak, Ethiopians in and outside of the country have been keenly watching the wind of change from North Africa. We have witnessed history unfolding once again......full text

    Ethiopia: Are we ready for the revolt?

    Like Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak, when cornered, Meles -- like any other typical dictator -- will likely use the �same-old� tactics (see below) both he and others have used before, but to a more intense degree now; especially division, all of which should be publically exposed, especially to the western donors, and immediately countered......full text

    A Declaration in Defense of Human Rights in Ethiopia

    John F. Kennedy said, �Those who make peaceful change impossible, make a violent revolution inevitable.� The English colonial government made peaceful change impossible in the American colonies leading to the American Revolution in 1776, an event memorialized in the American Declaration of Independence and celebrated annually on July 4......full text

    SOCEPP Canada concluded a successful public forum in Ottawa (Canada)

    On January 15, 2011, a public meeting called by the Solidarity Committee for Ethiopian Political Prisoners Canada (SOCEPP Can) took place in the presence of concerned citizens, invited guests,parliamentarians and human rights groups in Canada�s capital � Ottawa.......full text

    The deadly sins of the educated Ethiopian

    The question of: �Who to call in Ethiopia?� or rather, �Whom can Ethiopia call on?� in times of chaos and tyranny has not been answered in recent history. Despite the context of the question, or to whom it might have been directed to, it is imperative that someone capable should answer......full text

    Egypt's and General Tsadkan's lesson to Ethiopian Gener

    What the world did not see was how hard Mubarak fought Egypt�s youthful protesters before they attained critical mass last Friday. Arrayed against them in the first few days of the protests were a remarkably huge and mostly invisible complex of police and security agencies; 1.4 million strong, according to Wikileaks� leaked US diplomatic cables......full text

    The virtue of solidarity with the Egyptian people

    This is a good omen for Ethiopia because what was so far a bastion of Ethiopia�s woes is vying for democracy as a matter of necessity. Democratic Arab world would pose no danger to Ethiopia and a mutually beneficial relation would evolve once we get rid of our own genocidal despot, Meles Zenawi and his brutal security apparatus under his direct command......full text

    After the fall of African dictatorships

    What happens to Africa after the mud walls of dictatorship come tumbling down and the palaces of illusion behind those walls vanish? Will Africa be like Humpty Dumpty who �had a great fall� and could not be put back together by �all the king's horses and all the king's men�? What happens to the dictators? ......full text

    Countdown to dethroning Meles Zenawi

    Zenawi is one hell of a cruel dictator in the twenty-first century kept in power by the immoral flow of funds ironically from powers which profess guardianship of democracy and defenders of freedom of expression and respecters of fundamental human rights. He was invited to a red carpet treatment at the G8 Summit in Gleneagles, Scotland, by ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair......full text

    As Egypt and Yemen protest, wither Ethiopia's opposition?

    The news headlines are invariably dominated by the protests in Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen. Egypt in particular is at the core of international suspense. If Mubarak is successfully ousted, the protests will most certainly spread to other countries......full text

    Bread to the hungry, land to the tiller

    It is a proven fact that those who have been claiming to be leaders of Ethiopia�s quest for freedom, justice and dignity have failed time and again. In Ethiopia as well as in the Diaspora, the self-anointed leaders have only succeeded in being leaders without a cause for their little groups brandishing big names......full text

    Price-fixing causes chaos in Ethiopia

    Price controls on many staple food items ordered by Ethiopia�s government early this month have reduced grocery bills for many low-income families. But now shopkeepers are upset and some basic items are disappearing from store shelves. Economists are concerned about the long-term effect of the government�s price-fixing strategy......full text

    As African tyrants fall

    Mohandas Karmachand Gandhi (The Mahatma or Great Soul) is today revered as a historical figure who fought against colonialism, racism and injustice. But he was also one of the greatest modern revolutionary political thinkers and moral theorists......full text

    Tunisia woke up and said: "Enough!" Might Ethiopia be next?

    I know and I feel in my heart that sooner than we think Ethiopians will rise up like a single person to say no to a degrading and shameful subjugation and thereby get rid of their despot leaders to reassume their dignity under a pure sun......full text

    Legitimacy before pardon of Derg & TPLF officials

    The ongoing debate whether pardon should be granted to the Derg officials is very interesting; and if so whether the illegitimate Zenawi regime has the moral authority to manage the process of granting the pardon holistically on behalf of the Ethiopian people is mind boggling given the shameful records of the regime in terms of betrayal of vital national interests and gross violations of human rights, including genocide, on a scale unprecedented in the history of Ethiopia......full text

    Dictators are giants with a feet of clay- they will collapse

    In more recent times, Meles has ratcheted up his penetration of the Ethiopian community from churches to investors, who are kept as hostages. Besides sending to America or recruiting quite a number of Tigrean cadres to vociferously support the Woyane system, Meles has heavily invested in recruiting Ethiopians, who are susceptible to such opportunities......full text

    Referendum for Sudan, Requiem for Africa

    It is the best of times in the Sudan. It is the worst of times in the Sudan. It is the happiest day in the Sudan. It is the saddest day in the Sudan. It is referendum for the Sudan. It is requiem for Africa......full text

    Is genocide vs crimes against humanity at issue today?

    What Price Justice? What Value Life?) �Due process was followed, and justice according to the Ethiopian Code of Law was delivered. That is more than can be said of the mock justice meted out by these individuals during their long time in power......full text

    Is genocide vs crimes against humanity at issue today?

    I am puzzled by the recent line of debate among our respected public scholars regarding dreg officials' pardoning by the criminal government of Meles Zenawi which was in large part sparked following the piece written by Eskinder Nega......full text

    Looking for Bob Marley and Fela Kuti

    It is said that "music is a universal language." Using a few notes and inspiring lyrics, musicians and song writers have waged relentless battles against the perpetrators of tyranny, oppression, inequality and injustice......full text

    Ethiopia: The politics of imagined genocide

    The cries of �Shame on you!!!� by groups of protesters occasionally resonate outside the offices of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). A wide range of issues irk the protesters......full text

    The cable from Meles Zenawi to Laurent Gbagbo: A satire

    ...One big mistake you the leaders of ECOWAS member countries make is that you have not manufactured terrorist groups of a threshold size in your neighborhood. You see, the West would care less about democracy in areas where Islamic terrorism is reported. The anti terrorism bandwagon is not only a good cash cow but also a good shield against the wrath of your own angry people. In my case, poor Somalia is a gift from God......full text

    What has become of us?

    What has become of us? I ask you. I grew up believing, and due to this day, that Ethiopia should be honored and cherished. We are a people descended from generations who not only defended but died for their nation, passing on the true meaning of national pride and �Ethiopianism� for generations to follow......full text

    Why do things always fall apart in Africa?

    Ethiopia, May 2010. Meles Zenawi said he won the parliamentary election by 99.6 percent. The European Union Election Observer Team said the election "lacked a level playing field" and "failed to meet international standards". Translation from diplomatic language: The election was stolen. Ditto for the May 2005 elections......full text

    Ethiopia�s Derg: Guilty of GENOCIDE or POLITICIDE?

    Remarkably small and frail for his famed ferocity, imprisoned Major Melaku Tefera almost always stood in the proud poise of a solider half his age, utterly expressionless -- the picture perfect stoic -- as he listened attentively to multitude of witnesses� account of his dreaded years at the helm of Begemder and Simen, one of Ethiopia�s twelve provinces in the '70s......full text

    Ethiopian Groundhog Year 2010

    In December 2008, I wrote a weekly column entitled "Groundhog Year in Prison Nation" summarizing some of my weekly columns for that year. I used the "groundhog year" analogy following the title of the motion picture "Groundhog Day" in which a hapless television weatherman is trapped in a time warp and finds himself repeating the same day over and over. I wrote:......full text

    Horrendous atrocities in Ethiopian prisons

    Dear readers, it is while I have been on vacation in a county located thousands of kilometres from my second home country, Holland where I live as exile, that I read this horrendous account of the atrocities perpetrated on fellow Ethiopians......full text

    Ethiopia: Forgiving Derg officials for Christmas

    Come January 1974, Ethiopia was quiet as a calm sea. The low-key insurgency in Eritrea, the only organized political movement in the country, was going nowhere. Having successfully confined the insurgency to the peripheral low-lands, the army�s casualty figures (after more than ten years of fighting) were still remarkably low......full text

    Ethiopia: "So what!"

    "So what! Soo what!! Sooo whaaat!!!" was the repetitive mantra of dictator Meles Zenawi recently in response to pesky questions lobbed at him in parliament about his so-called Growth and Transformation Plan[1] (GTP), which will presumably make Ethiopia self-sufficient in food production in the next five years and expand the "industrial-led export sector", infrastructures and what have you. It was vintage Zenawi......full text

    Ethiopian Donors May Further Probe Allegations That Government Misused Aid

    Major donors to Ethiopia may renew a probe into claims the government has used aid to silence the opposition after Human Rights Watch called on them to investigate its allegations further......full text

    Thoughts on chauvinism in Ethiopia

    �What is it about this (new) cabinet that attracts so much attention?� asks Tsegaye Chama in an article posted on Ethiomedia (Attacks on fair cabinet, ethnic minority group, Tsegaye Chama December 1, 2010)......full text

    Ethiopia Football: Legendary Footballer Mengistu Worku has died

    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia � Mengistu Worku 70, Ethiopia�s greatest footballer of all time and the last head coach who took the Ethiopian national football team to the African Nations Cup in Libya in 1982, has died here today.Mengistu recently returned home after undergoing medical treatment in Bangkok, Thailand for the two years.The 3rd African Cup winner has been in Bangkok for two years undergoing medical treatment but his condition has worsened. Mengistu was said to have returned home along with a medical doctor and special medical equipments for follow-up treatment......full text

    Land grab fears for Ethiopian rural communities

    Opposition activists claim that a number of arrests and the killings of 10 local farmers are as a direct result of the new policy."You cannot speak freely about the land issue now," one local man told me on condition of anonymity."You can be arrested or even killed for this."This is a dark period for all indigenous people living in the south-west of the country."......full text

    Ethiopia: The Anuak's forgotten genocide

    As you know November and December are very sad months for Ethiopians. In November 2005, following the election that year, hundreds of unarmed demonstrators were massacred in the streets. The world knows a lot about those crimes......full text

    WikiLeaks' censorship on Seye and Berhanu controversial

    The excision of entire passages from a leaked US embassy cable on Seye Abraha, a former Defense Minister turned opposition politician, and Berhanu Nega, a former mayor-elect turned leader of a clandestine opposition based in the US, has stirred bewilderment and disappointment here in Addis Ababa, the nation�s capital......full text

    Internal cohesion key to advancing our Nile interest

    For Ethiopia, if there is a single war worth sacrificing the blood of its children, it is the fight to break open Egypt�s century-old blockade of the Nile River. More than 90% of the water and 96% of the transported sediments carried by the Nile originate from Ethiopia;......full text

    Payback time for the children of Blue Nile

    ...Unfortunately, the TPLF regime and the Egyptian government are hindrances to fostering the requisite political environment conducive to rational solution. Mubarak and Zenawi are both determined to fish in troubled waters in a bid to stay in power......full text

    Lidetu Ayalew's pitiful politics

    Many people seem to be angry by Lidetu Ayalew�s political actions, his unqualified Diaspora bashing, and his attempts to belittle and badmouth people who don�t agree with him. I am among those who feel sorry for him and pity him rather than feel angry......full text

    The "fantastic Somalia job

    "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive," said Sir Walter Scott, the English novelist and poet. It looks like the U.S. of A is really in a pickle tangled in a web of lies, deceit and diplomatic chicanery about its role and involvement in the 2006 invasion of Somalia by the dictator in Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi......full text

    Wikileaks and papers to censor Ethiopian cables

    �(Soon) Everywhere there is a US post (embassy or consulate), there is a diplomatic scandal that will be revealed,� wrote Bradely Manning, 22, from a US army base outside of Baghdad, to his online friend, Adrian Lamo......full text

    Harnessing Ethiopia�s rivers for development

    �Thirsty child of the Nile� is a popular proverbial irony in water-rich Ethiopia where hunger and thirst are rampant amid plenty......full text

    Reflections on Thanksgiving in America

    In 1620, one hundred and two prospective settlers left England and set sail for over two months to come to the New World. They landed in what is now Plymouth, Massachusetts. Nearly one-third of them were religious dissenters escaping persecution......full text

    The midget emperor" (አፄ ጎደሎ) and injustice

    As that wise old man calls them "አፄ ጎደሎ" Atse Godolo �the current Ethiopian leaders have completely lost their passion for justice......full text

    Berhanu Nega and Lidetu Ayalew's controversy

    Somber faced Ethiopians stared in rapt attention as Dr Berhanu Nega�s voice resonated with pronounced intensity. As he dramatically details a 2005 discussion between CUD leaders, his face is noticeably flashed with emotion......full text

    Ethiopia: the aid-politics trap

    Ethiopia is the largest recipient of western development assistance in Africa. In 2005-08, aid to Ethiopia more than doubled - from $1.9 billion to $3.4 billion. Yet the country�s domestic politics are becoming less democratic and more repressive. Could there be a link between aid and repression?......full text

    Ethiopia: Talking trash; Speaking truth

    Last week, dictator Meles Zenawi ripped the final election report of the 2010 European Union Election Observer Mission to Ethiopia (EU EOM) as "trash that deserves to be thrown in the garbage". He said, "The report is not about our election. It is just the view of some Western neo-liberals who are unhappy about the strength of the ruling party. Anybody who has paper and ink can scribble whatever they want."......full text

    Abay Tsehaye: Minister of Sugar & Salt

    Meles Zenawi�s game of succession is getting more and more bizarre. He preached about the urgency of giving the mantle of power to the �younger generation� and the accomplished Machiavellian removed almost all the veterans and promoted his own wife as second in command in the TPLF oligarchy. Zenawi has not stopped there.......full text

    Haile Gebreselassie: Politics and Retirement

    Ask Haile Gebreselassie about his manager, Josephus (Jos) Hermens and his emotion is easily stirred. �He is not only my manager,� Haile likes to say of Hermens. �We are more like a father and son team. We love and trust each other.�......full text

    Profiles in journalistic courage

    I often write about the trials and tribulations of Ethiopia's independent journalists, sometimes in tones of lamentation[1], other times in wistful philosophical reflection[2]. I have always defended the constitutional and human rights of Ethiopian citizens "to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through other media of their choice......full text

    Why Are We Supporting Repression in Ethiopia?

    Foreign aid observers have often worried that Western aid to Africa is propping up autocratic regimes. Yet seldom has such a direct link from aid to political repression been demonstrated as in �Development without Freedom,� an extensively documented new report on Ethiopia by Human Rights Watch......full text

    Profiles in journalistic courage

    The EPRDF/TPLF exclusive pre-election campaign and the extremely lop-sided and disproportional results of the 2010 election are indicatives of a growing trend in Ethiopia where institutional rules including the constitution are largely irrelevant......full text

    Haile Gebreselassie: Politics and Retirement

    No doubt this was not the reaction Haile was expecting. By the time he uttered those words, he had long become unused to being ignored. But evidently, the world saw in him no more than an inspiring athlete. He, on the other hand, had taken himself far more seriously and wanted the world to acknowledge him for that. This was palpably turning into an uphill battle. And Haile, living embodiment that he is of the triumph of the mind over body, is barely a quitter. After all, only a patient man could conquer the marathon.......full text

    EPRDF and its army of parasitic cadres

    It is widely argued the philosophical works of Jean-Jack Rousseau, one of the most influential thinkers during the period of the Enlightenment in the 18th century Europe, gave significant impetus to the onset of the French Revolution of 1779 � some even go as far as saying it could not have started without Rousseau�s brilliant thoughts......full text

    Additional notes on the 2010 election and the post-election situation in Ethiopia

    The pre-election situation and the process of the election itself and the position taken by Medrek [the opposition coalition aka Forum] after the election have been publicised broadly. Much of this note may be similar to what has been public already......full text

    Remembering the November slaughter (2005)

    For the past three years, I have chosen to bear witness for the hundreds of massacre victims of dictator Meles Zenawi in Ethiopia.......full text

    Foreign Aid for Scoundrels

    ...the support that aid donors give to Ethiopia�s tyrant Meles Zenawi, who has roughly matched Biya in aid receipts in a shorter period of time.7 Peter Gill in his excellent recent book Famine and Foreigners: Ethiopia Since Live Aid (2010) documents Meles�s misdeeds further, which rise to the level of war crimes .......full text

    Ethiopia: Submission to the UN Committee against Torture

    This memorandum provides an overview of Human Rights Watch's concerns and recommendations regarding serious patterns of torture and other cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment in Ethiopia......full text

    Ethiopia: Education Unbanned!

    Last week, it was quietly announced that the official wholesale ban on distance learning educational programs in Ethiopia has been lifted. In August 2010, the ban was imposed out of the blue "because of quality concerns"......full text

    Overseas aid is funding human rights abuses

    The facts are grim. Ethiopia is in effect a one-party state whose president, Meles Zenawi, has a shocking record of human rights abuse. Last May�s general election, in which the ruling party secured some 99.6 per cent of the parliamentary seats after a long, vicious campaign of intimidation, provides ample evidence......full text

    Remembering the November massacre

    WITH THE BENEFIT of hindsight, Meles Zenawi�s repressed thread of thought in 2004 and 2005 that led to a brief phase of political liberalization is markedly apparent:......full text

    Ethiopia: Feed Them and Bleed Them

    The helping hand that feeds Ethiopians is the same hand that helps bleed Ethiopia. Every year, the U.S., U.K, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, Japan and other Western countries hand out billions of dollars in "humanitarian" and "economic" aid to the regime of dictator-in-chief Meles Zenawi in Ethiopia......full text

    Pleased to see Ms. Birtukan Mideksa as a finalist in the Sakharov Prize

    The European Parliament announced the winner of the coveted Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought on 21 October 2010......full text

    Meles' new cabinet: The real story

    Ideally, a Prime Minister is only a first among equals in a cabinet. The cabinet, the traditional name allotted to a Council of Ministers, is a collective decision-making body which formulates government policy......full text

    Meles Zenawi�s new best pal

    THE release of Ethiopia�s best-known political prisoner, Birtukan Mideksa, seems to have been calculated to distract attention from a reshuffle of the ruling Ethiopian People�s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF)......full text

    Ethiopia: Donor Aid Supports Repression

    (London) � The Ethiopian government is using development aid to suppress political dissent by conditioning access to essential government programs on support for the ruling party, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. Human Rights Watch urged foreign donors to ensure that their aid is used in an accountable and transparent manner and does not support political repression......full text

    Let Ethiopians Hear America's Voice

    So many lessons to learn from Columbia University! When dictator-in-chief Meles Zenawi spoke unceremoniously at Columbia on September 22, he was talking trash about the Voice of America (VOA)......full text

    Open Letter to Birtukan Mideksa

    One of the drawbacks of living in Ethiopia is the limitation it imposes on reading. The New York Time�s bestsellers list is actually further away than the mere eight thousand physical miles that separate the US and Ethiopia......full text

    Ethiopia: Birtukan Unbound!

    The great American novelist Thomas Wolfe wrote: "All things on earth point home in old October; sailors to sea, travellers to walls and fences, hunters to field and hollow and the long voice of the hounds, the lover to the love he has forsaken......full text

    Mideksa--an Emblem of Ethiopia�s Hope for Freedom

    On October 6, 2010, Birtukan Mideksa, a prominent Ethiopian political prisoner was released from prison after being forced to make a public confession admitting to have broken the law. This wellorchestrated political theater was shown live on the government ran media to humiliate Mideksa, and to demonstrate the regime�s supremacy over the opposition camp......full text

    A few minutes with Birtukan Mideksa

    Birtukan shook her head sideways as I spoke: "We are proud of you," I told her. "You are our hero." There was pained expression on her face. Something is visibly bottled up in her, pushing to explode......full text

    Birtukan Mideksa: The leader we have been waiting for

    The unjust incarceration of Birtukan Mideksa was cruel, inhuman and purposeless to say the least. Despite his best effort, dictator Meles Zenawi miserably failed to break the resilience and spirit of the heroine who refused to kneel down, to budge and surrender......full text

    Birtukan freed! Accorded a hero's welcome

    Birtukan Mideksa, prominent Ethiopian political prisoner, was freed today from almost two years of absurd imprisonment---a blatant abuse of power by the EPRDF, specifically PM Meles Zenawi. She was accorded a hero�s welcome by family, relatives, friends and supporters......full text

    The arrest of Birtukan Mideksa was a criminal act in the first place

    Ethiopian civic, political and media groups as well as activists in the Diaspora held a meeting on Wednesday and issued the following statement on the release of Birtukan Mideksa......full text

    SOCEPP Canada welcomes the release of Miss Bertukan Medeksa

    While we maintain that the release of Bertukan Mideksa is welcome news, we like to state in strong terms that there are today too many Bertukans who continue to languish in prisons throughout Ethiopia. Many more have been �disappeared� and are unaccounted for.......full text
    SOCEPP Canada welcomes the release of Miss Bertukan Medeksa ---( SOCEPP Canada , October 06, 2010 )

    Lessons from Columbia University

    Following Meles Zenawi's speech at Columbia University on September 22, Prof. William Easterly of New York University expressed his delight in seeing Ethiopians "participating in a debate about Ethiopia." In his AID WATCH blog under the title "Lessons after the Meles Speech at Columbia:......full text

    Azeb Mesfin and EPRDF's 8th Congress

    Pronouncing himself a �TPLF/EPRDF supporter�, Zegye (last name not given), could not help exploding over the Internet: �First, I would like to declare that I was a strong supporter of the TPLF/EPRDF......full text

    Acute poverty amidst "double-digit economic growth" - contradictions in terms

    Despite the glaring poverty of the people of Ethiopia, excepting the power players, the government of Mr. Meles Zenawi, for political reason, has continued to issue inflated figures of economic growth in the country......full text

    After the Dust Settled

    After the dust settled following Meles Zenawi's speech at Columbia's World Leaders Forum, a dark shadow and glowing light were visible on stage to behold......full text

    Bravo, the heroic Anti�Meles demonstration!

    Meles has at last made his speech at Columbia University against mounting opposition that may have forced the University officials to move the venue from the stately Low Rotunda to the class-room-like Roone Arledge Auditorium.......full text

    The New York Manifesto

    WHEREAS, On September 22, 2010, Ethiopians in the Diaspora staged an extraordinarily successful demonstration against the invitation of Meles Zenawi to Columbia University in the City of New York; and......full text

    Veni, Vidi, Orator, Fugio!

    In 47 B.C., the Roman Emperor Julius Ceasar sent his senators news of his military victory in a simple declaration: "Veni, Vidi, Vici." (I came, I saw, I conquered.) "Emperor" Meles Zenawi, Ethiopia's dictator-in-chief,......full text

    Abebe Bikila - A flourishing legacy

    It was fifty years ago. September 10, 1960. An unknown Ethiopian runner dazzled the world that day by winning the gold medal in the marathon, the crowning sports event of the Olympic Games......full text

    Mr. Zenawi goes to college

    Fresh on the heels of shutting down all private distance education, including distance higher education, and "winning" the parliamentary election in May by 99.6 percent,dictator-in-chief Meles Zenawi......full text

    Columbia�s invitation to Zenawi sparks outrage

    Zenawi -- who has allegedly intimidated voters at polls, detained political opponents, and been labeled by the New York Times as an example of �autocratic repression" ......full text

    Open Letter to President Lee C. Bollinger, Columbia University

    On September 22, 2010, Mr. Meles Zenawi is scheduled to deliver the keynote address at an event sponsored by Columbia University's Committee on Global Thought......full text

    Relying on Ethiopian history to cure ethnic ills

    Unity has eluded us for the last four or so decades to find common ground to deal with our divisive political ills through genuine dialogue on the basis of credible history of Ethiopia. It is long overdue to recognize the immorality of twisting history thus misguiding the young generation for cheap political gains;......full text

    Happy New Year, Birtukan Invictus (Unconquered!)

    The great Nelson Mandela said, "In my country we go to prison first and then become President." He assured the masters of the apartheid system, "You may succeed in delaying, but never in preventing the transition of South Africa to a democracy." ......full text

    New Year wishes for Ethiopia: Release Birtukan Mideksa

    Some readers have wondered if a reasonable array of New Year wishes representing the collective aspiration of a nation could be formulated. Why not? It�s perfectly feasible; though only the input of varied people, and not the reflection of only one person, would make a complete list......full text

    I'd suggest this: It's not the rains, it's the rulers

    Ethiopia is a classic example of Amartya Sen's dictum that famines don't occur in democracies, only under tyrannies. The "foreigners" in Mr. Gill's story either didn't know about this sad fact of life or chose to ignore it. In any case, the celebrities and humanitarians who rushed to the aid of starving Ethiopians in the mid-1980s unwittingly supported the very people most responsible for those grim days......full text

    Ethiopia: Indoctri-Nation

    This past week Ethiopia's Ministry of Education issued a "directive" effectively outlawing distance learning (or education programs that are not delivered in the traditional university classroom or campus) throughout the country......full text

    Ethiopia: The latest in the incessant self-serving lies of TPLF regime

    Botswana and Japan are paragons of democracy in our global community; both have achieved truly enviable results in socio-economical and political spheres in a short time � the former since its independence in 1966 and the latter since the end of the raging flame of World War II in which it was an aggressor......full text

    Re-writing TPLF's history

    The much anticipated book about Meles Zenawi, 'Meles Zenawi and the Voyage of the TPLF' (Meles Zenawi ena YeHewat Yetegel Guzo), hit the main thoroughfares of Addis early Monday morning, with vendors confidently displaying dozens of copies for passersby to pickup. (Up to 5% of EPRDF�s 5.6 million �members� are Addis Ababans.) ......full text

    U.S. Senate introduces new bill on Ethiopia

    .... in the run up to elections, Ethiopia saw a `narrowing of political activity . . .� and that `the government cracked down on operations of nongovernmental organizations and . . . a series of arrests of opposition figures�......full text

    It's the development, stupid!

    Just days after the ground invasion of Iraq, 90% Americans approved President Herbert Bush's job performance. In just a little over a year, President Bush's job performance rating was 29%; and he eventually lost his re-election bid to Bill Clinton. Why? It�s the economy, stupid. President Barak Obama enjoyed 69% job approval rating in 2009, in August 2010; his approval rating was 42%. Why?......full text

    Ethiopia: Why can't we just get along?

    Rodney King's videotaped brutal beating by members of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) eventually triggered the L.A. riots of 1992. Rodney made a public appearance on the third day of the anarchy and pleaded in his inimitable style:......full text

    Seye Abraha and the Ethio-Eritrean War

    �I never thought that the war (the Ethio-Eritrean war) would lead me to permanent fallout with my lifelong friends,� ponders Seye Abraha of his lost camaraderie with Meles Zenawi and his allies in a book that was released in Addis on Tuesday. �But so apprehensive was I to become of the ideas they promoted, I lost hope in them in due course.� ......full text

    Reinventing Kenya

    In February 2008, following the ethnically-driven post-election violence in Kenya, I wrote an editorial commentary entitled "The Ethiopianization of Kenya":......full text

    The great controversy: Abune Paulos' statue

    Clad in the distinctive black robe of the Orthodox clergy, Abune Petros, one of Ethiopia�s four native-born Abuns (equivalent to Bishops) under an Egyptian Copt Patriarch, stood in a manifestly noble pose before an Italian military tribunal in 1936, the year that Fascist Italy invaded Ethiopia......full text

    Ethiopia faces an era of one-party rule

    Ethiopia's 2010 election all but wiped out the country's once vibrant political opposition. This means that Ethiopia faces the prospect of one-party rule for the foreseeable future......full text

    Gambling: Meles Zenawi's new foreign policy

    In recent years, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has been pushing hard to signal to the West that they cannot use their leverage to pressure him into undertaking economic and political reforms that threaten his power. At times, he propagandizes his seemingly anti-imperialist �nationalism� against this so called �neoliberal� pressures......full text

    Ethiopia: Beware of Those Bearing Olive Branches!

    "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts," goes the old saying. I say beware of those bearing fake olive branches. In many societies, "extending an olive branch" symbolizes an act of reconciliation, goodwill and peace. In ancient Greece and Rome, people gave each other olive branches as tokens of their intention to bury the hatchet and make up. The ancient Greeks are also remembered for the hollow wooden horse they used to outwit their Trojan enemies and destroy their city......full text

    Mission impossible: Repackaging Meles Zenawi

    �There are times when I have to flutter an eyelid several times to make sure that all this is not a dream,� says Meles Zenawi, marveling at the miracle of EPRDF�s successful insurgency that propelled him to the helm of the nation. �In milieu of the Derg�s superiority in arms and numbers, and the distressing poverty of the people we mobilized to fight it, I am amazed that we prevailed,� ponders Meles in a new book......full text

    Steel Vises, Clenched Fists and Closing Walls, (Part IV)

    In June 2008, when presidential candidate Barack Obama was a few months away from electoral victory, I warned those dictators who survive by pickpocketing the American tax payer of the arrival of a "new sheriff" in town and advised them to clean up their acts and "shape up"[1]: "A new sheriff is coming to town......full text

    Help us identify the 'hodams'

    March4Freedom / August 10, 2010

    We�re asking you to help us identify the people who were at the TPLF demonstration on Thursday 5. August in front of the White House and State Department in Washington DC!......full text

    EPRDF�s Myth of Invincibility

    Medrek announced plans to transform its loose coalition to the elevated status of a �front� at the end of last week. Its constituent members dipped to six from the original eight, after dropping one of its two Pan-Ethiopian groupings and its lone Somali based organization. The rotating presidency has now gone to UDJ�s deputy, Gizatchew Shiferaw; a position he will hold for four months......full text

    Defeat divisions to see the miracles of unity

    Yesterday two Ethiopian groups with conflicting interests held two different rallies in Washington DC. The first one was organised by tyranny lovers, those mostly associated with the ruling party with an ideology called opportunism......full text

    Activists deplore China�s role in Ethiopia

    Washington DC. (AV)� A coalition of Ethiopian American civic and humanrights activists have condemned Chinese government�s destructive interference in Ethiopia......full text

    Steel vises, clenched fists and closing walls (Part III)

    President Obama has been sharply criticized for his "inability" to deliver on his human rights "promises." Some say his support for the cause of human rights and those struggling against oppression has been rhetorical, and lukewarm at that. He has been unable to translate lofty words into concrete actions to improve human rights......full text

    Mengistu Haile-Mariam speaks

    Ethiopia�s impenitent ex-dictator, Mengistu Haile-Mariam, is back in the limelight -- nineteen years after his ouster and just before the publication of his much anticipated memoir in the US......full text

    US to seize money stolen from Africans

    The United States will not provide a safe haven for money stolen from Africa by its corrupt leaders, US President Barack Obama said yesterday. Addressing at least 23 African leaders attending the African Union summit in Munyonyo, Obama�s Secretary General Eric Holder said Washington would seize money stolen by corrupt leaders and hidden in America and the West......full text

    Steel vises, clenched fists and closing walls (Part II)

    If the silenced majority inside of what has become Prison Nation Ethiopia (PNE) could talk, what would they tell President Obama and Secretary Clinton about U.S. human rights policy? Would they pat them on the back and say, "Good job! Thank you for helping us live in dignity with our rights protected."? Or would they angrily wag an accusatory finger and charge, "You speak with forked tongue......full text

    A new opportunity for the opposition

    Ethiopia�s highest court, the Court of Cassation, this week passed a ruling against Medrek�s legal bid for a re-run of the election in unyielding words: �No substantial case for a re-run has been presented.� The ruling put an end to Medrek�s 80-page petition, concurring in almost exact words with an earlier ruling by the Supreme Court......full text

    Stalin statue bad omen for Meles Zenawi

    The two monuments of Stalin erected in his life time in his home state of Georgia were removed from public squares in Georgia with effect from June 2010......full text

    Ethiopia, where food aid sustains hunger

    Live Aid, which celebrated its 25th anniversary earlier this month, was conceived after heart wrenching TV footages of dying children and emaciated adults weeping for the dead, as well as the abhorrent misery they had to face, globally brought into sharp focus the forgotten horrors of war and famine in Ethiopia......full text

    Ethiopia's election: all losers

    'I really feel totally betrayed by the system,� confessed Beyene Petros, one of the most respected leaders of the Ethiopian opposition, a few days after its crushing defeat in the general elections on 23 May 2010. �I thought that, if we competed in the elections, there would be a door ajar that could be made use of by competing parties. This assumption of mine was totally misplaced.� .......full text

    Steel vises, clenched fists and closing walls (Part I)

    Teddy "The Rough Rider" Roosevelt, the twenty-sixth president of the United States, had many faults, but one of them was not inability to distinguish between talk and action. The old warhorse understood that "Rhetoric is a poor substitute for action, and we have trusted only to rhetoric.......full text

    Remember Lady Liberty on Mandela Day

    July 18 marks the first Nelson Mandela International Day. It was last November that the United Nations General Assembly adopted a special resolution declaring July 18th an international Mandela day to be observed annually......full text

    The politics of appeasement and EPRDF

    History will always remember British PM Neville Chamberlain waving a piece of paper, on which rested the signatures of Hitler and himself, as he proclaimed to an eager world, �peace for our time......full text

    Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) Resumes Service

    For the past 24 days, Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) broadcasts and transmissions in Ethiopia have been disrupted by external interference to its satellite signals from sources that we are still continuing to investigate. This occurrence has triggered considerable not only public outrage among our viewers in Ethiopia but also internationally......full text

    Let us Mourn for the Precious Lives Lost in Kampala!

    Washington, DC � Most of us have heard about the 74 people killed and some 70 more wounded in Kampala, Uganda when three bombs exploded that had been planted at an Ethiopian restaurant and rugby field......full text

    The truth about the hummingbirds

    ...Social change depends a great deal on the circumstances of social forces in a given society. Political change in Ethiopia today seems improbable not because of the invincibility of the dictatorship but because of the lack of unity and commonality of purpose among the opposition. This calls for the establishment of a new political culture of cooperation, collaboration and coalition-building among anti-dictatorship elements, who now seem to have retreated into passive spectatorship of the dictatorship......full text

    A NATIONAL CALL: Ethiopian Border Affairs Committee

    The Ethiopian Border Affairs Committee is delighted to express its satisfaction with the substantive discussion carried out by the Conference on Good Governance, Peace, Security and Sustainable Development in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa, held at Crystal City, Virginia, from April 9-11, 2010......full text

    To donors: Time to stop aiding EPRDF

    Coming only six years after the Watergate calamity, Ronald Reagan was almsot literally �the man on a horseback� who rode triumphantly into Washington to save the disconsolate Republican Party (and the country, many of his partisans insist)......full text

    Election 2015: History or farce?

    In his victory speech on May 25, 2010, Meles said, �We will work day and night to obtain your support in the next election�, that is, in 2015. The question is: Will the democratic opposition work as hard to ensure a historically significant political outcome in 2015, or would it continue indulging in interpassive activities, as it did between 2005 and 2010, and make itself irrelevant? The democratic opposition could choose to be a force for advancing democracy in 2015.......full text

    Speaking Truth On Behalf of Ethiopian Women

    Birtukan Midekssa, Ethiopia's foremost political prisoner and first woman political party leader in Ethiopian history enjoyed talking about an allegorical "future country of Ethiopia" that would become an African oasis of democracy and a bastion of human rights and the rule of law in the continent......full text

    To EPRDF: Dissolve new parliament (It's legal!)

    The preparation for the elections in May 2010 was more than a year in the making in the PM�s office. Abay Tsehaye, once a fixture in popular imagination as one of several mystic leaders who were really running the EPRDF behind the public persona of Meles Zenawi, but later to be demystified, publicly humiliated and now a grateful underling with a ministerial portfolio as national security advisor approached the PM�s office every morning with a judicious expression......full text

    Why Ethiopia is not the voice of Africa

    Last week the leaders of the world�s largest economies met at the G20 Summit in Toronto. The key items on the agenda were global economic recovery, sustainable and environmentally-friendly growth, and the impact of the recession on social justice......full text

    Toronto witnesses largest ever anti-Meles protest rally

    Greater Toronto Area and surrounding region is home to thousands of Ethiopian Canadians. Early settlement began in great numbers in the early '80s - when the Derg's Red Terror campaign and armed rebellions started to displace local populations. The influx of refugees to Sudan from Gondar, Eritrea and Tigray in thousands prompted western governments to implement an unprecedented resettlement programs on a large scale. The Canadian people have since hosted at least fifty thousand immigrants of Ethiopian origin who have chosen this great vast country as their home for starting and raising families.......full text

    Speaking the truth to the truth seekers

    ...Today, the dictatorship of Meles Zenawi is busily implementing a master plan to "own" Ethiopia's youth in a futile attempt to perpetuate itself for a thousand years. Zenawi's strategy is straightforward. Force the best and the brightest of Ethiopia's youth to make a Hobson's choice:......full text

    Nightmarish problems facing tyrant Meles

    Thirty-six years after the 1974 Ethiopian Revolution, the political chaos then generated hit rock bottom on May 23rd when the ruling TPLF/EPRDF party claimed to have won 99.6% of the votes - effectively becoming a one-party rule with Stalinist features.......full text

    Message to Medrek: Boycott parliament

    Barely a month after the nonsensical 99 % �win� by the EPRDF in this year�s election, gloom has set in stalwartly even in the midst of EPRDF�s happy-go-lucky adherents. The extremist�s dependably silly proclivity for melodrama is also considerably diminished. (EPRDF extremists constitute an amorphous entity unofficially steered by Bereket Simon.) And with federal police and kebele officials shamefully avoiding eye contact with Addis residents, the distressing impact of the election�s �results� seem to be more perceptible on EPRDF�s grassroots than either the opposition or the general public......full text

    Africa is drifting toward a new age of authoritarianism

    To a casual observer, the tens of thousands of people who poured into the central square of Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa on May 25 to peacefully celebrate the country�s elections might have been mistaken for a massive symbol of democratic progress in a poor and troubled part of the world. In fact it was quite the opposite.......full text

    Speaking the truth to the truth seekers

    The Greek philosopher Diogenes used to walk the streets of ancient Athens carrying a lamp in broad daylight. When amused bystanders asked him about his apparently strange behavior, he would tell them that he was looking for an honest man......full text

    Election rigging in Birtukan Mideksa's woreda

    Perhaps the crudest claim by the EPRDF in its bungled-rigged-election saga this year is its �triumph� in Birtukan Mideksa�s wereda where she was born, raised and resided until she was imprisoned in 2009. Popularly known as Ferencay Legasion, the area was first settled by two prominent nobles of Haile Selasie�s era -- Ras Seyoum and Ras Kassa -- and the French embassy; which is said to sprawl on over eighty acres of land allotted to it by a jubilant Menelik who had just overwhelmed the Italians at Adwa in 1896......full text

    Speaking truth to strangers

    In the criminal law, an accessory is a person who assists in the commission of a crime without actually participating in it. Those who are "accessories before the fact" assist in the commission of a crime. "Accessories after the fact" help the criminal conceal his crime and escape liability......full text

    The electoral board's unjust ruling against a re-run

    The election board�s emotionally charged rejoinder to the opposition this week, in which it brusquely rejected a rerun of the election, surprised no one; least of all the opposition that in the words of one of its leaders, Merera Gudina, was soothingly testing the �integrity of institutions� in full view of the public and the international community......full text

    Decades Decent election in the UK and vote robbery in Ethiopia

    One would first ask why democratic elections in Europe go so well and ours in Ethiopia go so embarrassingly bad given that we had been one of the oldest civilizations? ......full text

    The human-rights abuser on the G20 guest list

    Later this month, leaders from Ethiopia and Malawi will be in Toronto as invited guests of the G20. While it is to be expected that the Malawian President would be invited in his capacity as the Chair of the African Union, it is more surprising to see an invitation extended to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia......full text

    Ethiopia: Speaking truth to the powerless

    Always speak truth to power; but sometimes it is necessary to speak it to the powerless too. Truth must be spoken not only because it renders naked the hypocrites and villains, but also because it has a cathartic (cleansing) effect on its defenders. Above all, it must be spoken because it is the quintessential requirement of freedom: "The truth shall make you free." ......full text

    The muggery that was named election in Ethiopia

    Nearly everybody including Meles has lost this election. Peaceniks like me and many Ethiopians who have been sitting on the fences have also lost the argument that there is hope in democratizing Ethiopia though a peaceful process. In a perverse way they have made it easier on all of us now. The unnecessarily fragmented Ethiopian opposition should cease this opportunity to rethink its tactics and strategies, find its voice, and mount a vigorous common resistance to this inhuman system......full text

    A citizen's plea to opposition leaders

    Mengistu Haile Mariam was livid with fury. This was in February 1990, days after the EPRDF (but really the TPLF) seized Debre Tabor and Baher Dar, the latter the fourth largest city in the country. �You are hereby ordered to head straight to Addis Ababa and report to the Ministry of Defense,� read a stern radio telegram delivered to Brigadier General Abebe HaileSelaise, commander of the 603 Corps, which was responsible for the defense of the two cities. ......full text

    Decades Backlash from the 99.6% TPLF win

    The point is well taken that readers are interested in the way forward in the aftermath of the massively rigged election 2010. An immediate and overriding course of action is to reflect on the failure to create a formidable unity that has eluded opposition forces for decades. It is imperative now more than any time before to ask the cardinal question whether each of us have put Ethiopia first over and above personal or group interests in order to prevent extinction of democracy on the watch of all of us who really love our Motherland, Ethiopia......full text

    Of Elections and Diapers in Ethiopia

    For the past year, I have been predicting that the 2010 Ethiopian �election� will prove to be a sham, a travesty of democracy and a mockery and caricature of democratic elections.[2] Without my literary and rhetorical flourish, that is now the exact conclusion of the international election observers......full text

    Ethiopia's embarrasing elections

    Today, Meles has comfortably joined the list he derided and despised. By the end of his new term, Meles will have ruled the poor nation that survives on food aid for a quarter of a century. For now, he has bought relative silence from the West by continuing to serve as a key ally in the war on terror. But in Ethiopia, totalitarian rule remains a serious act of terrorism that goes unchallenged. Ethiopia�s elections have turned out to be more embarrassing for its Western sponsors than their daredevil African ally, which shows no remorse over the death of democracy.......full text

    ESAT services disrupted, board says working to resolve crisis

    SEATTLE - Ethiopian Satellite Broadcasting Service (ESAT) programs have been disrupted since Thursday and the board said negotiations were underway to resolve the crisis. ......full text

    Response to Meles Zenawi

    Imprinted in popular imagination is the image of Meles Zenawi quivering, focused, and clearly at one of his heights of oratory as he ranted against the Algiers Technical Arrangement in one of his most -- he has several -- press conferences. �We will not relent until Shabiya (the Eritrean government) leaves our land without any precondition. No negotiation before then. We reject the Technical Arrangement put forth by the international community to avert war.�......full text

    Decades of setbacks for democracy in Ethiopia and beyond

    Ethiopia's tyrant Meles Zenawi has crossed the finish line of election 2010 by setting a new world record - sweeping over 99.6% of the votes. Right. Indeed, he set a new world record that eclipsed the drama of other despots, including his own predecessor, former dictator Mengistu Haile-Mariam, who was an old hand at producing 'landslide' victories over elections where there were no political rivals......full text

    Ethiopia election win tainted, observers say

    ...Government officials and militia members went house to house in recent weeks to warn Ethiopians to vote for the ruling party or face reprisals that could include the loss of their homes or jobs, Human Rights Watch said......full text

    Ethiopia's leader creates a repressive one-party state

    Ethiopia's current leader, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, who led the rebellion that deposed Mengistu in 1991, has not been quite so utilitarian in how he disposes of his opponents......full text

    No level playing field for opposition, says EU chief observer

    ADDIS ABABA - European Union (EU) chief observer of the Ethiopian elections, Thijs Berman, said on Tuesday this year�s election fell �short of international standards in some respects.� While he praised the electoral board�s handling of the technical side of the election, he repeatedly stressed that the absence of a level playing field �in favor of the EPRDF� has affected both the process and outcome of the election.......full text

    Ethiopia: Government Repression Undermines Poll

    (Nairobi) - Ethiopian government and ruling party officials intimidated voters and unlawfully restricted the media ahead of the May 23, 2010 parliamentary elections, Human Rights Watch said today.In assessing the polls, international election observers should address the repressive legal and administrative measures that the Ethiopian ruling party used to restrict freedom of expression during the election campaign, Human Rights Watch said. ......full text

    Ethiopia: At the crossroads of history

    There is an old morality tale of The Emperor's New Clothes about a king who is so self-absorbed, vainglorious and obsessed with his appearance that he hired two suit makers and gave them vast amounts of money to sew him the finest silk robes. They agreed to make the robes but warned the king that the types of robes they make are invisible to anyone who is unfit for their official position or hopelessly stupid......full text

    ESAT Advisory Board: Declaration of Principles

    On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day observed on May 3, 2010, President Barack Obama reminded the world of the �critical importance� of a free press �in challenging abuses of power, identifying corruption, and informing all citizens about the important issues that shape our world.� He noted:......full text

    Ethiopia: Interview with Birtukan Mideksa

    I had the great honor and privilege to meet Birtukan in the Fall of 2007 when she led a delegation of Coalition for Unity and Democracy (Kinijit) party leaders visiting the United States. On numerous occasions, I have publicly expressed my highest respect, greatest admiration, deepest gratitude and boundless appreciation for Birtukan�s sacrifices in the cause of democracy, freedom, human rights and the rule of law in Ethiopia......full text

    The irksome issue of land to the tiller dismantling TPLF

    This piece is meant mainly for the young generation born the 1960s and growing to adulthood in the aftermath of the Ethiopian Revolution of 1974 who now carry the burden of the political chaos created by my generation......full text

    Ethiopia�s notorious campus wars: causes, goals, and impacts

    The last ten years have seen increased ethnic-based conflicts among university students in Ethiopia. Many of my own friends have become victims of these spontaneous eruptions. After interviewing several students involved in these conflicts and witnessing two violent episodes in Haramaya and Adama universities in 2006, I have come to the conclusion that lack of academic freedom at the universities and infiltration by agents of Ethiopia�s secret police are the major sources of conflict......full text

    The first election 2010 poll -- EPRDF loses debate series

    No poll has been conducted on election 2010 to date, not even by the little read English weeklies, which have broader leeway than the closely-monitored (by the state) Amharic newspapers. But whether sanctioned or prohibited, this would have been inconceivable if pre-2005 newspapers were around. Defying the EPRDF (and paying the price), so pass� for existing newspapers which have been massively rejected by the public, as their circulation numbers sadly show. But I read them.), was in fact the raison d'�tre of existence for pre-2005 newspapers......full text

    Foreign aid subsidizes repression in Ethiopia

    A month ahead of national elections, the Ethiopian government has come under critical Western scrutiny in an article which accuses foreign donors of "subsidizing a regime that is rapidly becoming one of the most repressive and dictatorial on the continent." ......full text

    All the way with Medrek driven by the vision of Birtukan

    I would like to start this piece by paying tribute to the opposition parties such as Medrek on home soil for their stellar performance in the debate in which they have succeeded in driving the brutal TPLF Party to the corner, defenseless on every issue raised. They have articulated burning issues with courage against draconian odds......full text

    Elections: Ethiopia versus California

    I would like to start this piece by paying tribute to the opposition parties such as Medrek on home soil for their stellar performance in the debate in which they have succeeded in driving the brutal TPLF Party to the corner, defenseless on every issue raised. They have articulated burning issues with courage against draconian odds......full text

    Ethiopia: Happy Mother�s Day, Birtukan!

    As Mother�s Day is celebrated in Ethiopia on the second Sunday in May, I feel privileged to share with my readers a testimonial tribute honoring Birtukan Midekssa, the first female political party leader in Ethiopian history and the most famous political prisoner in that country. Let me say up front that Birtukan needs no tribute or praise from me or any other person......full text
    Open letter to President Barack Obama ---( Chris Flaherty )
    Chris Flaherty goes on hunger strike to raise awareness - A laudable challenge we must all support ---( SOCEPP Canada , May 03, 2010 )

    Ethiopian Opposition Says Campaign Has Become War

    Ethiopia�s ruling party has increased harassment of opposition supporters before a May 23 election in the Horn of Africa country, opposition coalition leader Merara Gudina said.Activists loyal to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi�s Ethiopian People�s Revolutionary Democratic Front have thrown stones at his car, breaking its windows and puncturing its tires over various occasions while campaigning in the Oromiya region in the past two weeks, said Merara, who is a parliamentary candidate......full text

    EPRDF, Medrek, AAU students and Election 2010

    The title of the most famous book about the First World War says it all: All is calm on the Western Front. And so it is in Addis these days as the election season comes to a close: All calm. Not even the nudge at Addis Ababa University�s sidist kilo�s campus, where a scuffle between two students escalated into group fights that shut down the campus was able to alter the broader setting: too eerily calm for many; no less, confirm sources, for the increasingly restless (and thus dangerous) EPRDF executive committee......full text

    What next for VOA Amharic?

    In what seems to be a brazen move against a major donor, Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi decided to jam Voice of America (VOA), a voice that was part of the Ethiopian airwaves for almost three decades. The PM accused VOA of �engaging in destabilizing propaganda.� He even went as further as comparing the Washington DC based broadcaster to Radio Mille Collins of Rwanda of the early 1990s which is considered to be the voice of g�nocidaires......full text

    Tigray, a 'Battleground State' in Ethiopian Elections

    MEKELLE, Northern Ethiopia - Ethiopia's sparsely-populated Tigray region is shaping up as the focal point for the May 23rd elections for parliament. Tigray contributes only 6 percent of Ethiopia's 80 million people. But, it could hold the key to the country's political future.Tigray might well be called Ethiopia's battleground state, in more ways than one........full text

    Open Letter to Ladies in Power in the Obama Administration

    I have the audacity to write this letter on this day when Mr. Christopher P. Flaherty is on hunger strike in front of the White House, which is a symbol of the rule of law and universal human rights recognized as such by the global community upholding the fundamental values of Liberty Freedom and pursuit of Happiness.......full text

    Ethiopia: The fire next time

    It is the same two-act play (farce) of May 2005. The stage is the same. The director is the same. The stagehands are the same. The script is the same. The players are the same stage veterans. The stagecraft (lighting, makeup, props) is the same. The audience is the same. Act I, last scene, �End Game�. (Kick the propaganda machine in overdrive and pump up the media volume! Ethiopian opposition leaders, enter stage right.)......full text

    Beyene Petros, Professor Mesfin and Election 2010

    Many political leaders, big and small, have come and gone over the past two decades. Few have remained a permanent fixture though, firmly placed in public consciousness as embodiments of the post-Derg years. ......full text
    Election 2010 and the Situation of Human Rights and Democracy in Ethiopia ---( SOCEPP Canada - May 01, 2010)

    Election 2010 - A question to ask and actions to take

    There is much talk that election 2010 is stolen by tyrant Meles. TPLF Party might dismiss complaints with the simple rebuff: Oh yah? So what are you gona do about it? So what are we in the opposition going to do about it? This piece attempts to answer the question beginning with the following true story for a start......full text

    Ethiopia: Information Without Interference

    �Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets,� fretted Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France, as he summed up the informative powers of an independent press. All dictators and tyrants in history have feared the enlightening powers of the independent press because, as Napoleon explained, �A journalist is a grumbler, a censurer, a giver of advice, a regent of sovereigns and a tutor of nations......full text

    Medrek: Missed Opportunities and Political Miscalculations?

    At all these well attended gatherings, Medrek was hailed as the new face of Ethiopia, the rebirth of Ethiopia � and as the Menfes (spirit) that Kinijit once was. An informant close to the organizers tells us that the delegation didn�t adjourn their official tour. But with public meetings still scheduled around the states, only Seye Abraha, the spokesperson for the coalition, remains in the United States. Seye is also scheduled to do a signing ceremony for his forthcoming book �Netsenat Ina Dagninet Ba Ethiopia�, roughly translated Freedom and Justice in Ethiopia......full text

    On Meles Zenawi,Lidetu Ayalew and election 2010

    Meles Zenawi’s mother first encounter with the media was on the day of Eritrea �s referendum in 1993, when she was confronted by a BBC journalist in Adwa as she came out of a polling station after casting her vote......full text

    Medrek and the Ethiopian election

    I am sure most of you have heard or read that the leaders of Medrek are on a tour of North America. They have held town hall meetings in Seattle, San Jose, Las Vegas, Washington DC and Atlanta and are coming to Los Angles this coming weekend. The delegation consists of Ato Seye Abreha, Ato Gebru Asrat, Dr. Negasso Gidada and Engineer Gezachew Shiferaw. All four gentlemen were former members of TPLF, OPDO or AEUP......full text

    Tesfaye Gebreab and his grudge on the role of Seye et al Andenet/Medrek

    This piece, which is written without fear or soliciting favor, is prompted by the recent slur on Seye Abraha et al and by extension a veiled attack on Medrek with a motive to divide it, which is unfortunate at this time when unity of opposition forces against tyrant Meles is needed more than ever. The attack on Medrek and its popular leaders at this time is a much needed respite for TPLF, which is running out of ideas and therefore doomed to die at the polls......full text

    The voodoo economics of Meles Zenawi

    �There are lies, lies and implausible lies,� to quote Meles Zenawi, the dictator-cum-economic spinmeister of Ethiopia. Last week, Zenawi told a snickering Parliament a story that is the equivalent of the proverbial bull that gave birth to a calf (or in Amharic �bere welede�): �We will be seeing an economic growth rate of 10.1 percent this year, while inflation will fall to 3.9 percent. This is the result of sound economic policy." (Sorry, but this is the result of voodoo economics!)......full text

    The Virginia Declaration and Its Impact

    The successful holding of �Ethiopia and Horn of Africa Conference� is a laudable achievement given the desperate effort of TPLF to subvert it. The Conference drew �several hundreds of Ethiopians, experts, scholars from the United States and Europe, men and women of the Arts, former diplomats and leaders of civic organizations, with Honorable Ana Gomes of the European Parliament, speaking over the telephone from the Sudan�......full text

    The Past of Seye Abraha et al in perspective

    Seye Abraha�s commanding presence and well delivered speech on foreign affairs in last week�s televised debate between political parties has vexed EPRDF leaders, say sources. Their only solace is Seye�s rather brash characterization of the recent row between the EPRDF and the Obama administration as �staged drama�; which went down well with the public but will hardly endear the opposition with the diplomatic community in Addis......full text

    "Comment on Demise of the TPLF regime in the process of election 2010"

    A few historical accounts of power of the people in crushing or shaking the foundation of totalitarian governments, no matter how colossal, are briefly presented in this piece of writing. The examples under the captions below are meant to dispel any fear of the much vaunted propaganda that the TPLF regime has five million registered party members, loyal special security organs and army. At the end of the day the regime shall collapse because the poor and hungry Ethiopian peasants will be unable to feed the huge army, security agents and party operatives;......full text

    Ethiopia: The Truth, the Whole Truth and�

    �Lies, lies and implausible lies,� blasted Meles Zenawi, the enfant terrible of Ethiopia, in describing the March 11, 2010 U.S. State Department�s �Reports on Human Rights Practices� on Ethiopia. Apparently, the U.S. State Department is not worth a damn when it comes to lying: �The least one could expect from this report, even if there are lies is that they would be plausible ones,� snarled Zenawi. �But that is not the case. It is very easy to ridicule it [report], because it is so full of loopholes (sic)......full text

    'Beneath the Lion's Gaze': A tale of Ethiopia's brutal revolution

    Since the 1974 revolution, Ethiopia has witnessed cycles of unimaginable violence. City streets as well as remote villages that are normally far from the influence of the brutal political elites in the center have been washed with blood and littered with the bones of tormented men and women......full text

    Silence Not Golden In Ethiopia

    With national elections in Ethiopia fast approaching, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi appears intent on controlling both the medium and the message. Reports of the harassment of opposition political figures and interfering with international media broadcasts into the country undermine the image of his government, and if the polling is to be credible, it must be an open process......full text

    EthiopiaExporting tyranny to Washington, DC

    The audacity of Meles Zenawi and his vultures has reached a new low. In his recent press conference, the tyrant was not hesitant to declare his disdain for the basic rights of the people of Ethiopia. After jamming the Voice of America, the charlatan ruler felt no shame whatsoever when he accused VOA of trying to instigate genocide, an idea that is dangerously playing in his evil heart......full text

    Ethiopia: �C�est la Vie? C�est la Vie en Prison!�

    When Meles Zenawi, the arch dictator in Ethiopia, was asked about Birtukan�s health in his prison on March 23, 2010, he was comically philosophical about it. He said Birtukan health is in �perfect condition�, except that she may be putting on some weight......full text

    Protesters call on Gordon Brown to stop financing Ethiopia's ruthless tyrant

    LONDON - Hundreds of Ethiopians on Wednesday said Ethiopia's ruthless tyrant Meles Zenawi deserves to stand before the International Criminal Court in The Hague and not represent Africa at the Climate Talks.The protesters called on Western governments to stop extending aid to a man who has held a nation of over 80 million people hostage to his divisive and destructive politics of ethnicity......full text

    Ethiopia: Boycotting 2010 election as an option

    The best bullet is the ballot to remove tyrant Meles from power for at this time the ballot is equally available to all who opt to get it in accordance with constitution imposed by TPLF. Ethiopians and the opposition democratic forces might once again perhaps for the last time try to beat tyrant Meles at the ballot box. But of course registered voters can abstain by staying at home and opposition democratic parties can exercise their powerful option to boycott the election at any time in a coordinated manner for good reasons, thus exposing the repressive ruling Party for any foul play.......full text

    The ABC's of stealing an election

    It is a staple of the criminal defense bar to represent thieves, robbers, burglars, muggers, pickpockets, shoplifters, embezzlers, con men, fraudsters and swindlers. It is also the ineluctable lot of the defense lawyer to learn about the M.O. (modus operandi, techniques) of the criminal classes with professional detachment. But few defense lawyers could claim the dubious honor of representing criminals that specialize in election heists. So, when the Carter Center issued its post-mortem �Ethiopia National Elections Observation Mission 2005 Final Report�1 recently, a unique academic opportunity became available to learn about how an election is actually stolen......full text
    Conference on Good Governance, Peace, Security, Sustainable Development in Ethiopia & the Horn of Africa - April 9 & 10

    The Desperate Acts Of a Dying Regime

    Five years ago, when the TPLF regime lost ground in the general elections, Meles Zenawi went out of his mind and compared the captivating Ethiopian opposition to the �Interahamwe�, a group of young Hutu males who carried out the [1994] Rwandan Genocide......full text

    Ethiopia's donors asked to condemn 'attack'

    The Ethiopian government is waging "a co-ordinated and sustained attack" against its opponents ahead of May elections and countries like Canada that send aid to Ethiopia should condemn it, a new report says......full text

    A challenge to all Ethiopians

    Emperor Yohannis IV, my hero, was killed at the Battle of Mettema, on March 11, 1889 fighting the Mahdists who had invaded Gojam and Begmdir (Gonder). Emperor Yohannis never gave up a piece of land. He fought the Italians and Egyptians, even died for it. After his death, on May 2, 1889, the so-called the Treaty of Wichale was signed by Menilek II. The negotiator of this Treaty was an Italian by the name of Count Pietro Antonelli who had imperialistic ambitions for Italy. ......full text

    Ethiopia: Repression Rising Ahead of May Elections

    (Nairobi) � The Ethiopian government is waging a coordinated and sustained attack on political opponents, journalists, and rights activists ahead of the May 2010 elections, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. On May 23, 2010, Ethiopians will vote in the first parliamentary elections in Ethiopia since 2005, when the post-election period was marred by controversy and bloodshed......full text

    Ethnic Federalism and One Party Rule in Ethiopia - By Ephrem Madebo

    Ethiopia: In defense of the Voice of America

    Meles Zenawi seems to have a morbid fascination with genocide. Whenever the going gets tough -- bad news, tightening election campaigns, stiffening political opposition -- he whips out the specter of Rwandan-style �interhamwe� (which in Kinyarwanda or Rwanda means �those who stand, work, fight, attack together�) in Ethiopia to change the subject. Predictably, as recent news of his rebel group�s use of famine aid money in 1984 for weapons purchases received massive international coverage, the opposition stepped up its campaign for the so-called May elections, the U.S. State Department issued its condemnatory human rights report on his regime and Bob Geldof went bananas, Zenawi resurrected his favorite �interhamwe� bogey man to justify his decision to jam the Voice of America:......full text

    Democracy versus obstructionist TPLF

    Democracy is all about freedom of choice of each and every individual living in a free, tolerant and compassionate society without infringing on the right of others. Only a �government of the people, by the people, and for the people� can sustain such a society, whereas the very opposite is true in a government run by thugs such as the ones holed up at Menelik�s Palace in Addis Ababa. The word �choice� does not appear in the TPLF lexicon. Anyone who does not fall in line with TPLF political views shall do so at his/her peril because Stalinism does not allow opinions different from official diktat. Adios freedom of choice! ......full text

    Debates and the 2010 Ethiopian election

    Debates are by definition cantankerous, although they should not be. The recent debates were not cantankerous. On the surface, they were smoothly organized.The first three rounds of the recent debates invite an objective analysis, which I modestly attempt. I will organize my reflection on three foundational debates, (1) Is the ruling regime democratic? (2) Is the ruling regime governing well? And (3) My vision for Ethiopia......full text

    Ethiopia: "Grow up!" Bob Geldof

    Sir Bob Geldof told Meles Zenawi to �Grow up!� when he found out that security forces directly under the control and command of Zenawi had massacred hundreds of unarmed protesters following the 2005 elections. It looks like Sir Bob may have to take his own advice and do a little growing up. In the days after the BBC reported its findings some ten days ago on a scam that diverted $95 million from famine relief to weapons purchases by Zenawi�s rebel group in Ethiopia in 1984, Sir Bob has been throwing temper tantrums on the talk show circuits......full text
    2009 Human Rights Reports: Ethiopia
    March 12, 2008
    Human rights abuses reported during the year included unlawful killings, torture, beating, abuse and mistreatment of detainees and opposition supporters by security forces, often acting with evident impunity; poor prison conditions; arbitrary arrest and detention, particularly of suspected sympathizers or members of opposition or insurgent groups; police, administrative and judicial corruption; detention without charge and lengthy pretrial detention; infringement on citizens' privacy rights, including illegal searches; use of excessive force by security services in an internal conflict and counterinsurgency operations; restrictions on freedom of the press; arrest, detention, and harassment of journalists; ......full text
    The 2005 Ethiopian Election Final Report - The Carter Center

    US Rights Report Lists Ethiopian Opposition Leader as Political Prisoner

    ADDIS ABABA - The U.S. State Department's annual human rights reports says Ethiopia is holding several hundred political prisoners, including the leader of one of the country's largest opposition parties. Ethiopia has reacted strongly to past U.S. criticisms of its rights record. ......full text

    Meles Zenawi�s Lessons of the 2005 Election and His Action Plan for 2010

    The stabbing to death of an opposition parliamentary candidate and the brutal beating of another in Tigrai by Meles Zenawi�s thugs last week, only days after the latter made a code-loaded speech at the TPLF anniversary in Mekele, where he referred to his opponents as the mud, the riffraff, and the enemy, fall perfectly in line with the tactic and strategy set out for �winning� the May 2010 election......full text

    Geldof should be held accountable

    The year was 1984. A famine of unimaginable proportions was ravaging the northern region of Ethiopia. Besides the famine, that part of Ethiopia was also in the midst of a multi dimensional bloody civil war that took so many lives and destroyed infrastructure. The fighting parties were the Tigray People�s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the Eritrean People�s Liberation Front (EPLF), operating in a close alliance, launching a coordinated political and military operation against the regime in Addis Ababa......full text

    Ethiopia: Licensed to Steal

    Last week the secret world of Meles Zenawi�s kleptocracy, famine aid-sharking and money laundering in Ethiopia was exposed by two of his former comrades-in-arms in the Tigray People�s Liberation Front (TPLF). Gebremedhin Araya, a former treasurer and TPLF co-founder Dr. Aregawi Berhe, detailed the scam used to swindle, hustle and con millions of dollars from international famine relief organizations in the mid-1980s. The two former top leaders accused the TPLF leadership, including Zenawi, for taking tens of millions of dollars earmarked for famine relief in the Tigrai region to buy weapons and enrich themselves. ......full text

    BBC holds firm over Ethiopia famine funds report

    The BBC is standing by a report that 95% of the $100m aid raised to fight famine in northern Ethiopia in 1985 was diverted by rebels and spent on weapons, despite denials by Bob Geldof and leading charities......full text
    Press statement - Canadians and Ethiopians cannot be duped to serve the cause of a repressive regime in Ethiopia --( March 4, 2010,SOCEPP Canada)

    Ethiopia famine aid 'spent on weapons'

    Former rebel leaders told the BBC that they posed as merchants in meetings with charity workers to get aid money.They used the cash to fund attempts to overthrow the government of the time.One rebel leader estimated $95m (�63m) - from Western governments and charities including Band Aid - was channelled into the rebel fight.......full text

    Waiting for Godot to Leave?

    Last week, a couple of interesting political statements grabbed the cyber headlines. One was a truly entertaining piece entitled �Letter from Ethiopia,� by the indomitable Ethiopian journalist Eskinder Nega. Eskinder�s �Letter� sought to make sense of the power jockeying that is apparently taking place backstage to replace dictator Meles Zenawi. The other was a bombastic speech given by Zenawi to a captive audience in Mekele in observance of the 35th anniversary of the founding of his liberation movement. In that speech, Zenawi unleashed a torrent of vitriol against his opponents and critics to rival Hugo Chavez�s, and indulged in a little bit of megalomaniacal braggadocio and self-glorification for democratizing Ethiopia and inundating it with prosperity......full text

    "The enemy of my enemy"

    A few months ago, I had a lively debate with a friend of mine regarding the relationship a few Ethiopians in the opposition camp are establishing with Mr. Issaias Afeworki. My friend, whom I didn�t see for a long time, and whom I knew for more than 30 years, was debating ardently in support of these individuals. Though I was surprised with his view, I was more mesmerized by his justification than anything else. After my recent postings on Ethiomedia website, among the barrage of e-mails, one of my friend�s......full text

    "The Meles regime has held its grip on power the past 18 years through the use of genocide,ethnic cleansing, gulag prisons, a sham court system, medieval property laws and the jailing,torture and lawless execution of civilians and political opponents." Doug McGill

    Letter from Ethiopia: Overview on Election 2010

    Ask me what the distinctive trait of the opposition is in this year�s election apart from the provocative imprisonment of Birtukan Mideksa, and my response would not be amidst the proverbial list: weak organization, lack of preparedness, appallingly low finance (pundits estimate that only slightly over half a million US dollars is available for the entire opposition this election season, excluding the miserly electoral board finance) and an assortment of other secondary factors......full text

    The Hand That Rocks the Broken Cradle (Part II)

    When I wrote Part Iof �The Hand That Rocks the Cradle� nearly a year and eight months ago1, the heartbreaking and outrageous scandal in the broken adoption system in Ethiopia was a shocking molestation crime committed against two recently adopted Ethiopian children -- one barely 2 and the other 4 years old -- by their French parents. The father was jailed for rape and violence, and the mother for failure to report a crime. The attitude of the Ethiopian adoption officials interviewed in that case was a nauseatingly indifferent, �S_ _ t happens!� ......full text

    Ethiopia's Christian world bids farewell to Abune Zena Markos

    SEATTLE - Hundreds of Ethiopian bishops, priests and clergymen who had come to Seattle from as far as New Zeland, Australia, South Africa and Europe in addition to the entire churches in America and Canada that were represented by their delegates attended the memorial service for His Eminence Abune Zena Markos, who died on February 13 at Swedish Medical Center. He was 72. ......full text

    35 years of the TPLF and 34 years of Meles: The Tyranny of a Traitor

    The TPLF started the armed struggle on 18 February 1975. We would like to remember the tens of thousands of Ethiopians of all groups who lost their lives on this occasion. We would also like to raise the questions why the legacy of the martyrs of the TPLF has degenerated to tyranny, why their suffering has led to the perpetuation of suffering, why the people for whose freedom and welfare the young people gave up their lives are not free to join any organisation of their choice and why the people are not free to elect their own representatives......full text

    Tear Down the Stonewall of Secrecy!

    It has been said that Africa�s natural resources -- oil, diamonds, minerals -- have often proven to be sources of woe, suffering and misery than wealth, prosperity and progress for the people of the continent. What should have been a blessing for Africa�s poor has become a curse of corruption, malfeasance and bad governance. Could Africa�s new found wealth in farmlands prove to be a curse once again? If so, how could it be averted?......full text

    Child: U.S. Adoption Agency Bought Me

    Three children, sisters from Ethiopia are shown in a video - ages, you are told, 7, 4 and 6. Their mother is dead, their father dying of AIDS. A life of prostitution is all but assured - if not adopted - saved - by a loving American family......full text

    The 2010 Parliamentary Election And The Neocolonial State of Ethiopia

    It is no accident that the person who subscribes and practices Hoxha�s twisted ideas today, Meles Zenawi, baptized and christened as �the new breed of African democrat� by the West, is an admirer and student of the former Albanian fascist leader. Alike Hoxha Meles, Zenawi has put in place the entire instrument of oppression to extend the life of his rule in Ethiopia. He is due to hold another Parliamentary election in May, 2010. According to foreign diplomats, political observers, and an article in the Economist magazine, the outcome of the scheduled election is a foregoing conclusion that no matter which party will be the people�s choice, Meles and his TPLF regime will remain in power for another five years. Simply put the dictatorial regime will not relinquish its iron grip on Ethiopia through peaceful means.......full text

    The Failing Better the 2010 Elections

    We have a historical obligation to keep alive the spark of democracy that Ethiopians ignited in 2005, and for which many lost their lives and freedoms. Every conceivable opportunity, however bleak the circumstances may be, must be seized. Only with such persistence will the crushed democracy of 2005 be reborn stronger. One such moment is looming ahead of us: the 2010 elections. True, the TPLF/EPDRF has made it clear that it will fabricate another electoral victory. It has muzzled Ethiopians with laws, decrees, codes of conduct, and its omnipresent security forces......full text

    Western Diplomatic Omerta in Ethiopia

    Reporting on the eerie silence of Western diplomats in Addis Abeba on Birtukan Midekssa, the first woman political party leader in Ethiopian history and Ethiopia�s # 1 political prisoner, Xan Rice, a reporter for the Guardian wrote last week:......full text

    Western diplomats versus their rhetoric

    Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ) Secretary General Andualem Aragie accused western governments of failing to stand by their rhetoric and support human rights and democracy in Ethiopia. �They are following the old way of doing business. They are partners in development with the Ethiopian government but I don�t think they are partners in freedom and democracy,� Andualem told Jason McLure�s of Bloomberg News recently......full text

    Misplaced Rage

    The harrowing experience of Ethiopians over the doomed Ethiopian airliner in the Mediterranean Sea last week, and the racist ways in which grieving Ethiopians who were trying to know the fate of their loved ones were treated in Lebanon, could have been used to raise important questions and start a more important discussion......full text

    The two elections of 2010

    The TPLF/EPDRF is currently imposing, as it has always done since its capture of state power, a frame of reference that limits the 2010 elections to the issues and questions that allow the regime to give itself a democratic fa�ade while totally controlling the electoral process......full text
    Proud Teddy at the Proud Bird in L.A.
    By Prof Alemayehu G. Mariam| February 4, 2010
    It is really great to be young; but for those who are not, the next best thing is to be at a Teddy Afro concert and jam late into the night with a ballroom full of irrepressible and euphoric young Ethiopian Angelinos. On January 30, Proud Teddy brought his triumphant �Love Conquers All� world tour to the Proud Bird, a well-known LA institution for one-half century themed around vintage WW II war birds. Teddy was in top form belting out one hit after another as he almost levitated on stage. His Abugida Band and backup singers bellowed flaming rhythms and roots-style music combining traditional Ethiopian melodies with reggae beats. Teddy was on fire at the Proud Bird, as was his enraptured audience......full text

    Ethiopia's jailed victim of Western realpolitik

    At noon every Sunday an old Toyota sedan donated by supporters of Ethiopia's most famous prisoner pulls up near a jail on the outskirts of the capital......full text

    Putting lipstick on a pig, Ethiopian style

    Last week, there was a great deal of teeth-gnashing, knuckle-cracking and gut-wrenching by Ethiopia�s dictators over Human Rights Watch�s (HRW) 2010 report. The dictators belched out much sound and fury that signified nothing. Their fury had to do with HRW�s conclusion that �Ethiopia is on a deteriorating human rights trajectory as parliamentary elections approach in 2010.� In blunt and unequivocal language, HRW whipsawed the dictators with the facts: ......full text

    The Politicization of Food Aid under One-Party Rule in Ethiopia

    The West has provided hundreds of millions of dollars of food aid to Ethiopia in the past several years. However, donor countries have placed few monitoring and accountability mechanisms to ensure that the aid provided is delivered to the target populations. As a result, the ruling party has been able to effectively use relief aid to mobilize support for itself and undermine support for its opposition... ...full text

    Bracing to weather political storms amid hunger

    This Part II under the title �Bracing to weather political storms amid hunger� is a sequel to my article entitled �Jailed icon Birtukan and brewing political storms amid hunger� that was posted on democratic websites starting from 12 January 2010. I would like to precede it by the following extract from my article written in March 2008 entitled: �The folly of dubbing Ethiopia a �black colonizer��:......full text

    The democracy before democracy in Africa

    Since the dawn of African independence from colonialism in the early 1960s, African liberation leaders and founding fathers qua dictators, military junta and �new breed� leaders have sought to justify the one-man, one-party state � and avoid genuine multiparty democracy � by fabricating a blend of self-serving arguments which converge on the notion that in Africa there is a democracy before democracy......full text

    Retooling the 2010 election as a weapon of democracy

    Whatever one�s position on the 2010 general election, a number of things are certain. First, the election will take place. Second, the democratic forces are fragmented and at loggerheads with each other, but almost all of them�those who signed the Code of Conduct and those who did not -- are participating in the election. Third, the history of the TPLF/EPRDF makes it certain that it will use fraud, intimidation, arrest, imprisonment, and violence to win the elections......full text

    Reinventing Ethiopian politics [Part II]

    Aristotle wrote that �man is a political animal� to suggest that the defining characteristic of human beings is involvement in the civic life of their communities. Today, many Ethiopians across the board are strangely disengaged and alienated from Ethiopian politics. For the �alienated majority�, the disengagement is justified......full text

    Google vs China: Lessons for Ethiopia

    Google is at war with the Peoples Republic of China. Google is a worthy adversary. If I was a betting person I will put all my money on Google. There is no question Google will win. The Peoples Republic is playing the old game of bullying. Too bad for the Chinese those days are gone. It is a new age, a new game and winning comes from using your smarts not your brute force......full text

    The ultimate chess game: Meles and the 2010 "election"

    By Golto Aila | January 15, 2010 ethiomedia
    The game of chess may not be the best metaphor for the political games Meles plays, but it is the best I can think of. It is not my intention to demonize or insult anybody in this piece, but as Ethiopia moves toward what Meles calls an "election", I feel I must share how I see him and the game he plays in the clearest way I can! It is clear to me the there is one true chess player at the table and the rest have, either knowingly or inadvertently, decided to be pieces on the chess board. I hope this analysis will help you re-evaluate your perspectives and expectations of the process he is currently conducting......full text

    Ethiopia's "silently" creeping famine

    But there is manifestly a �silent� famine and a �quiet� hunger haunting the land under Zenawi�s �watch.� In April, 2009, Zenawi gave an interview to David Frost of Al Jazeera in which he openly admitted that famine is rearing its ugly head once again in Ethiopia and other parts of Africa. Frost asked: �Is there any danger that as a result of this [current] crises there could be famine like there was famine in 1984?� Zenawi responded: ......full text

    Tigrean Nationalism: From Revolutionary Force to Weapon of Repression

    ...The Ethio-Eritrean war seems to have intensified Meles' identity crisis. As a leader of Ethiopia,he had to defend his power and the country's sovereignty against an attack by his maternal relatives. His adversarial faction made his identity a major issue, and publicly questioned his loyalty both to Tigray and Ethiopia. The EPLF, which earlier thought that it was installing a friendly regime in Finfinne, felt betrayed by Meles' willingness to succumb to Tigreans‟ pressure and refused to submit to Asmara's demand.......full text
    "Birtukan's imprisonment without charge is an affront to justice and is totally unacceptable" --(Hon.Jack Layton, Leader , The New Democratic Party of Canada) ---(pdf)

    The future of the future country

    �Ethiopia is the country of the future,� Birtukan Midekssa would often say epigrammatically. Ethiopia�s No. 1 political prisoner is always preoccupied with her country�s future and destiny. Her deep concern for Ethiopia is exceeded only by her boundless optimism for its future. For that reason, her maxim echoes not only a manifest general truth, but also makes a profound and complex historical argument that calls for a paradigm shift in the way we understand contemporary Ethiopian politics and envision the future......full text

    Journalists facing supreme court vendetta

    The people at the helm of the Federal Supreme Court know the difference between justice and vengeance. They know that justice is blind, a concept that underlines the neutrality of the judiciary. But blinded by political and ethnic interests, the supreme court judges have preferred to dispense injustice with vehement vendetta against the perceived political enemies of the regime......full text

    The winning ways of a paper tiger

    If there is one gift God has given Meles it is the ability to divide his enemies against each other so that he always emerges as the winner! If there is one curse God has cast against Meles' enemies, it is their failure to appreciate this one weapon that Meles consistently uses against them to win! From the day his army marched into Addis Ababa and took power by force to this day, Meles has used this method along with other supplementary measures to completely vanquish his opponents and ultimately the country we call Motherland. Just to recapitulate here are some examples, not exhaustive by any stretch, of what I mean......full text

    The case for war

    There are three things important in real estate: location, location, location. Agents never tire mentioning this important fact. What exactly does it mean? Simply put what matters most is not the structure of the house as much as its physical location. It is smart to buy the ugliest house in a good neighborhood than a beautiful palace in a rough area. It is much easier and cheaper to remodel a bad and decrepit structure rather than moving it to a new location......full text

    Birtukan, Invictus! (Unconquered)

    I remember the 29th of December, 2008. Almost a year ago to the day, the only woman political party leader in Ethiopia�s 3,000-year history was manhandled and abducted to prison. Professor Mesfin Woldemariam, founder and former chairman of the Ethiopian Human Rights Council, was an eyewitness to the crime.......full text
    Press statement - regarding the death sentence against the leaders and alleged members of the Opposition G7 in Ethiopia --( Dec.24 ,2009,SOCEPP Canada)

    Why Zenawi betrayed Africa in Copenhagen

    African diplomats, most of whom had brashly stood by Zenawi when he violently crushed a pro-democracy movement in 2005, naively expressed shock and incredulity at his betrayal of their trust at the recent Copenhagen Climate Conference......full text

    The raw machismo of dictatorship

    It was a remarkable display of raw machismo: �My way or the highway� or jail!� It was a one-man political theatre, a monologue about absolute power, domination, toughness, brawn and pugnacity. It was a demonstration of sang froid machismo calculated to taunt and sneer at the opposition, and bombard them with contempt and derision. It was an ostentatious public vindication of the ignoble principle �might makes right.� ......full text

    Corruption:Sarkozy,Obama pressure Meles Zenawi to betray africas future

    NGOs and civil society groupings are reacting with anger and disappointment to a joint appeal by France and �Ethiopia, representing Africa� for a so-called �Copenhagen Accord� to result from the current COP15 negotiations being held in the Danish capital......full text

    The art of war on Ethiopia's independent press

    Use a sledge hammer to smash a butterfly! That is the exquisite art of war unleashed on Ethiopia�s independent press by the dictatorship of Meles Zenawi today......full text

    Meles Zenawi rejects US criticism, says ties with Washington 'solid'

    Speaking at a council meeting last week, Ambassador Griffiths questioned Ethiopia's contention that there is a fair representation of nationalities in government institutions. He said independent observers note that most senior government positions are represented by one ethnicity.The dominant role of ethnic Tigrayans in the government, especially in the military, has often been a contentious political issue in Ethiopia. Tigrayans make up about six percent of the population......full text

    The toxic ecology of African dictators

    The inconvenient truth about Africa today is that dictatorship presents a far more per ilous threat to the survival of Africans than climate change. The devastation African dictators have wreaked upon the social fabric and ecosystem of African societies is incalculable......full text

    A doomed continent picks up Meles Zenawi for Copenhagen

    There was a time in African history when visionary leaders defeated the unjust hegemony of colonialism. They envisaged a peaceful, developed, united and self-reliant continent that lives in peace with itself and others. Their commitment and quality leadership uplifted the spirit of the continent from the shackles of European colonialism and ushered the dawn of a new era. The central message of these leaders was unity over division, forgiveness over revenge. They stood strong and committed in the face of aggression and domination......full text

    Ethiopian Despot Hijacks Copenhagen Leadership Role

    In the six years that I�ve written about Ethiopian immigrants and politics in Minnesota, I�ve never editorialized directly against the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi.Instead, I�ve limited myself to reporting on the experiences, outlooks and opinions of Ethiopian immigrants who live in this state, a hub of the global Ethiopian diaspora.Today I�m making an exception, though, because of what strikes me as the exceptional danger posed by Meles� most recent global political moves � a grave danger for Ethiopians and Africans, and possibly far beyond......full text

    Implications of the land grab in Ethiopia

    If you are wondering why the government of Meles Zenawi is doing the secretive land deals with Arab and Asian tycoons and agribusiness corporations in secret and without any public discussion and scrutiny, and why the officials are handling it in much the same way like thieves who sell their stolen stuff on street corners and dark alleys, you have asked a serious question and probably have almost gotten some of your answers.......full text

    Ethiopia is a nation held at gunpoint by evil forces

    ...My fellow Ethiopians, I always write too much and too often because our country is extremely badly run at the moment because of problems at the heart of EPRDF and their total incompetence. We are all crying and our martyr�s bloods are crying too........full text

    The Great Ethiopian Run to Freedom

    In his epic autobiography, the great Nelson Mandela used the metaphor of the "long walk" to describe his decades-old struggle against apartheid and minority rule in South Africa. In Long Walk to Freedom, Mandela described, among other things, his labor of love trying to steer his nation away from racial and fratricidal war by using dialogue and negotiation to achieve national reconciliation and build a multiracial, multiparty system. His long, hard walk to freedom across the veldt, the cities and townships eventually led South Africans to trade in their fears and tears for hope and faith in a free South Africa. In the process, Mandela became a formidable moral force and an exemplary teacher in the fight for human rights and racial equality throughout the world. ......full text

    Ethiopian ex-president, ex-minister join opposition

    ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - A former Ethiopian president and a former defence minister have joined the same opposition party, strengthening it against a government accused of suppressing critics before national elections in May ......full text

    The dominant executive in Ethiopia

    Another indicator of executive dominance in Ethiopia is the degree to which Meles Zenawi manipulates constitution by engaging in electoral irregularities to remain in power beyond the end of his legally prescribed term of office. After first telling the whole country that he is stepping aside for the upcoming 2010 election, he pushed through constitutional amendments to only come back and announce that his party had nominated him again to stay in power until 2014. In Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi jails political opponents and holds them for years without trial, closes down newspapers, and suppresses public dissent. He censors the press and jails his opponents for simple acts of dissidence. In all, at least 100,000 dissidents are now sitting in jails and in prisons across Ethiopia......full text

    AfriCorruption, Inc.

    Transparency International (TI), the global coalition against corruption, has just released its 2009 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI). Once again, Africa has the dubious honor of being Kleptocracy Central, the continental home of the most corrupt governments in the world. Leading the parade of kleptocracies are the regimes in Ethiopia, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Equatorial Guinea, Kenya and the warlords of Somalia.......full text

    Human Rights and the year 2010 election in Ethiopia

    SOCEPP Canada had a very successful meeting in Ottawa, Canada Nov 18, 2009 where seven Members of Canadian Parliament and a number of Canadia government and non government official attended.......full text

    Witness for the future

    Following the May, 2005 Ethiopian parliamentary elections, paramilitary forces under the direct command and control of regime leader Meles Zenawi massacred 193 innocent men, women and children and wounded 763 persons engaged in ordinary civil protest......full text

    Eng.Hailu Shawul chose a shameful defeat

    It is too sad that Engineer Hailu Shawul has joined the corrupted EPRDF too? For him, betraying the loyal AEUP Members and Supporters was, yet another symptom of moral decay, of the 21st Century Ethiopian Political Disease that could not be treated or cured......full text

    Blood coffee - coming to a caf� near you

    Much has been said about the curse of natural resources in the African continent. From the suffering of the Ogony people and subsequent murder of environmentalist and human rights activist Ken Saro-Wiwa in the Niger Delta, along with eight fellow activists, to the displacement of millions of citizens across the continent so that tyrannical regimes and multinational corporations can exploit and benefit from the riches that cover the beautiful landscape of Africa......full text

    The joy and sadness of November

    November 9, 1989 is a special day for the German people in particular and for the rest of humanity in general. It is a day that one more system designed to treat fellow humans as lesser beings is shattered and discarded. On November 9, 1989 the �wall� that was built to keep people in fear and agony was finally breached and then there was light. It was celebrated with great fanfare. The enabler of this heroic act, former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and current German Chancellor Angela Merkel held hand and crossed the border to cheers and tears accompanied by thousands of fellow citizens. Angela Merkel said �This is not just a day of celebration for Germans. This is a day of celebration for the whole of Europe; this is a day of celebration for all those people who have more freedom.�.....full text


    �No alternative in the opposition,� they whispered anonymously. What a disgusting phrase to use in justifying support for a ruthless dictatorship?......full text

    War criminals as a "Statesman leading Africa"

    So, the gruesome deeds of the dictator we know are desperately being camouflaged by building an aura of respectability around him in advance of his diplomatic missions abroad, including the climate change conference in Copenhagen. On the domestic side, the �Code of Conduct� for election 2010 has been signed. But Ethiopians know that declaration of a landslide victory for the brutal ruling party is certain and preparation is in full swing to crown tyrant Meles in a stage-managed �tumultuous� inauguration ceremony.......full text

    Famine and the Noisome Beast in Ethiopia

    It is hard to talk about Ethiopia these days in non-apocalyptic terms. Millions of Ethiopians are facing their old enemy again for the third time in nearly forty years. The Black Horseman of famine is stalking that ancient land......full text

    Can Ethiopia's Electoral Code Guarantee Fair Elections?

    ...The International Crisis Group recently issued a report concluding that "the contradiction between [the EPRDF's] de-facto one-party state and its promises to deliver multi-party elections ... has been a defining trait of politics since [it came to power] in 1991."......full text

    Millionaires were born out of famine aid

    Gebre Medin Araya's, Ye Tigrai Be Telat Ejj Mewdeq... (The fall of Tigrai into the hand of the enemy, and the repercussions in the rest of Ethiopia) part one and two, fourteen pages in Amharic, is a timely piece on this 25th anniversary of the famine in our country. Sadly, another famine is unfolding at this very moment and those who want to make money out of it are well organized as usual. The author of two books in recent times, Asgede G. Selassie's "Saw Berasu Samba... (People are muzzled) also exposes what he knows about the current situation in Tigrai, famine and politics.........full text

    The madness of Ethiopia�s 2010 �elections�

    ....Free and fair elections are best guaranteed if certain basic principles are accepted and fully adhered to in the relationship between the political parties, candidates, their supporters and other stakeholders. The first pillar is the principle of co-equality. In George Orwell�s Animal Farm, �All Animals are created equal but some are more equal than others.� Not so if we are to have free and fair elections in Ethiopia........full text

    Teddy Afro: The invincible messenger

    There are some people blessed with an unbreakable spirit. They can turn adversities into triumph and setbacks into progress. These kinds of people have a deeper understanding of life as a rollercoaster with ups and downs, turns and twists, gains and lose, defeats and victories......full text

    No level playing field for the 2010 election

    ...My general conclusion is that the OPDO/EPRDF totally controls and dominates the local political arena, and therefore, there could be no level playing field for the opposition in the Dembi Dollo area. Unless the situation changes dramatically in the next few months, I do not expect the 2010 election will be fair, free or democratic.......full text

    Ethiopia - a country you can never stop worrying about

    The Ethiopian government has said it doesn't expect this year to be much worse than last, and it is "confident it has done everything it can to feed its hungry people."This almost blas� attitude in Addis, gives no comfort at all to aid officials who tend to agree with an Economist magazine's characterization of Ethiopia's government as well-meaning but "one of the most economically illiterate in the modern world." ......full text
    Who is in power? --(By Ethiomedia)
    ...The guys who fought and turned Ethiopia into a landlocked nation, the guys who fought on the Eritrean side against Ethiopia during the 1998-2000 War, have neither the legal nor the moral right to rule Ethiopia even for a day. They have to go......full text

    Patriots and trying times

    �These are the times that try men�s souls,� said Thomas Paine, one of the Founders of the American Republic, at the onset of the American Revolution. It could be said equally that these are times that try a nation�s soul......full text

    In contempt of ... the truth

    Commenting recently on an International Crisis Group (ICG) study dealing with rising ethnic tensions and dissent in advance of the �May 2010� elections, Ethiopia�s arch dictator wisecracked, �This happens as some people have too many billions of dollars to spend and they feel that dictating how, particularly, the developing countries manage their affairs is their God given right and to use their God given money to that purpose. They are entitled to their opinion as we are entitled to ours.� .......full text

    The prisoner worthy of a liberty award

    The Cato Institute, a respected libertarian public policy foundation in the United States, has been searching for the fifth recipient of its liberty award. Named after the late Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman [1912-2006], the award is �presented every other year to an individual who has made a significant contribution to advance human freedom.�.......full text

    D�j� vu: Much ado about an already won election!

    Last April, we commented that the whole business of elections in Ethiopia is �much ado about nothing�. We offered a catalogue of reasons why the whole election rigmarole and ritual under the current dictatorship was an exercise in futility and absurdity.......full text

    Washington march launches new campaign for change

    On Sunday, September 13, 2009, many Ethiopians and others gathered in front of the US Capitol building to bring attention to the ongoing genocide and other human rights crimes being perpetrated against the people of Ethiopia by the repressive authoritarian government of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. The event was a success and we believe it will lead to many new opportunities. One of these will be the possibility of working together in collaboration to map out a strategic plan for the future......full text

    Ethiopian War Heroes honored in Washington DC

    Several hundred Ethiopians over packed the hall of Trinity Church located at 6000 Georgia Ave, NW, Washington, DC. They were anxiously awaiting the arrival of the 2009 honorees of the event, Brig General Tesfaye Habte Mariam and Brig General Kassaye Chemeda......full text

    Save Lake Koka First Before Saving the Continent of Africa!

    Last week Ethiopia�s arch dictator was in tears, crocodile tears that is, over the unfair and shameful treatment of Africa by the heartless Western imperialists on the issue of global warming and climate change. Frothing at the mouth and brimming with moral indignation, the dictator threatened to go all out Ghandi on the West at the December climate change talks in Copenhagen. With sanctimonious and self-righteous rebuke, he railed:......full text

    Woyane's economic growth: rhetoric vs reality

    The very common way that Woyane and its agents try to shift the public attention from lack of human and democratic rights and the daylight looting of the country�s resource is by referring to the �impressive� economic development registered in their rule. If they are talking about the only region that they are exclusively devoted to develop they are absolutely right. The reality in other regions of the country, however, speaks quite the opposite......full text

    Invicible power of quest for freedom

    Here is a quotation from the speech by Sir Winston Churchill in 1940 during the raging flame of World War II: �Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory here is no survival�. Hitler lost the War leaving a memory of gruesome crimes for humanity and especially for the civilized German people living with regrets and determined that such crimes perpetrated by dictators will not happen again......full text

    Zenawi will never go away peacefully

    William Wallis, a Financial Times journalist recently debated with Zenawi regarding his confusing statements he has been giving about his resignation. While Zenawi was trying to confuse the whole world and particularly the Ethiopian people by giving imprecise answers, the sharp journalist throw at him a key question that will always be remembered by Ethiopians and the rest of the world......full text

    Mugged on "K" Street?

    Do you remember H.R. 2003 (�Ethiopia Democracy and Accountability Act�)? That was a bill sponsored by Rep. Donald Payne (D-N.J.) to promote the �advancement of human rights, democracy, independence of the judiciary, freedom of the press, peacekeeping capacity building, and economic development in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.� It passed by a unanimous vote in the U.S. House of Representatives on October 2, 2007. A motley crew of human rights advocates and defenders, grassroots activists, international human rights organizations and others toiled long and hard to help get that bill passed. While we were pounding the pavement on Capitol Hill, guess what the other side was doing?.......full text

    Welcoming the New Ethiopian New Year

    Eighty million Ethiopians in the larger prison in their own country are preparing to usher in the Year 2002 on the 1st of Meskerem (11 September 2009). This date is a reminder that we have our own calendar comprising 13 months - a significant achievement bearing evidence that Ethiopia is one of the oldest civilizations......full text

    Gasha For Ethiopians Condemns Discriminatory Call for Public Meeting

    Gasha for Ethiopians is shocked and appalled to see an advertisement, on one of the websites which supports the regime in Ethiopia, calling for �all Tigreans in the Los Angeles area� to meet with Twedros Hagos, TPLF politburo member.�.......full text

    Thugs gone wild in Kilil-istan

    In a recent piece entitled �Mob Disrupts Political Meeting in Adama,�former Ethiopian President Dr. Negasso Gidada described how �an organized mob disturbed a public political meeting of the Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ) in Adama, Oromia, and forced the discontinuation of the meeting.� Dr. Negasso explained:.......full text

    Free market without freedom

    It was about two years ago that Dr. Eleni Gabra- Madhin, an economist with a declared mission of eradicating famine in Ethiopia, forcefully entered the debate on Ethiopia�s fragile and dismal economy that has been stunted by the misguided policies and interventions of succeeding regimes. In June 2007, she appeared at TED Global1 in Arusha, Tanzania, and on a recent PBS documentary, The Market Maker.2 At a personal level, she is intelligent, articulate and clearly ambitious.......full text

    Portrait of a dictator with a thousand faces

    Last week, The Economist magazine painted a chilling journalistic portrait of Ethiopia�s capo dictator. The magazine described the ironfisted ringleader of the dictatorial regime that has �run Ethiopia since 1991� in starkly contrasting terms. �Meles Zenawi, still only 54, has two faces,� proclaimed the Economist. One is the face of a poverty buster, builder of �new roads, clinics, primary schools� and undertaker of �an array of agricultural initiatives.� The other is the face of a rehabilitated �Marxist with a dismal human-rights record who is intolerant of dissent,� whose �police shot dead some 200 civilians� and who jails his opponents on �trumped-up treason charges.�......full text

    Remembering Ethiopian political prisoners

    �In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends,� said Dr. Martin Luther King. The silence and indifference of our friends could be just as harrowing. Thank you Gasha (Shield) for Ethiopians for remembering the thousands of political prisoners languishing in Ethiopia today. Nothing is more important and uplifting to political prisoners than knowledge of the fact that they are not forgotten, abandoned and forsaken by the outside world. Remembrance gatherings at town hall meetings such as this one serve to remind all of us who live in freedom the divine blessings of liberty and the unimaginable suffering of those trapped in the darkness of dictatorship. Thank you Gasha for organizing this event to remember Ethiopia�s voiceless, but not forgotten, political prisoners......full text

    Loan Sharking Ethiopia�s Future!

    Ethiopia�s �Ministry of Education�, (or more appropriately, the Ministry of Loan Sharking) has adopted a �new scheme� (new scam) of official extortion to professionally incapacitate young Ethiopian college graduates. According to a report by Addis Fortune, �Students graduating in the year 2008-2009 from all governmental higher learning institutions have been prohibited from collecting their academic credentials including the student copy until they find jobs which enable them to refund the cost sharing expenses utilized at the universities.� The ministry�s public relations officer, Derese Kitila, explained: �Students pledged to pay back the expenses for any of the services they consumed either in the form of cash or recourses. However this has never been effective from the way it had been projected. But with this new scheme the government might be able to raise back those expenses and handle human resources going abroad.�......full text

    Aigaforum challenged on racist slur

    An Ethiopian who took a screenshot that has embroiled the pro-TPLF Aiga Forum in a race row involving U.S. President Barack Obama has challenged the website either to make a formal apology or make itself available for a formal investigation.......full text

    U.S. Policy Shift Needed in the Horn of Africa

    ...But the Ethiopian government's behavior in recent years, both domestically and in bordering states, poses mounting difficulties for the United States and its long-term goals in the region. Washington must be prepared to press its partner to alter its strong-handed approach to political dissent and counterterrorism or consider ending the relationship........full text

    Ethiopia: Orwellian Democracy

    Addis Abeba � Ethiopia's once major opposition party members are once again pitted against each other, and this time they have no plausible scapegoat to point their fingers at. Whether they will survive their conflict and remain one, or break down in to two parties, or even walk out of it all and be content just being dissidents is yet to be seen........full text

    Experts say Nile Basin countries may fight over water

    CAIRO (Xinhua) � Some Egyptian experts accused the United States and Israel of raising differences among Nile Basin countries to affect Egypt and Sudan, warning that Nile Basin countries may fight for water in the future........full text

    Deserting a sinking ship or doing the right thing?

    Over the past month, there has been a spate of reported official �defections� from Ethiopia. The alleged �defectors� said to be seeking asylum in the U.S. include a high level official attached to the �State Minister of Government Communications Affairs�, an individual identified as the �Director of Ethiopian Telecommunication Agency� and another person said to be a member of Ethiopia�s rubber-stamp parliament. A well-known Ethiopian novelist is also reported to be seeking asylum in the U.S......full text

    An Islamic history is a vital part of Ethiopia's richness

    "We are sorry if you get woken up by the Muslim call to prayer in the morning.� Those were some of the first words I heard at my hotel when I arrived in Addis Ababa, on my first trip to Ethiopia. I confess � I was a bit confused. Call to prayer? In the capital of a �Christian country in a sea of Muslims�, as Ethiopia is sometimes called? Perhaps I was in a Muslim quarter of Addis Ababa that had been recently established?........full text

    Rulers and the resignation gamesmanship

    In recent months, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi repeatedly stressed his preparedness to step down after two decades of absolute dictatorship. Although it seems that the man has had enough misadventure and might be ready to replace himself with a loyal puppet, the vast majority of the public has been pretty sceptical. What is quite interesting to me, however, is the discussion this announcement has generated amongst Meles' supporters who are apparently divided between those who want him to leave and those who asks him to remain in office.......full text

    Now is the time to end tyranny

    �No person wants to live in a society where the rule of law gives way to the rule of brutality and bribery. That is not democracy, that is tyranny, and now is the time for it to end.� Thus spoke President Barack Obama last week to Africa�s tin-pot dictators using the Ghanaian parliament as a sounding board ......full text

    Barack Obama and Africa: How different is his policy?

    The Economist / July 16, 2009
    Barack Obama said all the right things about Africa�and left a few ticklish ones unsaid. The tone may shift a bit but the policy will be similar to George Bush�s......full text

    TPLF Plc. � Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

    This is a glimpse into the inner workings of the TPLF Plc. - how the machinery has increasingly evolved into a business empire, corrupted by the convenience of power; lubricated by the decadent slogan that this is our historic moment to prosper and the reckless greed that breeds more insatiable and bottomless want. What is sad is that the TPLF Plc. Is engaged in entrenching itself as the next class of Ethiopian capitalist at the catastrophic expense of the poor Ethiopian people in a manner only a colonial conqueror sabotages its subject�s wellbeing and wealth.......full text

    Birtukan Mideksa and the law

    Whatever the consequences Birtukan became famous in a country where people were extremely eager to see a courageous judge. But precisely because she took the law seriously and courageously, she became unexpectedly famous as the judge who stood stubbornly for the rule of law. She could not pursue her career on the bench. She became a lawyer instead.......full text

    No rest for the wicked!

    According to Reuters� guessing game, the dictator could �get permission to leave� at the party congress in September, but that is unlikely �a year before Ethiopia has its next national election due in June 2010.�......full text

    In Ethiopia, prime minister's words, actions not in step

    This week, in an exclusive interview with the Financial Times, Meles Zenawi suggested that the press in his country freely expresses dissent. In fact, that is hardly the case. The Horn of Africa nation remains one of the world's worst backsliders of press freedom.......full text

    Obama declares to Africa: End tyranny, corruption

    ACCRA, Ghana � An American president who has "the blood of Africa within me" praised and scolded the continent of his ancestors Saturday, asserting forces of tyranny and corruption must yield if Africa is to achieve its promise......full text

    Why the Real Ethiopian Flag Scares Tyrant Meles to Death

    Legendry heroes, Colonel Abdisa Aga and Zerai Deres, upheld the honor of the real Ethiopia flag on the Italian soil. Both are distinguished true sons of Ethiopia; the former is an Ethiopian of Oromo origin from Wollega and the latter hails from Eritrea.......full text

    The naked lies of Sebhat Nega

    Ethiopia is a museum of ancient history characterized by uniquely diverse cultures. All that one has to do is delve into this rich history made by multiple ethnic groups over several centuries to find answers to ones questions or solutions to ones problems. We need no outsider to tell us who we are!......full text

    Hero vs. Zero

    George Orwell may have understated the situation in the Big Brother totalitarian state of Nineteen Eighty-Four: �War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.� He would be amused to learn that in the police state of Two Thousand and Nine Ethiopia, Big Brother has been unceremoniously replaced by THE P-R-O-C-E-S-S!......full text

    Seizing the moment to end TPLF misrule

    The acronym TPLF is a trade mark that Meles uses to plunder and destroy Ethiopia. The valiant people of Tigrai will not fall prey to his deception; they realize the urgency to act in earnest to defeat his evil deeds hidden under the canopy of �Revolutionary Democracy�......full text

    Ethiopia and Zenawi's gangaster capitalism

    A couple of weeks ago, Sebhat Nega, the man who is credited to be the father of the Tigray People�s Liberation Front, flew to Washington DC to inspect whether the VOA Amharic service can join the self-congratulatory band of the tyrannical regime. In the course of his mission, he told VOA Amharic listeners that he was disappointed with the performance of VOA Amharic section which he referred to as a stable for dissidents......full text

    In Defense of Classical Ethiopianity and against Ethnocentricity

    Guided by the Transcendent, proud of my Ethiopianity, motivated by the thinking heart, and seasoned by the teaching of time, lately, I have been quietly consuming the massive literature produced by our able scholars, our committed columnists, our rightly embittered politicians, and the reading public- and I have come to the inescapable conclusion that, however, incorrect I may be, we are agonizing about the paths that our country must take, as the next election looms large, and Ethiopians will once again either perish by the votes that they make, or flourish precisely because they have deliberated carefully, uncontaminated by prejudice, unaffected by fear, and un weakened by the fact that they will have choose between bread and freedom. Ethiopians must choose freedom against bread, and dignity over servitude. ......full text

    Echo Chamber for Dictatorship?

    Are we becoming an echo chamber for the dictatorship in Ethiopia by repeating its never-ending political babble and lies?......full text

    An open letter to my fellow Tigrians supporting the TPLF

    Anyone who says that Tigrayans, not all, but many, have not benefited under Meles, are lying to themselves. We all know that the key positions in the government, in the military, in the economy, in the judicial system, on the national election board, in banking and finance, in education and in any other sector of society are mostly held by Tigrayans who are loyal to Meles. For the most part, those from other ethnic groups are given certain positions by the TPLF only to fool the outsiders so they can look better......full text

    Sebhat Nega's capitalism and power

    Ato Sebhat Nega's thirty minutes interview (June 9 and 10) with Adissu Abebe of VOA Amharic was much informative than the recent one we heard on Hagerfiker radio and the paltalk room. The questions were short followed by short answers on many categories and the follow up questions also helped us to learn from the interview. Sebhat Nega and his multimillionaire Woyane clique were trying their best to build "capitalism" on backward Ethiopia......full text

    Inside the barley republic

    A while back, the capo di tutti capi (the �boss of bosses�) of the dictatorship in Ethiopia rebuked Congressman Donald Payne for pushing H.R. 2003 (�Ethiopia Democracy and Accountability Act�). He quipped with his signature sarcasm, �Ethiopia, this government and this country, are incapable, unwilling and unable to be run like some kind of banana republic from Capitol Hill or anywhere else.� That is not exactly true today. The evidence shows that �Ethiopia and this government� are �capable, willing and able to be run like some barley republic from Jeddah or any of the other Gulf states.� It has been widely reported that Saudi and other Gulf �investors� have spent over two hundred million U.S. dollars to buy (�lease�) fertile Ethiopian farmland free of local taxes and other requirements to supply themselves with a cornucopia of agricultural commodities which, oddly enough, they could purchase on the world market at competitive prices. It seems the desert sand has trumped the fertile land in the barley republic.......full text


    For the past several weeks, the noise machine of the dictatorship in Ethiopia has been in overdrive reacting to human rights findings made against it in the February 29, 2009 U.S. State Department Human Rights Report.......full text

    Minority ethnic domination of the military in Ethiopia

    Several Ethiopian scholars and political commentators alike have argued in the past that the TPLF regime in Ethiopia has been promoting the domination of a minority ethnic elite, i.e., the Tigreans, in all spheres of the nation�s life � economy, military, intelligence and security services, foreign affairs, etc. Much has been said and many have commented upon the blatant nature of the drive to ensure the domination of Tigrean elites who claim to represent only 6% of close to 80 million Ethiopians.......full text

    Ending the culture of impunity

    David Dadge, Director of the Vienna-based International Press Institute, the oldest press freedom organization in the world, recently wrote a compelling commentary in The Guardian which should be of special interest to all Ethiopian human rights advocates.1 He suggested that the current dictatorship in Ethiopia operates in an entrenched culture of impunity (not to be confused with the equally gripping culture of corruption that afflicts it) in which gross human rights abuses are committed routinely without legal accountability of the abusers and active complicity of officials. He argued that this culture could be brought to an end or significantly curtailed by donor countries and international lending institutions......full text

    TPLF cannot be reformed; like apartheid, it should be dismantled

    ...Well, what about those Ethiopians who lost their property in Eritrea? At the port of Assab? What happened to the brave Ethiopian soldiers who pre- and post-1991 Shaebia took as POWs to the Sahel, and have never been heard from? What about the fate of those over 100 Ethiopian citizens who were abducted by Shaebia from Irob Alitena, and have never been seen again? What happened to the ruling of the Claims Commission at The Hague? Well, this is a difficult question to answer, and we've to wait until Ethiopia falls into the hands of an Ethiopian.Here it should be noted that we have no qualms against Eritreans who rebuild their lives through just hardwork. What we are opposed is the time-bomb Mr. Meles is burying between Eritreans and Ethiopians. His strategy to build a privileged class of Eritreans over the ruins of Ethiopia should be condemned not only by Ethiopians but also fair-minded Eritreans. ......full text

    Ethiopia's new climate of fear

    ...But for all this generosity, an authoritarian government rules Ethiopia with virtual impunity. Prime minister Meles Zenawi, in power for 18 years, has crushed the opposition. His ruling party dominates public institutions. Worse still, in a vast and predominantly rural country, the prime minister's underlings control broadcasting and maintain a choke-hold on other media......full text

    Crimes of willful ignorance

    This past week, the attack dogs of the dictatorship in Ethiopia were unleashed against Amnesty International (AI) because that organization had requested publication of the names of suspects arrested for allegedly conspiring to assassinate high officials and blow up government buildings......full text

    Democracy at bay!

    �When the people fear the government, you have tyranny. When the government fears the people, you have freedom,� said Thomas Paine, one of the inspiring figures of the American revolution. On May 15, 2005, for the first time and for a fleeting moment in Ethiopia�s millennial history, government was forced to kneel down before the people, bow its head in trepidation and submit to their will and awesome power......full text

    Meles Zenawi's regime recent panic is not without cause

    The recent accusation by Meles Zenawi's clique of an alleged �coup� attempt led by Ginbot 7, which in a matter of days, was revised and heralded as an �assassination� attempt is a vivid indication of a very serious internal danger that the regime has begun to face. The only objective of the confusing and the constantly changing statements coming from the Prime Minster�s office is to distract Ethiopians and the international community from seeing the real crisis engulfing the regime.......full text

    Terminal Paranoia!

    The latest saga of brutal repression in Ethiopia comes in the form of an alleged �desperado� conspiracy to �overthrow� the dictatorial regime. Leading the phalanx of �desperadoes� include an 80-year old grandfather, a young man and an active duty officer.......full text

    Woyane/EPRDF tightening grip on Ethiopia ahead of poll

    The government has closed all democratic space by monitoring and intimidating the media and civil society.It has tightened its control on free speech, forcing observers to question whether it will be possible to hold a free and fair election under the prevailing circumstances .......full text

    Ethiopia Denies Coup Plot, Calls 40 Detainees 'Desperadoes'

    EPRDF/Woyane officials say 40 people arrested over the past week had been plotting a campaign of assassinations and strategic bombings aimed at disrupting public order. Most of the suspects are said to be current or former army officers.......full text

    The pathology of the dictator's mind (Part I & II)

    Let me first recap the Malign narcissistic grandiosity that is characteristic of all dictators and tyrants. Typical symptoms of grandiosity that can be observed in your typical autocratic ruler/megalomaniac like Meles Zenawi are: .......full text

    Canada has officially expressed concerns to the Government of Ethiopia

    In a response to SOCEPP-Canada, dated April 23, 2009, the Honorable Lawrence Cannon wrote “The Government of Canada shares your concerns as regards to increasing restrictions being placed on political space and reports of worsening human rights conditions”. He further stated that “the recently passed Charities and Societies Proclamation may hamper the participation of independent civil society organizations in promoting human and democratic rights, conflict prevention, and the rights of vulnerable groups in society”. .......full text

    Message in a Bottle

    Dr. Hailu Araya: Ethiopian patriot. Political prisoner. Educator. Poet. I am not writing to talk about Dr. Hailu, the Ethiopian patriot, the man who gave the brutal former military dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam a passionate six-minute discourse on democracy, freedom and human rights 18 years ago to the month.1 Who would forget that historic showdown between the patriot and the tyrant. Thus spoke Dr. Hailu: .......full text

    Ethiopia bids farewell to legendary singer

    Millions of Ethiopians on Thursday paid their last respects as the flag-draped casket of legendary singer Tilahun Gessesse lowered into the cemetery of the Trinity Cathedral here in the Ethiopian capital. ............full text

    The popular Ethiopian singer, Tilahun Gessesse, has died at the age of 68.

    He had been the most dominant figure in Ethiopian music for more than half a century ............full text

    The Arc of Justice

    In 1965, in a commencement address at Oberlin College, Ohio, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King spoke about the ultimate victory of good over evil, justice over injustice, right over might, truth over lies and human rights over government wrongs. �We shall overcome,� he said �because the arc of a moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice� No lie can live forever�. Truth crushed to earth will rise again�. �Truth forever on the scaffold, wrong forever on the throne, yet that scaffold sways the future, and behind the demon known, stands a God within the shadow, keeping watch above his own.�� .......full text

    Ethiopians rally in rare protest

    Ms Birtukan is a former judge and was one of the younger and more charismatic leaders of the coalition which did well against the ruling party in the 2005 elections.Our correspondent says that while in jail facing charges of treason, she became even more of a heroine, attracting widespread sympathy as a single mother separated from her baby daughter. ...........full text

    With a friend like this

    Few people outside Ethiopia have ever heard of Birtukan Mideksa. And that's just how the government wants it. Since December, Birtukan has been kept in solitary confinement, one of hundreds of political prisoners there. Her apparent crime? Organizing a democratic challenge to the increasingly iron-fisted rule of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi...........full text

    The lion of Aiga too scared to roar at G20

    It may be too disappointing for some folks to be told that a hyena or a fox is not expected to behave and act like a lion. If a poor hyena gets a chance to mix up with decent lions, the hyena may get puffed up and try to roar and walk like a lion. But all the effort is futile as no great cosmetic surgeon or a revered magician can do a miracle of transforming the poor beast into the king of the jungle. This is a reality of life that even the most ardent admirers of the hyena, those like the silly cheerleaders and propagandists blowing trumpets from mount Aiga, should live with...........full text

    Fleecing the G-20

    British Prime Minister Gordon Brown wants the G-20 (or Group of Twenty Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors of the world�s largest economies) to help cash-strapped African countries manage their balance of payments (money going from one country to all others) as their incomes from foreign investments and aid, remittances and commodities prices vanish in with the collapsing global economy. In mid-March, Brown invited a number of African leaders to meet with him in anticipation of the scheduled G-20 meeting in London on April 2. The hype preceding the G-20 meeting was full of hectoring moralism by the designated panhandler-for-Africa, the dictator in Ethiopia: .............full text

    Ethiopia's famine: deny and delay

    In 2008 famine struck Ethiopia. Now, at the start of 2009 it is looming again. According to the �Humanitarian Requirements� released on 30 January 2009 by the government in Addis Ababa and their �Humanitarian Partners�, 13 million Ethiopians - one-sixth of the population - are in need of aid.............full text


    It is now about three years since I first started making public, my opinions about politics in our motherland. Politics has never been my cup of tea, and the decision to make my views public was out of pure frustration. Now, three years later, the sense of disillusionment and frustration is only worse. I have read the profound observations by Dr Maru Gubena; Dr. Messay Kebede; the many profoundly insightful and analytical articles by Prof. Seid Hassan; and today, an even more emotional write-up by Dr. Daniel Kendie. The common sentiment by all, in addition to the statements of facts, is that of anger, frustration, and even despair. Comforting is not the right word, but I feel the sense of companionship with them! .............full text

    The accounting and accountability of Ethiopia's dictators

    MELES ZENAWI's economic statistics and the platitude with which he presents it remind me of the statistician who puts your head in the oven and your legs in the ice and conveniently tells you that you are fine on the average. At a time when Nobel prize-winning and top-notch economists around the world are unable to tell what the world�s economy would look like in two months, Meles Zenawi boldly declared that the Ethiopian economy will grow by a fantastic 11.2% this year. This is only slightly less than the phantom number given to us for the past year............full text

    For Whom The Bell Tolls

    .....Last July, in one of my weekly commentaries I wrote, �For as long as there are determined and unrelenting prosecutors like Moreno-Ocampo, the likes of al-Bashir, Zenawi and Mengistu can be sure that one day the long arm of international law will catch them and bring them to kneel down before the altar of justice...........full text

    ICC warrant raises questions on leaders targeted

    In Africa, those considered possible targets of the court are leaders in Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Chad, Ivory Coast, Rwanda and Central African Republic.........full text

    ICC: Bashir Warrant Is Warning to Abusive Leaders

    The International Criminal Court's (ICC) issuance of an arrest warrant for President Omar al-Bashir of Sudan signals that even those at the top may be held to account for mass murder, rape and torture, Human Rights Watch said today. ICC judges granted the warrant for Bashir, its first for a sitting head of state, on charges of crimes against humanity and war crimes for his role in orchestrating Sudan's abusive counterinsurgency campaign in Darfur. ...........full text

    Remembering Adwa: The Decisive Ethiopian Victory on March 1, 1896, Halted Italy�s Imperial Ambitions in Africa

    On March 1, 1896, eleven years after the Berlin Conference or what historians call �the Scramble for Africa�, the Ethiopian army led by Emperor Menelik II decisively defeated the Italian army at the Battle of Adwa. Adwa is a town located in the northern part of Ethiopia, near the Ethiopian and Eritrean border. Virtually all the regions, religions, linguistic groups, aristocrats and peasants pulled their resources together to formulate and execute a strategy of victory. By their actions the Ethiopians were not only affirming the power and immense possibilities of unity in diversity, but they were placing issues of freedom and internal reform at the top of the national agenda...........full text

    Birtu-Can! Yes, We Can!

    Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia throughout the world are taking to the streets today to protest human rights violations by the ruling regime, and to demand the release of all political prisoners. The preeminent political prisoner and the undisputed symbol of democratic resistance in Ethiopia today is Birtukan Mideksa, chairperson of Andenet party (Unity for Democracy and Justice party). Over two months ago, Birtukan was strong-armed, manhandled and whisked away to the infamous Kaliti Prison by armed thugs..........full text

    Wiring the Ethiopian Diaspora through civic dialogue and consultation

    At the beginning of the year, we pledged to help initiate and sustain an Ethiopian Diaspora dialogue and consultation process with the aim of building broad consensus for collective action. We expressed our hope that with the proper groundwork it is possible to clearly identifying a set of issues over which pro-democracy Diaspora Ethiopians could take a unified position and speak in one thundering voice. We boldly proclaimed the inspirational theme, �Ethiopian united can never be defeated!� ..........full text

    EU should not tolerate Ethiopia's repression

    On 30 January, European Union policymakers sent a clear signal to Ethiopia: no matter how repressive the government becomes, vast sums of aid will continue to flow. This is emerging as a case study in bad donor policy..........full text

    Attacks on the Press in 2008: Ethiopia

    The small vanguard of independent media that emerged from a brutal 2005 crackdown struggled in the face of continuing government harassment. Although authorities issued licenses allowing a handful of independent political newspapers to operate, they continued to use imprisonment, threats, and legal and administrative restrictions to suppress coverage of sensitive issues.........full text

    Morgan Tsvangirai�s �Fierce Urgency of Now�!

    A year ago, Morgan Tsvangirai won the first round of presidential elections in Zimbabwe. He refused to participate in the run-off calling it a �violent sham� for which his supporters risked death by voting for him. Last week, Tsvangirai became prime minister in a power sharing agreement fabricated by southern African regional leaders. In his inauguration speech, Prime Minster Tsvangirai spoke of the fierce urgency of now for the people of Zimbabwe: ........full text

    AEthiopians united can never be defeated!

    There are some who are working double overtime to make sure Ethiopia is strewn across the African continent like shards of broken ethnic glass. They have spent the last 18 years sleepless devising ways of defeating the people by separating them along ethnic, religious, cultural, regional and class lines. Now, we say emphatically: �Enough! Not This Time!� This is our time to come together and unite against a divisive, dastardly and devilish dictatorship. This is the time to stand up and declare: �Ethiopians united can never be defeated!� ........full text

    A row over human rights

    INDEPENDENT voices in Ethiopia are finding it ever harder to be heard. Suffocated by an irascible government, the country�s newspapers are now the least informative in east Africa. Journalists deemed critical of the prime minister, Meles Zenawi, are pilloried. And they are not alone. ........full text

    Ethiopian Border Affairs Committee Press Release --( January ,2009 )

    Jailed � judge who refused to say sorry

    Birtukan Mideksa has been sentenced to life in prison. She spends her days and nights in solitary confinement in a two-metre by two-metre cell. She cannot leave it to see daylight or even to receive visitors. Previous inmates say the prison is often unbearably hot. .......full text

    The right and wrong sides of history

    History has two sides. A right and a wrong side. Barack Obama is on the right side of history. He is on the right side of history because he was elected rightfully by the American people and became president in a peaceful constitutional transfer of power.......full text

    Ethiopia curb on charities alarms human rights activists

    Human rights activists have accused the Ethiopian government of tightening its grip on power through a new law on charity funding that they claim will criminalise human rights work and clamp down on political debate ahead of next year's elections........full text

    Canadian party calls for Birtukan's unconditional release

    The New Democratic Party (NDP) of Canada calls for the Immediate and Unconditional release of Miss Birtukan Mideksa In his January 15, 2009 letter addressed to Hon. Lawrence Cannon, Canada?s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Paul Dewar, MP, Ottawa Centre and the NDP?s Foreign Affairs Critic, stated that: ?NDP believes that the Government of Canada must call on the Ethiopian authorities to release Birtukan Mideksa immediately and unconditionally, unless she is charged with a recognizable criminal offence?. ........full text

    Close Ranks, Open Hearts and Minds, Shake Hands and Get Busy!

    It is time to close ranks against an arrogant and abusive dictatorship in Ethiopia! It is time for all Ethiopians in the Diaspora to come together and stand up against Evil. As the old saying goes, �All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men and women do nothing." ......full text

    Human Rights Watch 2008 Report

    The Ethiopian government�s human rights record remains poor, marked by an ever-hardening intolerance towards meaningful political dissent or independent criticism. Ethiopian military forces have continued to commit war crimes and other serious abuses with impunity in the course of counterinsurgency campaigns in Ethiopia�s eastern Somali Region and in neighboring Somalia........full text

    US warns Ethiopia new law could curtail aid

    ADDIS ABABA � The United States, Ethiopia's main donor, warned Friday that a new law adopted by Addis Ababa restricting foreign-funded aid groups may curtail its assistance........full text

    In defense of Birtukan Mideksa

    If you can�t beat up the big boys in Mogadishu, beat on the woman and the old man in Addis Ababa!That happened last week in Ethiopia. Unity for Democracy and Justice Party (UDJP) President Ms. Bertukan Mideksa was strong-armed, manhandled and whisked away to the infamous Kality prison. In a VOA interview, Professor Mesfin Woldemariam, the aging human rights lion of Ethiopia, gave eyewitness testimony.......full text

    Will 2009 be our year of independence from dictatorship?

    Will 2009 be different from 2008 -- a year filled with increasing misery, repression and violence in Ethiopia and of apathy, disillusionment and division in the Diaspora? I say, yes, but only if we Ethiopians now demonstrate that we are prepared for new solidarity around shared goals, principles and values so we can speak with �one voice� that Congressman Chris Smith says has been missing!......full text

    Ginbot 7: on the withdrawal of Meles Zenawi's troops from Somalia

    After 2 years of wreaking havoc in Somalia and suffering a humiliating defeat, the Meles regime in Ethiopia this week is forced to withdraw its invading army.......full text

    Ethiopia's main opposition leader jailed

    Ethiopia's main opposition leader has been sent to prison to serve a life sentence, after a pardon granted to her last year was revoked......full text

    2008: Ethiopian Groundhog Year!

    2008 in Ethiopia was Groundhog Year! It was a repetition of 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004� Everyday millions of Ethiopians woke up only to find themselves trapped in a time loop where their lives replayed like a broken record. Each �new� day is the same as the one before it: Repression, intimidation, corruption, incarceration, deception, brutalization and human rights violation. Everything that happened to them the previous day, the previous week, the previous month, the previous 18 years happens to them today. They are resigned to the fact that they are doomed to spend the rest of their lives asphyxiated in a Prison Nation. They have no idea how to get out of this awful cycle of misery, agony, despair and tribulation. So, they pray and pray and pray and pray� for deliverance from Evil!.......full text

    The rise of the Shabab

    FOR all its paradisal waters, golden dunes and swanky �eco-lodges�, life in Kenya�s coastal district of Kiunga, just a few miles from the border with Somalia, is hard. The place is remote, hungry and thirsty. The harvest and the wells have failed again. Fishermen have no boats, only frayed nets cast from shore. Their catch rots for want of refrigeration. But what makes the village elders more nervous than anything is their proximity to Somalia......full text

    The Horn of Fear

    What a difference two years make! In December 2006, Zenawi invaded Somalia to save it from the �terrorist axis of evil� -- Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab and the Islamic Courts Union........full text

    War crimes and the devastation of Somalia

    ...Beyond its own borders Somalia has had a reputation for violent chaos since the collapse of its last central government in 1991. When Ethiopian military forces intervened there in late 2006 the country already bore the scars of 16 conflict-ridden years without a government.But the last two years are not just another typical chapter in Somalia's troubled history. The human rights and humanitarian catastrophe facing Somalia today threatens the lives and livelihoods of millions of Somalis on a scale not witnessed since the early 1990s.......full text

    The unintended consequences of the ordeals of Teddy Afro

    If there were any doubters about the viciousness and callousness of Zenawi's dictatorship, those doubts must now be dispelled by the recent conviction of Tewodros Kassahun (aka Teddy Afro) in the kangaroo court of the despot.........full text

    Analyst Not Surprised by Ethiopia's Troop Pull Out From Somalia

    .....�In a normal political environment where there is checks and balances, where the media has a say, where civic organizations do have a say, it could have some negative impact on the prime minister. But the prime minister controls every aspect of life in Ethiopia. He can silence political parties and he can silence the media. So I don�t see an immediate threat to the prime minister. In other democratic societies, that could have called for a vote of no confidence and he could have been removed from office,� ..........full text

    Other criminals behind the curtain

    On November 26, 2008 I was amazed to learn the Ethiopian Television Amharic service dismissing the recent detailed Human Rights Watch (HRW) report on the atrocities committed by the government of Ethiopia on the people of Ogaden.........full text

    The link between ethno-centric minority rule and corruption

    Many observers, including those members of the Diaspora community who visit their homeland, Ethiopia, have observed that the level of corruption in Ethiopia is so unprecedented that it defies common sense. The outright theft that is going on in the country has many dimensions, which are:...........full text

    The Second American Revolution

    In the first American Revolution, Thomas Jefferson declared to a �candid world� that �when in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another�, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.� That revolution was against King George III............full text

    Angels in November!

    I remember November. And June, too. I remember 2005. It was our season of hope and redemption. As Shakespeare might have put it, 2005 was �the winter of our discontent/ Made glorious summer by the victory of Kinijit. And all the clouds that low'r'd upon our country/ In the deep bosom of the ocean buried.� Today, it is still winter in Ethiopia............full text

    Time's up for dictators

    The historical U.S. election is now over by electing Barack Obama as the 44th President. The landslide victory goes beyond making history. Obama�s administration is set to bring definite change for the entire world. It is a dream come true for millions of Americans who have never thought to see this day. It is also a hope for so many people and governments around the world who have been devastated by the wars and the economic crisis. ...........full text

    Ethiopian Border Affairs Committee, Press Release, Nov. 12,2008 (Click Here)

    The genius of America

    The Barack Obama story can be told only in America. Nowhere else. He said it himself, �If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible; who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time; who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer.� But the struggle for equality, justice and freedom for African Americans spans centuries. In 1822, ...........full text

    Hundreds of Thousands Cheer Obama's Presidential Victory in Chicago

    Senator Barack Obama's victory in the U.S. presidential election was celebrated in his home town of Chicago by hundreds-of-thousands of supporters who reveled in the history-making moment. In a large, open-air park, Obama thanked his supporters, and outlined the change he hopes to make as president. VOA's Kane Farabaugh has followed Obama's campaign, and files this report from Chicago............full text

    Third anniversary of the suppression of Ethiopia's free press

    am writing from the designated seat of the African Union, AddisAbaba, home to the headquarters of that prized ideal of ours: Africa Union. Because of the inimitable standing of Addis Ababa as the political capital of Africa, and thus a beacon of hope and all that is best in us as Africans, it will hardly be too much to expect this city to be a center of learning, culture, cosmopolitanism, tolerance, arts, innovation and creativity, equality, rule of law, democracy and freedom of expression. In other words, a city suited for the twenty-first century that all Africans could like, live in, identify with and be proud of. ...........full text

    Biting the hands that feed millions

    If you can�t feed your people, bite the hands that feed them. That seems to be the metaphysics (first principles that define reality) of the Zenawi regime. Oxfam, Save the Children, Food for the Hungry International, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent, Medecins Sans Frontieres, the International Islamic Relief Organization, and hundreds of other non-governmental organizations will soon be out of business in Ethiopia or submit to one of the most repressive and anti-non-governmental (NGO) laws in the world............full text

    Quiet riot in Ethiopia

    This past week an official report on riot control entitled �Modernizing Internal Security in Ethiopia� was posted online1. The report, prepared for the ruling regime in Ethiopia in July 2008 by retired British colonel Michael Dewars, summarizes findings and recommendations of an �assessment� study completed under the auspices of an Anglo-Ethiopian �think tank�. According to Col. Dewars a �number of experts on Ethiopia, including HE the Ethiopian Ambassador in London and an ex-British Ambassador to Ethiopia� had been meeting on the subject at the Ethiopian embassy in London beginning in May, 2007. Regime official Tefera Waluwa, in a letter dated January 2, 2008, instructed Col. Dewars to �complete an initial assessment� and �make recommendations designed to create a modern security force that will function effectively by using strategies designed to pre-empt civil unrest which threatens the security of the State of Ethiopia and its People,� and on the equipping and training of such a Security force.�............full text

    Sending Cash Home: The Political Economy of Remittances in Ethiopia

    It is gratifying to know that Ethiopian Americans are carrying their fair share of the load in helping the economy of their homeland. It was an eye-opening revelation to learn that Ethiopian Americans contributed a cool $1.2 billion to the Ethiopian economy this past year. That is �only second to the amount generated by Ethiopia�s exports.� Last week Elias Loha, Manager of Reserve Management and Foreign Exchange Market of Ethiopian National Bank, fretting over �a cut in vital remittances from Ethiopians in the United States� told Reuters: �We are concerned and worried that as a result of the financial crisis... some of the Ethiopians may loose their jobs and as a result they may stop sending money to help their families back home.� Could that be a backhanded way of giving us teeny-weeny credit for the much vaunted stratospheric �10 percent a year economic growth� Zenawi gasbags about? Regardless, there seems to be manifest alarm in Zenawi�s officialdom that the Ethiopian-American goose may not be laying as many golden eggs as it has been previously because of the sub-prime mortgage debacle............full text

    The End of Pax Zenawi in Somalia

    The situation in Somalia has turned Code Red. Things are deteriorating very fast for Zenawi�s troops. The Al-Shabaab �jihadists� have taken over southern Somalia, and are ravenously eyeing Mogadishu. It is no longer �hit-and-run� guerrilla warfare. It is capture-and-stay. They have captured Kisimayo, a southern port town. They are staying. They are being �flooded with money� from supporters and backers throughout the Middle East. They have shut down the Mogadishu airport. Now they are vowing to do the same with the sea ports. The 2500 or so African Union peacekeepers from Uganda and Burundi are holed up in their garrisons in Mogadishu as the insurgents rain rocket-propelled grenades on them at will. Bombings, assassinations, piracy, kidnappings and hostage-taking are a daily fact of life in Somalia...........full text

    Woyane/EPRDF accused of hiding famine as millions starve

    JIJIGA - Ethiopia has been accused of deliberately underestimating the scale of a deadly drought facing millions of its people, some of whom are being deprived of emergency food aid by the country�s military.........full text

    Democracy key to furthering peace, rights and development, says Ban

    In an address to a General Assembly event marking the inaugural Day, Mr. Ban noted that democracy has its detractors, who believe that it has failed to help people or that it is propelled by interfering foreign influences........full text

    Feingold introduces Ethiopia act in Senate

    The Coalition for HR 2003 has learned that Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI), Chairman of the Subcommittee on African Affairs, introduced a bill entitled �Support for Democracy and Human Rights in Ethiopia Act of 2008�. We are grateful to Senator Feingold and his staff for introducing this legislation in the Senate.......full text

    Millennium on ice: reflections on promises deferred

    What a difference a year makes in a Millennium! A year ago, almost to the day, we celebrated a moment of triumph. It was the 9th of September. A day I will always remember. It was our day of jubilation. A day of pride. It was a day that embodied the strivings of the millions of Ethiopians who came out to vote in May 2005, hoping to build a free and democratic Ethiopia for the first time in history. It was also a solemn day of remembrance of the sacrifices of the innocent sons and daughters of Ethiopia who were cut down like blades of grass protesting stolen elections. It was a day unlike any other in the history of Ethiopians in America. On that glorious September day, we mustered a mighty force of humanity in a caravan of freedom riders that stretched from Dulles Airport in Virginia to Washington, D.C...........full text

    Obang prayer at the Solidarity Symposium

    We call on you today because you are our only hope for the future. We come to you as people you have created, but who have failed you. Yet, only because of your greatness, love, mercy and goodness have you continued to stretch out your arms to us, urging us to seek you and to turn from our destructive ways...........full text

    The Artist as Hero: The Ballad of Teddy Afro

    The great Tewodros Kassahun (Teddy Afro) is Zenawi�s most famous political prisoner in Ethiopia today. Zenawi jacked Teddy on bogus charges of vehicular manslaughter, failure to assist the injured and driving without a license. Teddy was out on �bail� until April 2008, when his bail was revoked for no good cause and taken to the lice-infested Kality prison...........full text

    Gotta know when to fold'em

    Pakistan and Ethiopia are sisters in misfortune. First, for much of their modern political history, they have been the playgrounds of autocrats and tinhorn dictators. For over one-half of its 61 year existence as a state, Pakistan has been ruled by iron-fisted generals, including Mohammad Ayub Khan (1958-1969), Mohammad Ziaul Haq (1977-1988), Yahya Khan (1969-1971) and Pervez Mushrraf (1999-2008). Ethiopia languished long under the autocratic regime of Emperor Haile Selassie, followed by the murderous rule of a communist military junta. For the last 17 years, she has been plundered by a bloodthirsty dictatorship of thugs. Second, Pakistan and Ethiopia have two of the most corrupt governments in the world..........full text

    The grammar of dictators

    On August 7, 2008, Zenawi gave an interview to Time Magazine in which he flatly denied the existence of famine in Ethiopia: �We have pockets of severe malnutrition in some districts in the south and an emergency situation in the Somali region,� he explained, �but it is a manageable problem.� Zenawi said Ethiopia has not seen famine during his 17 years at the helm of power: �Famine has wreaked havoc in Ethiopia for so long, it would be stupid not to be sensitive to the risk of such things occurring.........full text

    Save Addis Dimts Radio Broadcast to Ethiopia (Abbay Media Report ) ( August 03 ,2008 )

    We've met the enemy!

    Lately, there has been talk about �The Enemy." Some say, the Woyane regime of Zenawi is �The Enemy.� Others say it is not. If woyane is the �The Enemy," what to do? If it is not, then what? Does it matter whether one calls Zenawi's regime �The Enemy�?.......full text

    What price have you and your motherland paid?

    You may be an architect of the political order of the day, a professor of political science, an elementary school teacher, an administrator, a resident of another country, or an ordinary citizen living in Ethiopia, but you cannot escape the impact and consequences of the politics of your motherland!.......full text

    " Bad Boys, What You Gonna Do When the ICC Catches You?�

    In September, 2004 President George W. Bush lamented, �The world is witnessing terrible suffering and horrible crimes in the Darfur region of Sudan, crimes my government has concluded are genocide.� In July, 2008, President Omar al-Bashir officially became the numero uno wanted man for orchestrating genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and murder in the Darfur region of the Sudan.......full text

    Why is "Ethiopia a failed state?"

    The Failed States Index for 2008 is out; and the Land of Famine, Gross Human Rights Violations, Stolen Elections and Poverty is re-certified as a �Failed State�, again! We have Zenawi and his corrupt regime to thank for this dubious honor. But there is a simple formula that can predict the evolution of a failed state in Ethiopia: FL+FR(k)/time =FS. Simply stated, Zenawi (FL) and his TPLF-EPDRF syndicate (FR(k)) operating a kleptocracy (government of thieves) over a period of 17 years (/time) have produced a failed state in Ethiopia (FS) ......full text

    Martyrs are eternal treasures

    Exemplary sacrifices of our martyrs and patriots: lift us up when our apathy to burning national is intolerable; invigorate our spirit to fight back when our freedoms are abused; remind us of our duties as citizens to spur into action when our core common values are violated; appeal to our conscience to act in the defense of those values; urge us to retaliate in kind when armed aggressors cross into our land and persecute our fellow citizens on silent watch of their government; compel us to confront the government of the day that fails to defend the territorial integrity of our country and protect our fellow citizens. Above all, martyrs are credible evidence of who we are; they are an open book in which to read the noble causes for which our heroes and heroines sacrificed their precious lives. It should therefore infuriate us when traitors in the top echelon of the TPLF leadership ride roughshod on the fundamental value of independence bequeathed to us by martyrs who had made the ultimate sacrifice. ......full text

    We must stand with the people of Ethiopia

    Over the past year, I have become increasingly concerned by reports coming out of the Ogadan region of Ethiopia regarding military attacks on civilians and Government blockades of essential humanitarian and commercial supplies. National and international aid organizations with field missions in the area describe security forces burning villages and Government officials ordering entire village populations to move to specific �resettlement� locations that lack sufficient......full text

    Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ) (Andenet) - Formed (click here)

    Ginbot 7, strongly Condemns the Appalling Crime against humanity Perpetrated by the Meles Zenawi Dictatorial Regime in the Ogaden region.

    Human Rights Watch, the most respected and credible human rights advocacy group, in its well documented and evidenced report has accused the tyrannical regime of Meles Zenawi to have had been committed crime against humanity in the region of Ogaden on a report issued June the 12th 2008......full text

    Group accuses Ethiopia of war crimes in Ogaden

    By Elizabeth A.Kennedy , AP/ June 17, 2008
    Ethiopia's government is committing war crimes in its military campaign against rebels in the Ogaden region, a rights group charged Thursday in a report that complained the U.S. and other Western governments willfully ignored abuses.............full text

    Letter to President Omar Al-Bashir of Sudan

    Ethiopian organizations / June 6, 2008
    .....We wish to register our protest in the strongest possible terms that any attempted boundary settlement your government reaches with the Tigray People�s Liberation Front (TPLF), will neither bind the rest of the country, nor achieve a stable or durable settlement of whatever outstanding differences might exist between our countries regarding the location of our common boundary. On the contrary, any such settlement is bound to be a continuing source of friction and an unnecessary obstacle to furthering and deepening the economic cooperation and cultural exchanges that currently exist between our two countries.......full text

    Border Demarcation with Sudan Causes Anger in Ethiopia

    VOA , June 5, 2008
    Residents and community leaders in western Ethiopia say thousands of people in several border regions have been displaced by Sudanese troops in recent weeks, following what they describe as a secret, illegal deal between the governments in Addis Ababa and Khartoum. Critics say the secret deal to demarcate the border gives Sudan the right to occupy areas Ethiopians historically consider sacrosanct. VOA Correspondent Alisha Ryu has details from our East Africa Bureau in Nairobi........full text

    Death by kangaroo court

    Editorial , Ethiomedia / June 02, 2008
    What a mockery of justice! Meles Zenawi sending Mengistu Hailemariam and his lieutenants to the gallows for �serious crimes against humanity�! Imagine Adolf Hitler condemning Benito Mousollini to death for �war crimes against Ethiopians." Imagine the pot calling the kettle black! .......full text

    Ethiopia�s humanitarian situation rapidly deteriorating � UN

    May 25, 2008
    The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said today that it is concerned by conditions in Ethiopia and that the situation will deteriorate further without an immediate infusion of resources to carry out life-saving interventions.......full text

    Meles admits the secret handing over of Ethiopian land to sudan

    APA, May 21, 2008
    Recent reports said that Ethiopian farmers were displaced by Sudanese troops at two border areas......full text

    Worldwide Ethiopian march for freedom and democracy May 15-18,2008

    May 13, 2008
    The third anniversary of the failed Ethiopian National Election is a day away. Accordingly, worldwide events are on schedule to kick off in cities across North America, Europe, Australia, Africa and Israel.These events will publicly demonstrate that the Ethiopian peoples� thirst for freedom, human rights, justice and democracy will not die despite the hijacking of the last election and the increasing repression within the country. This has been a huge organizational task and will not be perfect, but it is the beginning. Let the sleeping giant�the freedom loving people of Ethiopia�awaken and rise up for truth and right!.......full text

    Something is rotten in the state of Ethiopia!

    Ethiomedia/ May 11, 2008
    First, it was access to the Red Sea. Meles handed over the Port of Assab, along with everything else, to secessionist Eritrea, permanently landlocking Ethiopia. Next came Badme and all the areas we lost along the northeastern part of the country. Meles set the country up for a total diplomatic defeat from the jaws of absolute Ethiopian military victory, and delivered Badme over to Eritrea (after turning over documents weakening Ethiopia�s claim) in binding international arbitration. Then Meles invaded Somalia, a stateless country long in the throes of clan warfare. In just over a year, Meles created one million internally displaced people and the second most desperate humanitarian crises in the world today. Now, from all indications, it appears Meles has done it again! He has delivered Tach Armacho, Quara, Metema and Abdris on a silver platter to none other than the Butcher of Darfur, Omar Al-Bashir. Would somebody please tell us what in God�s name Meles is doing to Ethiopia? .......full text

    Amnesty International accuses Ethiopian troops in Somalia of war atrocities

    The Associated Press / May 06, 2008
    Amnesty International said Tuesday that Ethiopian troops who support Somalia's UN-backed government are killing civilians, slitting people's throats and gang-raping women.The human rights group called on the international community to intervene to halt the bloodshed. It released a report Tuesday containing chilling witness accounts of indiscriminate killings - and even the intentional targeting of civilians - in the Horn of Africa nation. The accounts single out Ethiopian troops for some of the worst violations. .......full text

    To be or not to be

    Editorial , Ethiomedia / April 30, 2008
    To be or not to be prime minister in 2010? That was the question put to Meles Zenawi by Newsweek a couple of weeks ago: �Will you stay as prime minister after your term expires in 2010? Meles: �This is likely to be my last term.� Such was the pithy and cryptic response of the normally pompous and bombastic dictator. �Likely�? What does that mean? Used as an adverb, the word �likely� is commonly preceded by a modifier such as �very�, �most� or �quite� as in �This is (most) likely to be my last term.� So used, the word conveys a measure of sincerity, good faith and certitude about one�s intentions, if not actual plans. Used in its adjectival form, the word �likely� could mean �probable� or �possible�, as in �It is probable or possible this could be my last term.� .......full text

    Government's PR machine hides many brutal truths

    By Dula Abdu ,Houston Chronicle / April 26, 2008
    .....The concerns of Ethiopians in diaspora and at home have been marginalized by the PR machine of the regime in Addis Ababa, which denies the existence of human rights violations and record famine.While the Ethiopian government is spending millions in lobbying, American tax dollars are being used to prop up the regime and to ship weapons. At the same time, almost a quarter of the Ethiopian population is facing starvation. The United States is about to send more grain, but not as much as it once did.......full text

    Ethiopians choose local officials in vote marred by opposition boycott

    By Anita Powell, AP / April 20, 2008
    Ethiopians chose local representatives Sunday in nationwide elections marred by a boycott by the two largest opposition parties and criticized by a prominent international human rights group.Government officials in the key U.S. ally touted the polls as a sign of Ethiopia's commitment to democracy after the bloody aftermath of the 2005 general elections, but opposition parties said a systematic campaign of beatings, arrests and intimidation forced out more than 17,000 of their candidates.. .......full text

    Ethiopia's Election Panel, Opposition Trade Accusations

    .............�As far as the board is concerned, it is just a fabrication,� said Merga. �There is no evidence for that. We have thoroughly discussed about the issue together with his excellency, Ato [[Mr.] Bulcha. We have attempted to solve the problems, and we have solved many of the problems. But when there is no evidence, it is very difficult for the board to solve what they are claiming, so we consider as fabrication.�..........full text

    Power Politics Trumps Democracy in U.S.-backed Ethiopia

    ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia�Dawn in the Merkato breaks over a tangle of streets jammed with shouting hawkers and towering pyramids of ripe produce from Ethiopia�s fertile countryside. Today it is a popular destination for sunburnt foreign tourists, expensive cameras poised to capture lively scenes from one of Africa�s largest open-air markets.Few of them, unloading from tour buses today, know that less then three years ago these bustling streets were stained with the blood of murdered citizens who had flooded into the center of Ethiopia�s capital city to protest the contested re-election of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi..........full text

    Etiopia: War crimes tribunal violated human rights

    The Ethiopian legal system has accused several thousands of brutal war crimes. Now the war crimes tribunal has itself violated fundamental human rights.........full text

    Ethiopia and the United States - A loveless liaison

    THE alliance between the United States and Ethiopia was born of pragmatism. In another time, they might have been enemies. Ethiopians do not like American soldiers tramping on their soil. Americans dislike Ethiopia's bad human-rights record. Local elections due this month are a case in point. Ethiopia's opposition, emasculated by the long imprisonment of its leaders (most of whom were pardoned last year) and weakened by its own divisions, will almost certainly be crushed in an unfair contest. �It's going to be a stitch-up,� says a Western diplomat. �Control is what this government is all about.�.........full text

    Zimbabwe Opposition Claims Victory in Presidential, Parliamentary Elections

    The Secretary-General of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), Tendai Biti, said opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai won the presidential election with more than 50 percent (50.3) of the vote, while President Robert Mugabe received 43 percent.........full text

    The folly of dubbing Ethiopia "black colonizer

    �Land to the tiller� was a passion - a darling slogan for those of us involved in the period of the struggle leading to the outbreak of the Ethiopian revolution of 1974 G.C. In the aftermath of the revolution, various political orientations emerged including copycats of the works of Marx, Engel, Lenin, Stalin, Mao et al. The copycats made a mess of applying the works of Marx to the socio-economic conditions of technologically, scientifically and industrially backward Ethiopia. Self-styled �paragons� of the communist ideology including EPRP (old) and TPLF ardently supported the ill-conceived theory that the Eritrean question is a colonial issue which must therefore be resolved in that context........full text

    The black and white of civil disobedience and armed struggle

    Despotic governments all over the world almost always face resistance. The forms of resistance range from civil disobedience to armed struggle. Philosophers and activists have argued for and against both kind of resistance. Their bases for the argument are the severity of casualties, the length of time elapse, and requirement of resources among others. The objective is the effectiveness of the resistance which by itself is a base for the argument.......full text

    The Absent Media

    I am among the thousands of Ethiopians who were astonished after reading an article entitled �33 years of TPLF and 32 years of Meles Zenawi: Suppression in the name of Liberation� posted on on February 23, 2008 co-authored by Tesfay Atsbeha, and Kahsay Berhe who regret to have been members of TPLF before it was taken over by anti-Ethiopian elements. These two genuine Ethiopians have once again exposed the mobsters who have so far gotten away working in the name of Tigrayans, all out against the rest of the Ethiopian people. This well written and astounding article has hopefully re-stimulated our senses to the nature and daily actions of the clique in power. ......full text

    U.S. DEPARTMENT of STASE - 2007 Human Rights Report: Ethiopia

    Human rights abuses reported during the year included: limitation on citizens' right to change their government during the most recent elections; unlawful killings, and beating, abuse, and mistreatment of detainees and opposition supporters by security forces; poor prison conditions; arbitrary arrest and detention, particularly of those suspected of sympathizing with or being members of the opposition or insurgent groups; detention of thousands without charge and lengthy pretrial detention; ......full text

    UN policy in Horn of Africa questioned

    By Cindy Saine, VOA / March 12, 2008
    WASHINGTON - Democratic Senator Russ Feingold Tuesday delivered a scathing criticism of the U.S. policy in the Horn of Africa. At a Senate Foreign Affairs Committee hearing, he called on the Bush administration to do more to address the worsening security, political and humanitarian conditions in the region, especially in Somalia. VOA Correspondent Cindy Saine reports from Washington.........full text

    Key leaders absent from Ethiopian elections

    By Elizabeth Blunt,BBC News, Addis Ababa / March 3, 2008
    Ethiopians will soon be getting their first chance to vote since the general election in 2005, which ended with violent protests and the jailing of most of the leaders of the opposition.The opposition CUD coalition won far more seats than any opposition party had ever won before, but they were convinced that the true result should have been even more in their favour. ........full text

    Adwa�s Lessons to the Democratic Opposition

    Maimire Mennasemay,Ph.D/ Feb.28, 2008
    On March 1st, 2008, Ethiopians commemorate the 112th anniversary of the Adwa victory. Adwa is one of those historical events that tears apart the fog of politics and unveils a new horizon that reveals a people�s capability to become a master of its own destiny. But our rulers have reduced Adwa to a drum-and-trumpet event and emptied it of its liberating spirit. However, there is a living Adwa, critical of the mummified Adwa our rulers celebrate, which dwells in our history as an unfinished task that urges Ethiopians to complete the struggle for freedom their ancestors started in 1896. Openness to Adwa as a living experience could disclose a historical compass that could help the democratic opposition find its way out from its current disarray........full text

    Solidarity Forum of Ethiopia

    Press Release / Feb.28, 2008
    Dear Fellow Ethiopians and Friends of Ethiopia: After working behind the scene and contacting various distinguished and ordinary individuals in our community (both for support and ideas) we, the coordinating committee of concerned Ethiopians, are pleased to formally announce the birth of the Solidarity Forum of Ethiopia. Although not finalized yet, the Forum�s Mission and its Bylaws are being drafted and nearing completion.........full text

    33 years of TPLF and 32 years of Meles Zenawi

    Suppression in the name of Liberation

    By Kahsay Berhe and Tesfay Atsbeha / Feb.27, 2008
    On the occasion of the 33rd anniversary of the TPLF, we pay our sincere and due respect to the tens of thousands of TPLF fighters, including our brothers, sisters, friends, schoolmates, neighbours and comrades-in-arms, who gave theirs lives, so that their remaining compatriots may lead a better life. To these fallen belong also fighters, militias and civilians murdered by Meles Zenawi and his collaborators. According to our information so far, the number of innocent people murdered by the TPLF in Tigray (with the exception of Hawzien and Wuqro) is more than those murdered by the Dergue in Tigray.........full text

    US policy on African faulted on priorities

    Security Is Stressed Over Democracy

    By Stephanie McCrummen , Washington Post Foreign Service / Feb.22, 2008
    NAIROBI -- In his tour of Africa, President Bush steered clear of countries where stability, human rights and progress toward democracy have degenerated during his tenure, among them Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Chad, Uganda and Kenya. In those countries, Bush's focus on counterterrorism has overtaken his other stated foreign policy goals of promoting democracy and human rights, according to analysts."While democratization has clearly been one of the three major stated objectives of the Bush administration -- the others being security and development -- democratization probably ranks third," said Joel Barkan, a senior associate with the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. "You can see it in several ways, but it's mainly the subordination of democratization to the so-called war on terror." .......full text

    The Roosters are Crowing : It�s Time for Africans to Sweep Our Huts Clean of Dirty Politics

    By Obang Metho / Feb.20, 2008
    The African roosters are crowing from the north to the south to the east and to the west as the first rays of dawn�s light are cracking through the darkness hanging over Africa. From all over the continent, Africans are awakening to a new understanding of their God-given rights, their democratic rights and with them, to the desire to rule themselves. No longer are they willing to put up with a legacy of corrupt, greedy and power-hungry dictators, no different from the colonizers, who controlled the continent for years with their evil policies of divide and conquer.The people of Ethiopia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Chad, Nigeria, Somalia, Uganda, the Congo - too many places to name, are challenging the status quo of dirty politics and dirty politicians, not with guns, but with their brooms! We are entering a new era and it is time to clean our huts of corrupt leaders who refuse to give up power while robbing and oppressing the people they are supposed to serve! This is the root of our suffering, misery and pain. .......full text

    The ethiopianization of Kenya

    Ethiomedia , Editorial / Feb.20, 2008
    A few days ago the New York Times reported that Kenya is in the "throes of ethnic segregation." Following the highly disputed presidential elections there, hundreds of thousands of people have been internally displaced, resulting in a massive flight of Kenyans of all ethnic backgrounds to their "ancestral homelands." No one could have seriously predicted such decomposition of Kenyan society a few months ago.......full text

    Who is in power? --(Ethiomedia)

    Military, Diplomatic Tensions Peak as UN Peacekeepers Withdraw From Eritrea

    VOA / Feb.16, 2008
    The United Nations is halting peacekeeping operations in Eritrea, and closing its mission headquarters in Asmara. The pullout comes two months after the Eritrean government cut off vital fuel supplies and ordered the peacekeepers out. The entire operation is being relocated to the Ethiopian side of the two countries' disputed border. From the Ethiopian town of Mekele, VOA's Peter Heinlein reports the pullout points up the world body's impotence in the face of a tiny country determined to expel its blue-helmeted peacekeepers.........full text

    China 'toxic for Africa freedom'

    BBC / Feb.13, 2008
    The increase in the arrest and imprisonment of journalists in Africa in the last year has been partly blamed on China by Reporters Without Borders. "The influence of China in African affairs has been very toxic for democracy," the media watchdog's Leonard Vincent told the BBC........full text

    American law professor fired from Ethiopian university

    The Sub-Saharan Informer / Feb.10, 2008
    ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia � An American law professor, teaching at the Ethiopian Ministry of Education�s Mekelle University in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, had her contract terminated last week by university officials.The administration claims �incompetence� was the reason for her termination. But Professor Abigail Salisbury claims that her public voicing of alternative views on the U.S. House of Representative�s Ethiopia Democracy and Accountability Act of 2007 (HR2003) got her fired.......full text

    The Political Crisis in Kenya: A Call for Justice and Peaceful Resolution

    Chairman Donald M. Payne / Feb.09, 2008
    ..........Remember the 2005 elections in Ethiopia? Did we condemn the abuses and killings of innocent civilians in Ethiopia after the elections? And where are those elected members of parliament and the mayor of the capital? Not in parliament. They were imprisoned for two years. The thinking may be: if Prime Minister Meles can get away with a stolen election and still remain a friend of Washington, why not Kibaki?......full text

    Ogaden Crackdown Carries High Cost

    By Jim Lobe, IPS / Feb.07, 2008
    An intensified counter-insurgency campaign against Somali rebels and their suspected civilian supporters in Ethiopia�s Ogaden region is drawing growing criticism by human rights groups and concern from the administration of U.S. President George W. Bush, a staunch ally of Addis Ababa.The campaign, which some experts date to an April attack by the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) on a Chinese oil installation in which 74 people were killed, including nine Chinese, is causing immense suffering by the local Somali population, according to Human Rights Watch (HRW) which released a statement on the situation Wednesday..........full text

    Tyranny in the Academy

    By Prof Alemayehu G. Mariam / Feb.04, 2008
    Welcome to higher education in the Land of Absurd-istan! In an incisive article posted on the web-based legal research service, Jurist, Abigail Salisbury, a law professor at Mekelle University recently painted a chilling and naked portrait of a university in a police state.........full text

    Ethiopia: Human Rights Watch 2008 Report

    HRW / Feb 01, 2008
    The Ethiopian government�s human rights record remains poor, both within the country and in neighboring Somalia, where since early 2007 thousands of Ethiopian troops have been fighting an insurgency alongside the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia.........full text

    Making exceptions for Ethiopia

    The Guardian / Feb 01, 2008
    Western policy towards Africa is ill-informed and inconsistent. That's the message of Ethiopia's prime minister, Meles Zenawi, in his interview in the Guardian last week. And there's some truth in what he says. But Meles should be careful what he wishes for.If the west was better informed about the war crimes and human rights abuses committed by Meles' military forces in Somalia and Ogaden, western taxpayers might balk at the thought that their governments are providing Ethiopia with hundreds of millions of dollars of military and economic aid........full text

    In southeastern Ethiopia, war leaves civilians dying, hungry in the middle

    By Anita Powell , AP / Jan 29, 2008
    DEGAHABUR, Ethiopia - In this remote Ethiopian trading town, people speak of the fight between the government and separatists furtively, in snatches. They are trapped in the middle, silence and anonymity their only shield.�We have problems with the (rebels) and the government, both of them,� said a woman crouched in a tailor�s shop, mending a pair of trousers. �They harm us. People have run away from the city because of the clashes between the two parties.�........full text

    Ask now; praise later. What's the motive of Seye Abraha?

    By Ebissa Ragassa / Jan 26, 2008
    Modern Ethiopian politics is an illusion created to confuse and fool the mass through many possible ways of event control. This is a new method that the public has not been aware of yet; it is through controlling events (from the local to the national levels) that the TPLF employees manipulate the Ethiopian peoples. A false event is implanted by the government to create a chaotic state; when the public gets confused and becomes desperate for help, it runs back to the government and accepts any deals the government slaps on the table. In the process, freedom, progress and critical thinking are sacrificed, and the citizens become blind followers.........full text

    Seeye Abraha's new thinking travels to Denver, Seattle

    By Teodros Kiros (Ph.D.) / Jan 26, 2008
    The melodic voice of Seeye travels nationally, and wherever he goes the Ethiopian people are embracing his call for the unconditional release of the prisoners of conscience, the majority of whom speak Oromiffa. Seeye is being embraced by the young and old, men and women, across the vast stretch of the Diaspora arena and beyond it to the heart of the interiors of Ethiopia.Some reputable journalists are reporting that Seeye�s New thinking is giving the prevailing regime massive headaches.........full text

    Ethiopia�s Dirty War

    By Jason McLure | Newsweek / Jan 23, 2008
    It was early one morning in July when 400 Ethiopian soldiers came to Ridwan Hassan Zahid's village of Qorile, 120 miles southeast of Degehebur, Ethiopia, a dusty market town. The small settlement of ethnic Somalis in eastern Ethiopia was suspected of supporting separatist rebels from the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), and the government troops were out to exact revenge. They took Zahid, another woman, and eight men to the nearby village of Babase, where, she says, the soldiers chased away residents and burned the village to the ground. "I became like plastic," she says. "I couldn't feel a thing." ........full text

    A Message of Hope for the New Year from the Anuak Justice Council

    By Obang O. Metho,AJC / Jan 21, 2008
    In the year 2007, the Anuak Justice Council has come closer to many Ethiopians from all over the country. This was not by accident. Despite the great marginalization and discrimination of the people of Gambella and despite the massacre of the Anuak people who have never really recovered from the losses from one of the worst atrocities planned and carried out by the EPRDF government and despite the indifference that kept most Ethiopians silent following these acts, we were convinced that we must reach out to other Ethiopians.........full text

    The prison speaks Oromiffa

    By Fekade Shewakena/ Jan 18, 2008
    The phrase I used for the title of this article would pass for simple ethnic politicking if it was not spoken by a founder and former politburo member of the Tigray People�s Liberation Front (TPLF) and a former Defense Minister of the regime now ruling Ethiopia with an iron fist.The headline is a direct quote of Mr. Seye Abraha, who was released recently after serving six years at the Qaliti dungeon on trumped-up charges of corruption for which his accuser, Mr. Meles Zenawi, could not produce any credible evidence. ...........full text

    Stealing elections in Ethiopia casts bad omen over Kenya

    By Robele Ababya / Jan 16, 2008
    When Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice visited Ethiopia last year, public expectations were she would rebuke the dictator, Meles Zeanwi, over his dismal record for violating human rights since he came to power in 1991. Instead, Secretary Rice took everyone one of us by surprise because she denounced HR 2003, the human rights and democracy act that was adopted unanimously by the House of Representatives. Why was Rice opposed to a bill that would only promote human rights, democracy and government accountability, among others? ...........full text

    Bloggers are Africa's new rebels

    By Paul Salopek, Chicago Tribune / Jan 14, 2008
    ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia � The man was nervous. He was afraid, he said, of the secret police. So he advised me to hire a random taxi. I was to park at a certain church. And there, I was to wait. A few minutes later he called again, this time on a different cell phone. He gave me directions to a nondescript house with an iron gate.�Sorry about these procedures,� he apologized, tapping away at a laptop in a shuttered room. �But I could spend years in prison for what I do.�............full text

    Secretary Rice�s rebuff of HR2003 in Menelik�s City lacks decorum

    By Robele Ababya / Jan 10, 2008
    Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice made her maiden visit to Addis Ababa late last year, although the tyrant Meles Zenawi has since 11 September 2001 been a coalition partner on the war against terrorism as a matter of political expediency over principle. Her denouncing of HR2003 in Addis Ababa - lacked statesmanship and decorum and exposed her insensitivity to the agony, grief and wailing of mothers of the martyrs of June and November 2005 in the aftermath of the historic election decisively won by the opposition and ruthlessly stolen by the ruling party of the despotic ruler............full text

    Kenyan vote exposes Africa's weak democracy

    By By Leon Louw (Business Daily)/ Jan 10, 2008
    January 10, 2008: I have been reading many contributions on the unfortunate developments in Kenya. Some addressed the fundamental issue of what could be done to enhance democracy as a peaceful process in Africa . The problem, as I see it, is a lack of appreciation for the fact that democracy not so much �fails� in Africa as that it hasn�t really been tried............full text

    HR stands for human rights; let's stand up for HR 2003 in 2008

    By Prof. Alemayehu G. Mariam / Jan 08, 2008
    The truth is finally out! The H.R. in H.R. 2003 stands for Human Rights! H.R. has become the special code for the Ethiopian people whenever they want to talk about the rule of law and due process and freedom of expression and association. It has become their special lingo to talk about the need for an independent press and an independent judiciary and for clean elections and the rest of it. And human rights were the rage in Ethiopia in the third quarter of 2007. From the barstools of the Sheraton and Hilton hotels to the tattered wooden benches of the tej, tella and katikalla bets, the talk was H.R. Farmers, day laborers and even listros (shoeshiners) wistfully talked about H.R. �This H.R. We need her! If only we had HeR., �� they�d pine away............full text

    U.S. Engagement in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa

    By Lahra Smith (CSIS)/ Jan 07, 2008
    A reassessment of U.S. policy toward Ethiopia is very much in order. A year has passed since Ethiopia intervened in Somalia, and its troops are bogged down there in an ongoing low-intensity conflict that has created a grave humanitarian crisis. The invasion appears deeply unpopular with the Somali people, and the tide of battle could yet turn decisively against the Ethiopians. Meanwhile, the December 1, 2007 deadline set by the Ethiopia-Eritrea Boundary Commission (EEBC) for demarcation of the border between the two countries has passed without implementation by either party. Troops are massing on both sides of the border, and a renewal of the 1998-2000 border war is entirely possible. Finally, the human rights situation within Ethiopia remains poor, and the country�s long-term political stability is uncertain � prompting the U.S. House of Representatives to pass legislation intended to strengthen U.S. democracy programs in Ethiopia and ban �nonessential assistance� to the Ethiopian government...........full text

    Ethiopia Denies Independent Newspaper Licenses

    VOA News/ January 3, 2008
    Ethiopia has denied licenses to three independent newspaper publishers who were jailed for 17 months in connection with media coverage of the country's 2005 post-election unrest. VOA's Peter Heinlein has details from the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.Journalists and newspaper publishers Eskinder Nega, Serkalim Fasil, and Sisay Agena say they were notified by an Ethiopian information ministry official Monday that their applications for permits to practice journalism were denied. No reasons for the rejections were given."...........full text

    'Genocide on a grand scale' in Kenya, opposition leader says

    CNN / January 3, 2008
    NAIROBI, Kenya (CNN) -- Children's bodies were piled in a Nairobi morgue, churches burned and police on horseback chased pedestrians through the streets as Kenya's political crisis stretched into a fifth day Thursday.Meanwhile, the country's attorney general called for a recount and independent investigation into the December 27 election in which incumbent President Mwai Kibaki was declared the victor over opposition candidate Raila Odinga...........full text

    Who is in power? --( Ethiomedia,2007 )

    HR 2003 is a bill of the decade with global ramification

    By Dagnea Teshome / December 27, 2007
    Dear Friends:We are writing this letter to inform you about what may well be the most important Human Rights bill of the decade � a single bill, specific to one country but with global implications. Once enacted in to law, this bill will have sweeping and global ramification in the exercise of United States Foreign Policy.The bill in question, H.R. 2003 - Ethiopia Democracy & Accountability Act Of 2007, was passed by the House of Representatives on October 2, 2007. The vote was unanimous! Now, the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations must approve it.........full text

    East Africa awaits historic Kenyan election

    Daily Nation / December 27, 2007
    THE EAST AFRICAN COUNTRIES ARE WATCHing the Kenyan general election very keenly, as it is expected to have a major impact on the growth of democracy in the region.Particularly under scrutiny is the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK), which has grown to be one of the most important institution of governance in East Africa..........full text

    What's wrong with Ethiopia?

    By Maimire Mennasemay/ December 23, 2007
    Ethiopia was not made in a day; nor democracy. I would like to look at the Kinijit split from a historical and philosophical perspective. The birth of Kinijit in 2005 was a political earthquake of the like Ethiopia has never known. Its eruption surprised both its enemies and friends. It revealed to all that powerful democratic forces inhabit the interstices of Ethiopian society. And the surprise that is Kinijit is not yet over, for even its internal problems and splits are laying a solid foundation for the emergence, for the first time in the history of Ethiopia, of that indispensable condition without which democracy cannot exist � the public sphere.........full text

    What's wrong with Ethiopia?

    By Obang Metho / December 20, 2007
    What is wrong with Ethiopia? What is becoming very obvious is that it all depends on who you ask. We speak to many Ethiopians every day who tell us about the desperate conditions of the people within Ethiopia. From Ogadenis and reporters like Jeffrey Gettleman of the New York Times, we hear of the horrific human rights abuses and an increasingly worsening humanitarian crisis surpassing that of Darfur in the Ogaden........full text

    Democracy in Africa: For all its flaws, an example to others

    The Economist / December 20, 2007
    IN AFRICA, a hard-fought but fair election in a pivotal country is an example-setting event. No, this is not South Africa, where the election of Jacob Zuma as president of the ruling African National Congress on December 18th dealt a shattering blow to his rival, Thabo Mbeki. Although this puts Mr Zuma in a strong position to lead South Africa when Mr Mbeki's second term as president ends in April 2009, his succession is far from certain (see article). In Kenya on December 27th, however, power may very well change hands after the tightest electoral contest in the country's history.........full text

    Military build-up heightens Ethiopia-Eritrea Border tensions in 2007

    By Peter Heinlein , VOA / December 18, 2007
    Tensions rose along the border between Ethiopia and Eritrea during the year in advance of a November 30 settlement deadline set by an international boundary commission. At year's end, the Horn of Africa rivals had a combined total of nearly a quarter of a million troops facing each other across the disputed frontier. VOA's Peter Heinlein in Addis Ababa reports the boundary commission deadline passed without incident, but the danger of war remains high........full text

    In Rebel Region, Ethiopia Turns to Civilian Patrols

    By Jeffrey Gettleman, New York Times / December 14, 2007
    NAIROBI, Kenya � The Ethiopian government, one of America�s top allies in Africa, is forcing untrained civilians � including doctors, teachers, office clerks and employees of development programs financed by the World Bank and United Nations � to fight rebels in the desolate Ogaden region, according to Western officials, refugees and Ethiopian administrators who recently defected to avoid being conscripted. . .......full text

    Remembering December 13th: A day for all of us!

    AJC press release / December 13, 2007
    The anniversary of the December 13, 2003 Anuak massacre is here again. Four years have now passed since the Anuak witnessed a horrific slaughter of their loved ones by Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi�s military forces and some other pro-EPRDF government militia groups. The painful wounds from those losses will be reopened as many Anuak throughout Ethiopia and in the Diaspora observe the fourth memorial of this genocide that took place in Gambella. .......full text

    Why does HR 2003 scare Meles Zenawi?

    By Robele Ababya / December 8, 2007
    The Meles Zenawi regime continues to intensify its last-ditch desperate effort to kill HR2003. It is doing so against the backdrop of mounting international demand for justice and respect for human rights. Meles is incessantly lamenting that the Bill will undermine his cooperation in the fight against terrorism if and when it becomes law. This brings to light that his jump into the bandwagon of coalition of the willing in the war on terrorism was not as a matter of principle but solely a calculated stratagem to be kept in power in exchange. He has unwittingly exposed his true nature of a thug who cares least about principles.......full text

    Impossible to Rescue Ethiopia from Eritrea

    EPPF News / December 6, 2007
    Any Ethiopian group or organization with the good intention at heart and struggling to bring about positive changes to our nation, have the responsibility of protecting the interest of our nation, as well as exposing harmful situations which could be avoided if known in advance.We, EPPF International have been following developments which if not exposed and consequently halted could lead to be another damaging situation to our fight for democracy in Ethiopia.Below are facts, which we believe are crucial for all Ethiopians to be aware of. We ask all concerned media owners to use their medium and help us inform other concerned Ethiopians........full text

    Addis Dimts Radio�s new website

    Rice's visit to Ethiopia puts focus on ally accused of human rights abuses

    By Shashank Bengali | McClatchy Newspapers / December 6, 2007
    NAIROBI, Kenya � Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's visit to Ethiopia this week puts a spotlight on the tight but troubled relationship between the United States and the volatile Horn of Africa nation........full text

    Rice tells Ethiopia to ease tensions with Eritrea

    By Sue Pleming, Reuters / December 5, 2007
    Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice urged Ethiopia on Wednesday to avoid acts that would raise tensions with Eritrea but got new promises from Africa's Great Lakes nations to end fighting in eastern Congo.In a rare public foray into African diplomacy, Rice spent a day in the Ethiopian capital shuttling between meetings with African leaders and ministers with the goal of tackling conflicts in eastern Congo, Somalia and Sudan and preventing a border war between Ethiopia and Eritrea.In a swipe at her Ethiopian hosts, Rice pressed Prime Minister Meles Zenawi to reduce tensions with Eritrea.......full text

    Beggars and choosers

    Ethiomedia Editorial/ December 3, 2007
    Last week, Meles Zenawi explained to his parliament that the U.S. Congress bundled H.R. 2003 (Ethiopia Democracy and Accountability Act of 2007) with the �wheat we beg from them� thinking that �it may be a good thing to tell us how to administer our affairs.� He added, �If this is what the U.S. Congress intended, it would be an expression of its arrogance and hubris.� ......full text

    Rice to Tackle African Conflicts

    By MATTHEW LEE , AP / December 1, 2007
    WASHINGTON (AP) � Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice hopes to try to cool several explosive African conflicts and shore up faltering peace deals when she travels next week to Ethiopia, headquarters of the African Union, the State Department said Friday.In meetings in Addis Ababa, Rice plans to explore prospects for peace in the Horn of Africa, where Somalia is ravaged by violence and humanitarian crises and fresh tensions between Ethiopia and arch-foe neighbor Eritrea threaten a 2000 peace pact that closed a bloody two-year border war, a senior official said...............full text

    One people, one nation, one Ethiopia

    By Zerihun Gebre-Meskel / November 28, 2007
    November 17, 2007 marked the Ethiopian Millennium for some of us at the Anuak Justice Council Human Rights Conference. It resonated, the same hope felt by many during the months leading up to the historic May 2005 election. How is one left to feel when representatives of human rights activists under the leadership of Mr. Obang Metho himself sat side by side at the panelist table covered with the majestic green, yellow, red. It was an amazing sight that easily fed the soul. This memorable visual alone was the beacon of hope for those of us who had the privilege of witnessing this historical moment..............full text

    Internet in Ethiopia - Is Ethiopia Off-line or Wired to the Rim?

    By Samuel Kinde / November 28, 2007
    Few things in Ethiopia cause as much frustration and despair than the ongoing and deteriorating dismal state of Internet connectivity in the country. Given how the country continues to struggle with fundamental issues of development for its 80 million people, this lack of progress - and in some cases complete reversal of earlier growth - tests the hope of the most optimist observers and stake-holders....................full text

    The devil quotes Scripture

    Ethiomedia / November 26, 2007
    �The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose. An evil soul producing holy witness is like a villain with a smiling cheek.� So wrote Shakespeare in the Merchant of Venice. Today, the villainous merchants of tyranny and dictatorship in Ethiopia quote the Treaty of Wuchale (Ucciale) to oppose a human rights bill (H.R. 2003) in the U.S. Congress..................full text

    HR 2003 benefits all and sundry

    By Fekade Shewakena /November 25, 2007
    HR 2003 was conceived and developed in the aftermath of the historic Ethiopian election of 15 May 2005 that culminated in the unexpected decisive victory of opposition forces over the brutal regime of Woyanne, which in its 16 years of repressive rule, had betrayed vital national interests of Ethiopia, including rendering her the largest land-locked country on the globe...................full text

    The difference between HR 2003 and Wuchale Treaty for dummies

    By Fekade Shewakena /November 22, 2007
    Obviously the TPLF and its cronies have realized that they have no merit based argument to make against the substance contained in HR2003, the Ethiopian Democracy and Accountability Act of 2007, that passed the US House with a unanimous vote and stands pending passage in the Senate. The substance of the bill is clear to anyone who can read it and I know translations of the bill in Ethiopian languages have now percolated to the hands of enthusiastic Ethiopians on the streets who write their Diaspora compatriots to work harder to have the bill become law. Many Ethiopians are waiting to see if America lives up to the ideals it preaches by passing this bill and help them in their fight to restore their humanity and dignity that is being violated with impunity by their brutal rulers. ..................full text

    As Somali Crisis Swells, Experts See a Void in Aid

    By Jeffrey Gettleman / The New York Times /November 20, 2007
    AFGOOYE, Somalia � The worst humanitarian crisis in Africa may not be unfolding in Darfur, but here, along a 20-mile strip of busted-up asphalt, several top United Nations officials said.A year ago, the road between the market town of Afgooye and the capital of Mogadishu was just another typical Somali byway, lined with overgrown cactuses and the occasional bullet-riddled building. Now it is a corridor teeming with misery, with 200,000 recently displaced people crammed into swelling camps that are rapidly running out of food.....................full text

    Remember, the Ethiopian martyrs of June and November 2005

    By Prof. Al Mariam / November 16, 2007
    The documented facts of the June and November, 2005 massacres are shocking to the conscience as they are incontrovertible.1 The Commission examined 16,990 documents, and received testimony form 1,300 witnesses. After analyzing this mountain of evidence, the Commission concluded that none of the protesters possessed, used or attempted to use firearms against the paramilitary forces. None of them possessed, used or attempted to use any type of explosives. No protester was observed carrying a stick or a club to use as a weapon. No protester set or attempted to set fire to public or private property. No protester robbed or attempted to rob a bank....................full text

    First-week protest in Oklahoma City successful

    By Ethiopians and Friends for HR 2003/ November 15, 2007
    OKLAHOMA CITY - Ethiopians and their friends campaigning for the promotion of the human rights bill HR 2003 held a demonstration in Oklahoma City on Tuesday and protested against Senator James Inhofe's reported move to block the Bill. Local TV and international media such as Associated Press covered the peaceful demonstration.The purpose of the demonstration was to protest Senator James Inhofe's opposition to H.R.2003, the "Ethiopia Democracy and Accountability Act of 2007." In a statement that Senator James Inhofe made on the Senate floor on October 17, 2007, he stated;...................full text

    UN envoy says Somali war crime suspects should face ICC

    AFP/ November 13, 2007
    NAIROBI (AFP) - A United Nations envoy on Tuesday said Somali war crimes suspects should be prosecuted at the international Criminal Court in order to end impunity in the lawless African nation. "People perpetuating crimes and violence are not being challenged before the International Criminal Court," said Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah, the UN secretary general's special envoy to Somalia...................full text

    Sovereignty vs democracy

    By Solomon Terfa (Ph.D.) / November 12, 2007
    In the last few months, there has been a vociferous call for democracy in Ethiopia. This call for democracy seems to give the impression that democracy is what will cure the problems that exist in the country. The denial of democratic rights by the authoritarian regime seems to have relegated the right of the people as the repository of power to a secondary importance. �Popular sovereignty� of the people has been downgraded and or shelved. In this short paper I argue that the paramount demand of the Ethiopian people should be their right to sovereignty. Towards that end, a short historical and theoretical survey is in order..................full text

    Ethiopia-Eritrea Border Tensions Raise New International Alert (By Howard Lesser , VOA) --( November 7, 2007 )

    A brittle Western ally in the Horn of Africa

    The Economist / November 1, 2007
    AS AMERICA surveys the map of eastern Africa, it finds little to take comfort from. Somalia is in anarchy, riven by competing warlords and a haven for Islamist militants. Sudan is involved in the bloody suppression of blacks in its western region, Darfur. Both countries are deaf to outside complaints and seem chronically unstable. America is thinking of putting Eritrea, briefly a beacon of hope after it split from Ethiopia in 1993, on its list of countries that sponsor terrorism. But between that grim trio stands Ethiopia, America�s hope..................full text

    A farewell to champions (By Prof. AL Mariam ) --( Oct. 30 ,2007 )

    Eritrea accuses Ethiopia of plotting to invade --( Oct. 27 ,2007 )

    Excerpts from Rep. Smith's Newmakers Speech on Ethiopia and Human Rights --( Oct. 23 ,2007 )

    We demand an apology, Senator Inhofe

    By Prof. Alemayehu G. Mariam / October 22, 2007
    am writing to demand an apology for the racist, scurrilous, truculent, degrading, offensive and manifestly untruthful statements you made on the floor of the Senate on October 17, 2007.I. Ethiopians Demand An Apology For Your Racist, Slanderous and Defamatory Statement That They Are Baby Killers, Child Abusers and Immoral People..................full text

    The beginning of the end of a brutal dictatorship(By Selam Beyene) --( Oct. 19 ,2007 )

    Oklahoma Senator threatens to kill HR 2003(Coalition for HR 2003 )- Watch Video here

    --( Oct. 18 ,2007 )

    War on terror trumps promoting Ethiopian democracy(By Janine Zacharia - BN ) --( Oct. 16 ,2007 )

    One small step for the U.S. Congress, one giant leap for Ethiopian human rights (By Prof. Alemayehu G. Mariam ) --( Oct. 15 ,2007 )

    Dismissive Ethiopia tests US indulgence (By Barney Jobson - FT) --( Oct. 11 ,2007 )

    Intervene to save lives of Ethiopian Refugees in Sudan (SOCEPP-CAN) --( Oct. 10 ,2007 )

    Thank You , Donald Payne and Chris Smith( By Aie Zi Guo ) --( Oct. 10 ,2007 )

    US targets Ethiopia for sanctions (BBC) --( Oct. 04 ,2007 )

    Payne Ethiopian Democracy Bill Passes House (Congressman Donald M.Payne) --( Oct.04 ,2007 )

    Thank You, Congress for Passing HR 2003 (EAC) --( Oct. 03 ,2007 )

    EACA Applauds the House of Representatives for Passing the Ethiopia Democracy and Accountability Act of 2007 (H.R. 2003) --( Oct. 03 ,2007 )

    US House of Representatives Passes Ethiopia Human Rights Bill (VOA) --( Oct. 02 ,2007 )

    Act Now to Stop U.S. Support for Human Rights Violations in Ethiopia (Coalition for HR 2003) --( Sep. 30 ,2007 )

    Ethiopia Legislation Moves Forward in US House of Representatives (VOA) --( Sep. 27 ,2007 )

    In politics, crisis is an opportunity

    By Abebe Gelaw / September 26, 2007
    The Vice President of Kinijit has shamed her critics with an extraordinary display of humility, magnanimity, maturity and wisdom in her very touching appeal to Engineer Hailu Shawel. Judge Bertukan Mideksa's appeal to the Honourable Hailu Shawel to heal the festering wounds, which has attracted all sorts of opportunists, fifth columnists, infiltrators, myopic extremists, conspiracy theorists and wolves in sheep's skin, just to mention a few among so many, is testimony to the fact that the leader has to rise up to the challenge of leading the most popular but vulnerable political party in Ethiopian history out of the terrible storms. Her words were measured; her voice unfaltering, her composure unfailing and above all her appeal came from the bottom of her heart..................full text

    The House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee to mark-up H.R. 2003 --( Sep.26 ,2007 )

    Ethiopian political dispute comes to United States

    By Jim Snyder , The Hill / September 21, 2007
    Members of an Ethiopian opposition party who were jailed for 20 months in connection with a disputed election are lobbying the Bush administration and Congress to pressure Ethiopia to support a more open and democratic society. Members of the Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD) delegation also plan to travel to various U.S. cities in an effort to continue to organize Ethiopian-Americans and to thank them for providing financial and political support during their incarceration..................full text

    UN seeks Ethiopia abuses inquiry (BBC) --( Sep.20 ,2007 )

    Ethiopia's Opposition Wants US Support for Democracy Struggle(James Butty, VOA) --( Sep.19 ,2007 )

    Dr.Hailu Araya - on VOA

    Woizerit Bertukan Mideksa and Dr.Hailu Araya on NPR

    Ethiopia detains 3 men linked to top opposition politician

    AP/ September 14, 2007
    ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia - Authorities have detained three Ethiopians linked to a top opposition politician, accusing them of trying to create a disturbance during the country's millennium celebrations, a fourth man who was released said Friday..................full text

    Ethiomedia Editor on ETN

    Support H.R.2003 by Asking Your Representative to Send it for Mark-up ...Sign the petition !

    US recognises Ethiopian crisis

    Financial Times / September 10, 2007
    A senior US official has said for the first time that a �humanitarian crisis� is unfolding in Ethiopia�s Ogaden region, putting Washington at odds with the Addis Ababa government, which has rejected similar claims from aid organisations.

    Jendayi Frazer, assistant secretary of state for African affairs, made the comment on Saturday following a trip to the region, where government forces are fighting rebels who this year stepped up a violent campaign for self-determination.................full text

    Millennium celebrations fall flat

    AP / September 7, 2007
    (ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia): As Ethiopia approaches its third millennium, the most popular joke in the capital city goes like this: How do you say "millennium" in Amharic? ...The pun of an answer � "menem yellum," which means "there is nothing" � sums up how many in Ethiopia's largest city feel about the festivities for Ethiopia's 2,000th year, which begins Tuesday on Ethiopia's Coptic calendar.................full text

    Ethiopian opposition leader takes fight abroad

    By Timothy Gardner / September 6, 2007
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - The man who was elected mayor of Addis Ababa said he is not sure whether he can hold public demonstrations there, so he is visiting the United States and Europe seeking support for a new era of democracy in Ethiopia. "It is very difficult to know what it means to be engaged in political struggles in Ethiopia," Berhanu Nega, deputy chairman of Ethiopian opposition party Coalition for Unity and Democracy, or CUD, told Reuters in an interview in New York. "Can you organize demonstrations, can you organize discussions? All this is not answered." ................full text

    Humanitarian crisis hits Ethiopia

    By Xan Rice, The Guardian / September 5, 2007
    A humanitarian crisis has developed in Ethiopia's remote Ogaden region, where government forces are trying to quell a rebel insurgency, according to a leading international aid agency.M�decins Sans Fronti�res said 400,000 people, including thousands forcibly displaced when their villages were burned down, had little or no access to medicine due to a government-installed blockade. ................full text

    Meles regime welcomes millennium, not its homeless

    By Anita Powell / August 30, 2007
    (Addis Ababa) - Thousands of homeless people will be moved from the capital to the countryside before next month's millennium celebration and provided help with food, shelter and medicine, a development group said on Tuesday. Homelessness is a huge problem in Addis Ababa, a city of five million where an estimated 90 000 live on the streets. Beggars are a common sight, with everyone from young children to the elderly seeking money or scraps of food.....The group said most are from the northern Tigray region and that Elshadai is simply sending them back home................full text

    Norway to cut aid to Ethiopia

    Aftenposten / August 30, 2007
    Ethiopia's decision to expel six of nine Norwegian diplomats from the country means Ethiopia will lose around NOK 30 million in Norwegian development aid................full text

    Norway to withdraw six diplomats from Ethiopia

    AFP / August 28, 2007
    Norway is to reduce its diplomatic presence in Ethiopia after Addis Ababa expressed "dissatisfaction" with Oslo's policies in the Horn of Africa, the foreign ministry announced Monday...............full text

    Addis Ababa neighborhood honors Bertukan Mideksa....(pdf) / August 26, 2007

    Ethiopia upset by U.S. bill

    By Brian Blackwell
    Washington Times / August 23, 2007
    WASHINGTON DC - Ethiopian officials are disturbed by legislation pending in Congress that would restrict military assistance and travel to the United States by certain Ethiopian officials unless President Bush certifies that the Addis Ababa government is acting to address specific human rights concerns. The Ethiopians argue that it is unfair to lump them in with countries like North Korea and Iran at a time when their troops are acting as allies in the war on terrorism, defending an interim government in neighboring Somalia against Islamist extremists..............full text

    Gasha and ITDA host a meeting in Washington, DC

    Gasha-ITDA PR / August 19, 2007
    Gasha and ITDA - on DW Radio with Abebe Feleke (Amharic)

    WASHINGTON DC � The sovereign territory of Ethiopia was violated in 1991 when the current regime came to power, and handed over Ethiopia�s sovereign territories to Eritrea in violation of the legal and historical rights of Ethiopia, a noted Ethiopian scholar has told a meeting in Washington, DC. Organized by Gasha for Ethiopians and International Tigrian Democratic Association (ITDA) on August 11, Professor Negussay Ayele deliberated on how the Meles Zenawi regime dug up colonial treaties of the early 1900s and used them to violate the sovereignty of the country and reduce it to its current landlocked status. .............full text

    U.S. considers putting Eritrea on terrorism list

    By Arshad Mohammed
    Reuters / August 17, 2007
    WASHINGTON - The United States said on Friday it was considering putting Eritrea on its list of state sponsors of terrorism for allegedly funneling weapons to insurgents fighting the Ethiopian-backed government in Somalia.Putting Eritrea on the list would impose sanctions on the Horn of Africa nation, including a ban on arms-related sales, prohibitions on some U.S. aid and U.S. opposition to International Monetary Fund and World Bank loans to Eritrea.............full text

    U.S. Policy in the Horn of Africa

    James Swan, Deputy Assistant Secretary for African Affairs
    August 14, 2007

    As all of you know, the Horn of Africa is a rough neighborhood. At least one conflict � and frequently more � has raged in the region continuously since 1960. Inter-state conventional wars. Guerrilla-style liberation struggles. Coups. Revolutions. The Horn has seen them all.It is also a region that has suffered historically from poor governance -- from the brutal excesses of Ethiopia�s Derg, to authoritarian one-party systems in much of the region until the 1990s, to the lawlessness of the failed state of Somalia after the fall of Siad Barre. Winner-take-all politics and violent regime change have been the norm. And this historically unstable political and security climate has been a profound impediment to economic development.�............full text

    Lies, promised joy, shimagles, pardons and bananas

    By Prof. Al Mariam
    August 6, 2007
    Meles Zenawi was once the darling of Tony Bliar and Bill Clinton. He was lionized as one of the �new breed of African leaders.� There was boundless hope that Zenawi and a menagerie of other anointed African �new breeders� would lead the continent out of the darkness of authoritarian rule into the sunshine of freedom, democracy and human rights.But something went terribly wrong with the Blair/Clinton �African Renaisance�. In the poetic words of Robert Burns: �The best laid schemes of mice and men/Go often askew,/And leaves us nothing but grief and pain,/ For promised joy!�............full text

    Obang Metho addresses Oromo Community in Minnesota

    August 4, 2007
    I was invited by our Oromo brothers and sisters through the Oromo-American Citizens Council to speak at the Second Annual International Oromo Human Rights Conference on �Conflict in East Africa and the Current Human Rights Situation.� I was to address the subject of human rights violations in Ethiopia with a special focus on the Anuak as well as to assess the risk of genocide and further human rights violations against other ethnic groups in the Horn of Africa.............full text

    Senator Patrick Leahy on Assistance for Ethiopia

    August 3, 2007
    After the overthrow of Ethiopia's brutal former Prime Minister Mengistu, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi ushered in a period of hope and optimism. On May 15, 2005, Ethiopia held its first open multi-party elections. The international community praised the people of Ethiopia for an astounding 90 percent voter participation rate, an encouraging beginning to a new political process. The Ethiopian people deserve a democratic process in which opposition parties can organize and participate, and journalists can publish freely, without fear of arrest or retribution. Unfortunately, as it turned out, the 2005 election was not the turning point many had hoped for............full text

    US Senators protest over human rights abuses in Ogaden

    August 2, 2007
    Washington, D.C. - The following is a letter sent by United States Senator Russ Feingold, chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on African Affairs, and a bipartisan group of his senate colleagues to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice regarding reports of human rights abuses committed by the Ethiopian military in the country's Ogaden region. The senators are urging Secretary Rice to intensify pressure on the Ethiopian government to respect fundamental human rights............full text

    A New Battle in Congress: Lobbyists v Human Rights

    Scott A. Morgan / August 1, 2007
    WASHINGTON DC - We all noticed last fall when the American Voters decidely threw out an Incompetent Republican Congress and replaced them with the Democrats. But it is becoming clear that if WE expected a change in how things are run in Washington we were sadly mistaken.:...........full text

    City Council of Takoma Park, Maryland passed resolution ,urging support of HR 2003...pdf) --( July 31,2007 )


    Fax letter to Majority Speaker Steny H. Hoyer --(Coalition for HR 2003/July 31,2007 )

    Fax letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi --(Coalition for HR 2003/July 29,2007 )

    Addis Dimts Radio with Prof. Ephrem Isaac and Prof. Al Mariam (Amharic)

    Siye Abraha - 2nd Part with DW's Negash Mohammed (Amharic)
    Siye Abraha - 1st Part with DW's Negash Mohammed (Amharic)
    Kibrt Woizerit Bertukan Mideksa on DW Radio with Negash Mohammed (Amharic)

    Lantos directed not to mark up HR 2003

    Coalition for HR 2003 / July 27, 2007
    WASHINGTON DC - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (San Francisco) and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (Maryland) on Friday directed Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Tom Lantos not to mark-up H.R. 2003 on July 31, 2007, the Coalition for HR 2003 disclosed today. Preliminary investigations suggest that neither Chairman Lantos nor Chairman Payne were consulted prior to issuance of the directive...........full text

    CUD leaders issue statement

    CUD Press Release / JuLy 26, 2007
    ."...........full text(pdf)

    Dr Yacob Hailemariam vows to finish what he started

    By MATTHEW BOWERS, The Virginian-Pilot / July 26, 2007
    Despite spending 21 months in prison with a life sentence looming, former Norfolk State University professor Yacob Hailemariam said Wednesday he has no regrets about his activism in his home country Ethiopia."Believe me, it is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life," Hailemariam said in a telephone interview from his apartment in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital."...........full text

    Ex-Congressional Heavyweights Blocking Action Against Ethiopia

    By Ken Silverstein, Harper's Magazine / July 25, 2007
    WASHINGTON, DC - There have been a series of accounts out of Ethiopia recently that describe a nasty situation there, including a Human Rights Watch report earlier this month that said the Ethiopian military had ��forcibly displaced thousands of civilians in the country��s eastern Somali . . . while escalating its campaign against a separatist insurgency movement.�� Government troops were ��destroying villages and property, confiscating livestock, and forcing civilians to relocate,�� according to Peter Takirambudde, Africa director of Human Rights Watch. ��Whatever the military strategy behind them, these abuses violate the laws of war.�� Eyewitness accounts offered to Human Rights Watch said Ethiopian troops had been ��burning homes and property, including the recent harvest and other food stocks intended for the civilian population, confiscating livestock and, in a few cases, firing upon and killing fleeing civilians.�� "...........full text

    Problematic Ally : The moral hazards of dealing with Ethiopia's Meles Zenawi

    Washington Post Editorial / July 24, 2007
    MORE THAN once during the Cold War, the united states aligned itself with dictatorial or corrupt, but anticommunist, foreign governments, compromising democratic principles for perceived advantage against the Soviet Union. These choices were not necessarily wrong, but each one put the U.S. on a slippery slope, at the bottom of which lay a completely amoral foreign policy.

    Chairman Donald M. Payne Welcomes Release of Prisoners in Ethiopia

    Press Release/ July 21, 2007

    U.S. Congressman Tom Lantos Welcomes News of the Release of 38 Political Prisoners in Ethiopia Ethiopia

    Press Release/ July 21, 2007

    A Call for Renewed Vigor in the March towards Democracy and the Rule of Law

    Kinijit / July 20, 2007
    ...........for more info visit

    Release all Political Prisoners! Account for the ��disappeared��.!

    (SOCEPP - CAN)/ July 20, 2007
    SOCEPP Canada applauds the release of the 38 CUDP leaders, journalists of the free press, and others. It congratulates the ��freed��, their families and friends.

    Congressional Ethiopian American Caucus Celebrates the Ethiopian Millennium upon release of Political Prisoners

    July 20, 2007

    Washington, DC �V Congressman Mike Honda (D-CA), Members of the Congressional Ethiopian American Caucus celebrate the release today of 38 Ethiopian political opposition leaders, most recently sentenced to life in prison, and now fully pardoned. This news comes after H.R.2003 the Ethiopia Democracy and Accountability Act (Payne) House mark up on Wednesday, July 18th. Caucus Members have traditionally supported legislation that reaffirms Ethiopia��s role on the world stage. From H.R.935 Free and Fair Elections in Ethiopia Act (Honda), to monitoring negotiations between Starbucks and the Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office (EIPO), the Ethiopia Caucus is based on the principle that if given the necessary tools, Ethiopia can truly be a lighthouse for Africa. Rep. Honda, Founder and Chair of the Ethiopia Caucus stated that, ��It is important, now more than ever, to celebrate Ethiopia with vigilance and genuine partnership.�� "...........full text

    Ethiopia's freed leader defiant

    July 20, 2007

    Ethiopia's opposition leader has hit out at the government just hours after being pardoned and released from a life sentence in jail.Hailu Shawel said he had signed a document admitting to organising violent election protests in 2005 and asking for clemency "under duress"...........full text


    Coalition for HR 2003
    July 18, 2007

    On July 18, 2007, HR 2003, ��Ethiopia Democracy and Accountability Act of 2007��, authored by Congressman Donald Payne (D-NJ), unanimously passed the Subcommittee on Africa and is forwarded to the Foreign Affairs Committee.A truly bipartisan bill (all members of the Subcommittee on Africa voted for the bill, 7 Democrats and 6 Republicans), H.R. 2003, is expected to be presented to the entire Foreign Affairs Committee for a vote before Congress recesses for the summer in early August, 2007....��.......full text

    U.S. Congress, Bush administration exasperated by Ethiopian backsliding on democracy

    July 18, 2007

    WASHINGTON (AP) - Both the Bush administration and Congress are growing exasperated over Ethiopia's backsliding from democracy but are wary of applying too much pressure against a country that has become an important anti-terror ally in East Africa.Members of the Democratic-controlled Congress are under fewer restraints than President George W. Bush's administration, which has relied on the help of Ethiopian troops in ousting Islamic militants from power in parts of neighboring Somalia...��.......full text

    Commentary on Siye Abraha's post-release interview

    By Prof. Alemayehu G. Mariam
    July 16, 2007
    Ato Seye Abraha was a former defense minister in Zenawi��s regime. He was ��convicted�� on ��corruption charges�� in 2002, along with other officials. Informed sources say his ��conviction�� had the usual fabrication stamp all over it: ��Made in Kangaroo Kourt....��.......full text


    Coalition for HR 2003
    July 14, 2007
    We have to continue to Call, Fax and visit our congressional representatives to enlist more co-sponsors for H.R. 2003, and to guarantee its ultimate passage once it is presented to the floor for final action..��.......full text

    Time to mark-up HR 2003!

    Coalition for HR 2003
    July 13, 2007
    Congressman Donald Payne has re-scheduled mark-up of H.R. 2003 for July 18, 2007, at 10:15 a.m. We thank Don Payne for his commitment to freedom, democracy and human rights in Ethiopia. The Kality prisoners were supposed to have been released on or before July 9, 2007, the date set for their ��sentencing�� by Zenawi��s Kangaroo Kourt. That date, as usual was continued to July 16. With the rescheduled mark-up date, it appears crystal clear that both Payne and the numerous co-sponsors of the bill are no longer willing to put up with Zenawi��s ��horsefeathers.��.......full text

    Siye Abraha released after six harrowing years

    July 12, 2007
    ADDIS ABABA - Siye Abraha, a former defense minister many observers credit as the architect of the 1998-2000 War whose battle successes had brought Ethiopian forces closer to storming the Eritrean capital of Asmara, was set free on Wednesday after six years in jail. Siye and his four family members were charged with 13 cases of corruption but many agree his crime was to try to punish Eritrea for its aggression while leaving Prime Minister Meles Zenawi in power in Addis.......full text

    Prisoners of conscience face death penalty, a call for immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners in Ethiopia

    (SOCEPP - CAN)/ July 10, 2007

    Time to mark-up HR 2003!

    Coalition for HR 2003
    July 9, 2007

    (Coalition for H.R. 2003) -- On June 26, 2007, supporters of H.R. 2003 (Ethiopia Freedom and Accountability Act) were told that the House Foreign Affairs Committee will delay mark-up of H.R. 2003 by two weeks because of threats to prolong the detention of the Kaliti prisoners of conscience if the mark-up had proceeded on that date. The two-week delay expires in the next day, and we must demand the immediate scheduling of H.R. 2003 for committee mark-up.................full text

    Ethiopian call for death penalty

    July 9, 2007

    An Ethiopian prosecutor has demanded the death penalty for a group of 38 opposition leaders found guilty of links to violent election protests. Prosecutor Abraham Tetemke said they had tried to bring down the government. Among them are several of the capital's elected MPs and city councillors, including Berhanu Negga, mayor-elect of Addis Ababa..........full text

    Declaration to defend democracy, freedom and human rights in Ethiopia

    July 4, 2007

    In the history of all great nations, there comes a moment when the people must make a choice that will define them in their own time, vindicate the enormous sacrifices of their ancestors and enable them to bequeath an enduring legacy for generations yet unborn. They are often forced to make that choice by arrogant tyrants who use brute force to entrench and perpetuate their dictatorial rule, and unabashedly proclaim to the world their contempt for the rule of law, democratic principles and civil liberties...full text

    Meles Zenawi tries to hold US elected officials hostage, too

    By Keif Schleifer, Executive Director, The Empowerment Inititative
    June 28, 2007

    Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has issued a threat. If pushed to comply with human rights based financial assistance from the United States, he will hold hostage the already imprisoned democratically-elected opposition leaders. Perhaps that could be restated as:Prime Minister Meles Zenawi will continue to hold democratically-elected officials hostage, along with tens of thousands of innocent civilians, in direct defiance of basic respect for human rights....................full text

    Zenawi holds prisoners hostage over pending US Congress bill

    Coalition for HR 2003
    June 26, 2007

    But Caution, If It Becomes fanatical, Can Destroy the Trust

    By Getachew Reda(Respond To Professor Tecola W/Hagos)
    June 15, 2007

    I don��t know when the Professor will stop being too suspicious to every decent Ethiopian opposition leaders that comes out voluntary to lead the country out of the quagmire, but I found it very distractive, at times his critique is worst than that of the Banda in power when it come to the Kinijjit leaders currently in jail illegally.....................full text

    Jailed Ethiopians 'to be freed'

    June 25, 2007

    A group of 38 Ethiopian opposition leaders found guilty of links to violent election protests is to be freed, they have told their families. They say they have signed a document to secure their release but it is not clear what this is....................full text

    Dissenting a constitution that makes the prime minister a monster and emperor

    By Berhanu G. Balcha
    June 22, 2007

    Meles Zenawi was elected from a district from which he has never lived for the last 30 years. It is clear that he has no legitimacy even from his own electoral district. However, the 1995 constitution in Ethiopia has made him a vicious emperor whose brutality has been ubiquitous, not only throughout the nation, but also expanding to the neighbouring countries. The constitution was drafted and ratified by a total control of Meles zenawi��s party. Thus, it makes the power of the prime minister unrestrained or unchecked by the executive, legislative, judiciary and other federal or regional institutions in Ethiopia...................full text

    ONLF Response To Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Press Release

    ONLF Press Statement
    June 21, 2007


    Coalition for HR 2003
    June 21, 2007

    The Coalition for H.R. 2003 is proud to congratulate the Ethiopian American Association of Oregon, Ethiopians, Ethiopian Americans and friends of Ethiopiain the Great State of Oregon for their successful efforts in passing Senate Joint Memorial 3 in the Oregon Legislative Assembly..................full text

    Stand up Ethiopians! Each one of us is now a leader against state terror

    By Obang Metho
    June 21, 2007

    We come out in condemnation of the unjust guilty verdict against our opposition leaders, journalists and human rights defenders! Yet, instead of it being a deathblow to our movement for freedom and democracy, we have now received our marching orders! We are declaring a new ��War on Terror: Ethiopia!�� We Ethiopians are outraged with the injustice and brutal repression of the Ethiopian people, made more dramatically clear after the events of the last week! We are saying, ��Enough is enough! The terrorists in our midst must be stopped!�� Stand up Ethiopians! Each one of you is needed in our war against terrorism being carried out against the people of Ethiopia by its own government!..................full text

    Radio Interview with Tesfay Atsbeha and Abraha Belai of Ethiomedia - Amharic)

    In Ethiopia's Ogaden desert, horrors of a hidden war

    By Jeffrey Gettleman
    June 17, 2007

    IN THE OGADEN DESERT, Ethiopia: The rebels march 300 strong across the crunchy earth, young men with dreadlocks and AK-47s slung over their shoulders.Often when they pass through a village, the entire village lines up, one sunken cheekbone to the next, to squint at them.��May Allah bring you victory,�� one woman whispered.This is the Ogaden, a corner of Ethiopia that the urbane officials in Addis Ababa, the capital, would rather outsiders never see. It is the epicenter of a separatist war in which impoverished nomads are fighting one of the biggest armies in Africa...............full text

    Prof. Al Mariam interview on Chicago Public Radio

    Lynn fredriksson - The leonard Lopate Show - NY

    Regarding the Eritrean Che Guevara/s in Tigray

    By Getachew Reda
    June 15, 2007

    As you now the innocent leaders from Kinijit, and other opposition group, individuals and media people are currently at the hands of the ��Eritrean Che Guevara/s�� controlling the Ethiopian court of justice that found them guilty without any justification of legal or moral authority to judge them. Such shocking news is what all Ethiopians discussing on media currently. Our hearts and minds go to those our brothers/sisters/fathers who are currently languishing in jail unfairly, their only crime for being ��Ethiopians at Herat��. That too should have been our first priority and condemned it in our Tigrayan community press releases for the historical records..............full text

    Thank You, Great Patriots!

    By Prof. Al Mariam
    June 14, 2007

    When I learned of the expected news of the ��conviction�� of the Great Patriots in Zenawi��s kangaroo court this morning, my initial reaction was not disappointment or sadness. It was a deep and overwhelming sense of pride in the personal sacrifices and extraordinary courage shown by these Great Patriots for their country and people.............full text

    Joint Statement by Congressman Donald M Payne and European Parliament Member Ana Gomes on Yesterdays verdict

    June 12, 2007

    We are deeply shocked and dismayed to hear the guilty verdict of the 38 courageous human rights advocates, elected parliamentarians, and opposition leaders. This decision clearly demonstrates that the judicial process is controlled and managed by the ruling party in Ethiopia.The verdict by the Court also proves beyond doubt that the Courts lack the necessary and required independence from political influence. These prisoners were deliberately and systematically misled by the Prime Minster��s office that a peaceful resolution was possible. In fact, on a number of occasions we were led to believe that an agreement between the prisoners and the Prime Minister was reached............full text

    The viciousness of the rogue regime should be stopped

    Kinijit Press Release
    June 12, 2007

    June 11, 2007 once again marks another episode, in a series of excessive lawlessness and brutality that had been the order of the day in Ethiopia, ever since the domination of the nation by the illegitimate regime of Meles Zenawi. It is on this day that the judiciary, known for being infested by the puppets of the brutal regime, handed down its guilty verdict on the democratically elected and popularly cherished heroes of the nation. These heroes of the Ethiopian democratic movement have genuinely and tirelessly charted a course that would have made repression and lawlessness on the one hand, disease, hunger, and poverty on the other, a thing of the past in our beloved Motherland...........full text

    The verdict - BBC

    June 12, 2007

    .......Andargachew Tsege, convicted in absentia as he is in exile in London, told the BBC he fears that his colleagues could be sentenced to "the most extreme" sentence."This government... has no notion of the implications of its actions - it's very vindictive, it has no sense of the sanctity of law, with all the various atrocities it has committed," he said. ..........full text

    Where are the TPLF dissidents?

    By Getachew Reda
    June 8, 2007

    ........ Alemseged, Gebru, Aregash, Tewelde�K and the rest of the dissident group had a relatively better image than the Meles-Sebhat camp which is generally seen as inimical to Ethiopia. The dissidents were expected they would mobilize their comrades within TPLF and struggle come out of in defense of Ethiopia. But, that didn��t happen.Not only their rhetoric gave the false hope limited in Tigray, but they pumped up the entire nation into euphoria when they asserted publicly on media saying: ��We have to struggle to reverse the trend��. ..........full text

    A historic Transatlantic legislative summit on human rights

    Coalition for H.R. 2003
    June 8, 2007

    WASHINGTON DC - Congressman Donald Payne (D-NJ), Chairman of the Subcommittee on Africa and Global Health and author of H.R. 2003 (Ethiopia Democracy and Accountability Act of 2007) and Ms. Ana Gomes, Member, European Parliament and Head of the European Union��s Observer Mission to Ethiopia (2005) an extraordinary woman of courage, who has been at the forefront of the struggle for democracy and human rights in Ethiopia are among the scheduled speakers at the Joint Summit on June 8, 2007 in Washington, DC.Over the years, Congressman Payne, considered by his colleagues in Congress as one of the leading experts on Africa, has made several trips to Ethiopia to study and discuss improvements to the human rights situation there. He has extensive knowledge of human rights violations not only in Ethiopia, but also Darfur and Rwanda..........full text

    Congessman Chris Smith Re-Introduces Human Rights Bill

    By Coalition for HR 2003
    May 15, 2007

    On May 9, 2007, Republican Congressman Christopher Smith introduced H.R. 2228 (��Ethiopia Freedom, Democracy, and Human Rights Advancement Act of 2007��) in the House of Representatives. H.R. 2228 effectively replaces H.R. 5680, which was prevented from getting to the House floor by then-Speaker Dennis Hastert. Introduction of H.R 2228 by Cong. Smith is significant because it demonstrates the extraordinary importance of human rights in Ethiopia not only for the Democrats in congress but also for Republican members of the House. Such extraordinary bi-partisan interest and support for human rights is a rare event in the U.S. Congress.......full text

    Obang Metho addresses Gasha for Ethiopians conf. in DC

    Director of International Advocacy, AJC
    May 6, 2007

    .....Consider this - Ethiopia would not be Ethiopia without the Tigray. Ethiopia would not be Ethiopia without the Oromo, the Amhara or any of the numerous tiny minority groups of which you may never have heard. What Ethiopia needs is to respect each other and to love each other, including those who have hurt us. We need to love them as God has intended us to do and as He commanded us to do. He loved us first, before we ever knew Him. Anything less than this will not get us out of the cycle of injustice. Anything less will be passing on the curse, not the blessing, to the next generation. Anything less will keep our whole country in prison. Anything less will put us in bondage to the evil one rather than free to be who God intended us to be......full text

    Ethiopia human rights bill re-introduced in the house: a preliminary analysis of an advance copy of the new bill

    Coalition for HR 5680
    April 22, 2007

    The Coalition for H.R. 5680 is informed and believes that Congressman Donald Payne (D-N.J.), Chairman of the Subcommittee on Africa, Global Human Rights and International Operations, introduced the ��Ethiopia Democracy and Accountability Act of 2007�� in the U.S. House of Representatives on Friday, April 20, 2007.....full text

    A New Ethiopia: Calling All Youth to Join the Struggle for Freedom, Morality and the Fear of God in Ethiopia�XYou are Needed!

    By Obang Metho, AJC Director
    April 22, 2007

    A new Ethiopia is needed! We call on our youth to join us in our struggle for freedom, morality and the fear of God in Ethiopia! We have come a long ways towards achieving our goals in Ethiopia, but the last part of that struggle may be the hardest and things may get worse before they get better! Despite this, we must push through to the next level and it may be our youth who bring it about! When so many of our young people were killed during the student protests of 2005, the Prime Minister referred to those who died as ��unemployed youth�� as if they were unimportant to the future of Ethiopia. We need a new Ethiopia where youth are recognized and accepted as precious human beings and potential leaders of the country! They are someone else��s children, our students and the fathers and mothers of everyone��s future....full text

    Buyer beware: recovering our stolen identity

    By Obang Metho, AJC Director
    April 3, 2007

    Don��t think! Ignore your conscience! Invest with quick approval- purchase land or property in Ethiopia with one simple condition �V refrain from speaking against EPDRF! Help us suppress the restless poor! Forget about their rights! It��s easy- just invest your money and get rich! We will even displace the poor to help you find the perfect location for you to build your new home. Feel free to invest in your homeland at your own risk. Join EPDRF��S staunch supporters at the Millennium as they help us celebrate our 17 years of dictatorship! We��ll even buy your air ticket to Addis. But hurry - this is a limited time offer! The cost to you? Just your soul! And as for those who may call you ��Hodam��, pay no mind for they know not what they��re missing! Your safe return, not guaranteed; We reserve the right to revoke any and all offers at our discretion; currently, no warrantees available. Don��t think about it - just do it! You��re well on your way to becoming one of us! Does this give you an idea of how clever and calculating opportunists, with evil intent, might seduce civilized and decent people to join together with them in bringing death to a nation - one soul at a time? Take warning - this is now happening and we are the people and Ethiopia is the nation!

    The Humming Bird and the Forest fire

    By Alemayehu G. Mariam
    April 3, 2007

    Nine members of the U.S. Congress call for release of political prisoners

    Mar 21, 2007

    We are writing to you to express our strong concern about the continued detention of elected parliamentarians, human rights advocates, and independent journalists in Ethiopia. It has been reported that thousands of prisoners languish in prison across the country and many prisoners have been tortured. Some of these prisoners are senior citizens and are sick. We encourage you to use all means available to ensure that the Ethiopian government is participating fully in active negotiations for the prisoners' release....full text

    Ex-TPLF fighter and spy exposes TPLF crimes; how Prof. Asrat Woldeyes was falsely incriminated and subjected to slow death in prison. (Source: EPPF; March 18, 2007)

    The fued between Meles and Isaias

    By Martin Plaut and Sally Healy | March 13, 2007

    Message from Ethiopian Radio in Toronto

    The White House letter writing campaign will continue

    Coalition for HR 5680
    Press Release : Mar 12, 2007
    The Coalition for H.R. 5680 is pleased to provide the following update on the international Ethiopian Diaspora response to the campaign to deliver 100,000 letters-in-ten-days to President Bush......

    Here We Go Again, This Time In The Name of Terrorism

    By David Mixner
    Mar 3, 2007

    ........Meles Zenawi is evolving into a brutal dictator and political opposition to his government is vanishing. Terrorized into silence, opponents are often tortured and imprisoned. The United States and Britain, however, are thrilled that Zenawi sent troops into Somalia to thwart Islamic extremists. However, while military action has blunted the impact of terrorists operating in Somalia, they may quickly reconstitute and threaten the country again now that Ethiopia has withdrawn its troops.

    Should the West go on helping a repressive Ethiopia?

    The Economist
    February 22, 2007

    THE second most populous country in Africa and one of the poorest, Ethiopia is a test case for the West in its efforts to eradicate extreme poverty on the continent. But its government's undemocratic leanings have presented donor countries with a dilemma. Should they continue to funnel their taxpayers' money to a country that routinely jails and tortures its critics or should they turn off the tap and thereby hurt the blameless poor?

    Ethiopia is accused of 'torturing and illegally jailing opponents of regime'

    Steve Bloomfield in Addis Ababa
    February 09, 2007

    Ethiopia is conducting a systematic campaign of intimidation, detention and torture against political opponents of its increasingly autocratic government, human rights groups have alleged.Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, a celebrated ally of the US administration in its "war on terror" and previously invited to sit on Tony Blair's Africa Commission, has become increasingly blatant in his suppression of opposition.

    Tigrinya song to the Enemy of Ethiopia. To read song in Tigrinya and Amharic, click here.

    A new website for Kinijit North America

    Political dissident shot to death

    January 20, 2007

    Police shot dead a young political dissident on Wednesday at Rufael, one of the northern suburbs of Addis Ababa.

    It's time we say "Thank You!" (By Prof. Al Mariam)

    Inquiry Commission West Coast Tour Schedule

    Meles Zenawi's invasion of Somalia: A serious long term foreign policy blunder

    By Fekade Shewakena
    January 20, 2007

    The discussion among Ethiopians on what to make of the invasion of Somalia by Meles Zenawi��s government, although important and inescapable, is anything but dispassionate. A lot of the political discord gets in the way and buries the most important arguments. Some of the most virulent attack on people who questioned the wisdom of this invasion was authored and pioneered by Meles Zenawi himself. Both Meles Zenawi, the media he controls, and his supporters have shut down any useful multi-angular discussion when they began attacking and accusing even loyal parliamentary opponents that were not convinced of the need for military intervention in Somalia. Almost anyone that raised questions before the declaration of war and after is attacked and considered a traitor to Ethiopia��s ��national interest��.

    Poof! The Magic Jihadist!

    By Alemayehu G. Mariam
    January 1, 2007

    The truth of the matter is that the whole jihadist menace in the Horn of Africa -- the ��New Talibans�� -- is a figment of Zenawi��s imagination. The jihadist bogeyman was invented to divert international attention from Zenawi��s massive and gross violations of human rights in Ethiopia. But nobody bought it, except perhaps Jendayi Fraser, the US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, who seems to share Zenawi��s hallucinations about wild-eyed and fire-breathing terrorists lurking behind every desert rock in the Ogaden.

    You can not be Neutral When Your Country Is Falling Apart!!

    By Hagos Mekonen
    December 28, 2006

    We all know what our people��s everyday life look like and what the government is doing since it came to power especially before and after the election. So many people were killed in the Ethio-Eritrean war for nothing, instead it changed the shape of our country��s map for the price our soldiers paid in fighting and left us with wounds that never healed. Now the government placed all opposition leaders in jail for no reason not to mention those who got murdered. It is disappointing and unacceptable where we find ourselves at present. There is an urgent need for the unfolding human rights situation. We must be primary models and totally supportive to our people and work closely with any resistance movement against the government. When the government places itself above the law, many innocent people have become sufferers.

    Interview with David Shinn - VOA

    Meles Zenawi: A Terrorist Fighting War on Terror???

    By Anuak Justice
    December 28, 2006

    Who is Prime Minister Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia? Is he the free world��s partner in the War on Terror or is he a terrorist? The answer might depend upon whom you ask. To his own people of Ethiopia, you might hear stories of human rights abuses, political prisoners, Internet censorship and suppression of freedom, but he is representing himself quite differently to outsiders, especially now that he has diverted the attention of the international community from his own serious political problems to his new war with Somalia, assisted by the United States. Full Text

    Radical Journeys

    According to recent global governance indicators, the Ethiopian People��s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), under the leadership of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, ranks among the most corrupt in the world�Xinternationally condemned for escalating government-led human rights abuses and ongoing suppression of legitimate political activities. Following the widely disputed elections of last year, the government launched a massive campaign against freedom of expression--banning all independent media and expelling a foreign correspondent from the country. During demonstrations in both June and November 2005, police opened fire on the unarmed protesters, killing over 193 men, women and children and wounding hundreds more. An estimated 30, 000 citizens were subsequently rounded up and imprisoned throughout the country�Xscholars, professors, civil service workers, students, prominent social leaders and the majority of the CUDP leadership.

    Ethiopia admits Somalia offensive

    December 23, 2006

    "The other butcher of Addis"

    By Haile-Gabir Sibhatu
    December 23, 2006

    Pinochet of Chile died recently. For many, he escaped justice. And yet, he was buried with full military honors. Pinochet was a good friend of America. And that may have earned him a descent funeral ceremony. From my reading, Col. Mengistu��s crime pales when compared with Pinoche��s crimes committed in the run-up to and in the wake of the September 9, 1973 coup.A documentary film - ��The Other 9/11�� �V shows the heinous crimes of General Pinoche. The documentary film took the title from the fact the coup that ousted the democratically elected socialist government of Chile was staged on the 9th day of the 11th month, September 9, 1973. A few days after Pinochet��s death, BBC reported that Mengistu Hailemariam is convicted of genocided. BBC didn��t stop there. BBC called Mengistu ��the butcher of Addis Ababa��. I said to myself, what is Meles Zenawi to be called? By any indices, Meles Zenawi��s crime is no less than Mengistu Hailemariam. It is a very perplexing question. After some thinking, I decided to give my article the title, ��The Other Butcher of Addis Ababa��.

    Petition: Human Rights in Ethiopia

    A new website for Kinijit

    NPR Radio on somalia

    Suppressed U.N. report focuses on persecution in Gambella

    Harvard Law School Report
    December 15, 2006

    MASSACHUSETTS - The government of Ethiopia continues to persecute minority people in southwest Ethiopia, a newly released United Nations report shows. The 96-page UN report*, titled Livelihoods and Vulnerabilities Study, Gambella Region of Ethiopia, is being released in an effort to raise the profile of the security situation in the Gambella state.

    An EU that received babtism of the highest order

    By Aie Zi Guo
    Novemeber 22, 2006

    As always I fail to understand the type of language that sinks into the mind of diplomats. Against this suspicion please allow me to be straight forward. Writing course language has not been my inner self. However, appeasing the European Union (EU) is being hypocritical, hence my deliberate choice to write this harsh note. Nevertheless bound by the curtsey of civilization, I apologize in advance.

    Sanctions on Ethiopia Stalled in Congress

    New America Media, News Analysis, Donal Brown
    Novemeber 7, 2006

    SAN FRANCISCO �V Politicans in Washington are balking on legislation to promote political justice in Ethiopia out of concerns over terrorists finding haven in the horn of Africa.Sanctions on Ethiopia's government over harsh treatment of political opposition are being sacrified in hopes that Ethiopia will carry the torch in stemming the rise of terrorists in its neighboring country of Somalia.

    Remembering the massacre in Ethiopia

    SOCEPP press release
    Novemeber 1, 2006

    On November 1, 2005, the ruling group in Ethiopia led by the Prime Minister Meles Zelawi, ordered its security forces to shoot on unarmed civilian demonstrators eventually murdering close to 200 and wounding over 700 individuals. According to eyewitnesses and the recently released reports of the government��s own Inquiry Commission, of the 193 murdered, there were children as young as 10 and seniors as old as 70 years of age.

    A day of sorrow; a day of solidarity, a day of renewed commitment

    Kinijit Press Release
    Novemeber 1, 2006

    Ethiopian American Lawyers strongly condemn the regime of Meles Zenawi

    October 24, 2006

    Ethiopia repression worsens

    Author: Don Baseman - Portland
    October 20, 2006

    A wave of political oppression in Ethiopia has resulted in the arbitrary arrests and torture involving hundreds of political prisoners, journalists, and human rights acivists.

    Rep. Smith: Calls for Immediate Passage of H.R.6880

    October 20, 2006

    WASHINGTON - U.S. Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) on Friday expressed outrage at the Ethiopian government's continued silence about the report linking their security forces to nearly 200 deaths during two waves of protests over election results in 2005, and called for immediate passage of his bill to promote human rights and democracy in Ethiopia when Congress reconvenes.

    Ethiopia row over 'massacre' leak (BBC)

    October 19, 2006

    Judge says Ethiopia forces killed 193

    ANTHONY MITCHELL, Associated Press Writer
    October 18, 2006

    Ethiopian security forces massacred 193 people _triple the official death toll �X during anti-government protests following elections last year, a senior judge appointed to investigate the violence said Wednesday.Unarmed protesters were shot, beaten and strangled to death, said Wolde-Michael Meshesha, who was vice chairman of a government-backed inquiry but said he has fled the country after receiving threats. He said he believed the Ethiopian government was trying to cover up the findings.

    Voter registration Announcement

    ETHIOPIA: Let the healing start with reconciliation

    By Aie Zi Guo
    October 4, 2006

    Ethiopia is a land of contrast where war and peace, poverty and abundance, highland and lowland, Islam and Christianity, nationalism and heroism, traditionalism and modernity coexist in all its forms. It is unique with its alphabet and manuscripts, 13 months calendar, unique cuisine, rich Orthodox with Yared��s lyrics, original immigrants of Islam, ancient civilization amid poverty, flora and fauna as divers as its ecology. This complex metamorphosis of the country remained an enigma to outsiders from biblical times of queen Sheba to the first immigrants of Islam.

    It is harvesting time for TPLF spy "diplomats"

    By Workie Briye
    August 29, 2006

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the TPLF Government has recently distributed a circular for its Embassies and Consular Affairs throughout the world. The circular, which is a follow-up of a previous ��Strategic Plan�� which was sent to Embassies earlier this year, orders all Embassies to prepare a comprehensive report on the implementation of the ��Strategic Plan�� that was targeted against opposition leaders, popular Ethiopians, former diplomats and all Ethiopians in the Diaspora who are active in the struggle against the regime.

    US policy threatens war in Horn of Africa

    By Brian Smith and Chris Talbot
    August 23, 2006

    The threat of a full-scale war erupting in Somalia is now a real possibility. Ethiopian troops are congregating along the Somali border, amid allegations that the so-called Union of Islamic Courts, which now controls the capital city of Mogadishu and a growing part of the country, is being armed by Eritrea. Ethiopia and Eritrea, headed by nationalist regimes that were originally allies, fought a bloody war in 1998-2000 in which tens of thousands died. Although Washington led the United Nations diplomacy that brought the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea to an end, the Bush administration has since boosted Ethiopia as a regional power, conveniently ignoring violations of human rights committed by Prime Minister Meles Zenawi��s regime.

    A further blow for a beleaguered leader

    The Economist
    August 17, 2006

    Ethiopia's prime minister, Meles Zenawi, now spends most of his time heading off his enemies. In the capital, Addis Ababa, the government's response to its defeat in last year's contested general election was to shoot scores of opposition protesters and imprison the city's elected mayor. This led to the suspension of aid from his previously loyal Western backers.

    Could the Somali crisis affect HR 5680? ... (pdf)

    Prof. Al Mariam
    July 31, 2006

    Can Meles fight corruption?

    By Wolde S. Asfaw
    July 16, 2006

    There are many on going tragic stories in Ethiopia that most of us are not aware of or prefer to simply gloss over. I will try to give two paradigm of how people both collectively and individually are being mistreated by the system set up by the current government. In any case, I hope this will amplify how the people of Tigray endured 26 years of brutality and terror in the name of "National Self-Determination", "National Struggle", "People��s Revolution", "Peace & Democracy", etc, high sounding words but essentially hollow and meaningless.

    The international community must act before the beast

    By Aie Zi Guo
    July 14, 2006

    After Auschwitz the international community made a collective promise to defend humanity. Fifty years after the community witnessed multiple madness and abuse of humanity by mindless dictators from Rwanda to Srebrenica, Darfur to Chile, Ethiopia to Cambodia, and Iraq to Chad. The ghosts of dictators haunt millions of children. Their names have become scarecrow for school age children allover the world.Yet again in the 21st century where fiber optics and internet technology transformed our lives, we continue witnessing the proliferation of new breeds of ruthless dictators like Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia, Mouseveni of Uganda, Isayas of Eritrea, Mugabe of Zimbabwe, and General Than Shwe of Myanmar.

    Awakening giant!

    By Prof. Al Mariam
    July 4, 2006

    ��We can not turn our backs on the history of the past year. We can not sit silent when freedom is rooted out, democracy hijacked in broad daylight, our brothers and sisters butchered in the streets, human rights trampled and the innocent languish away in overcrowded and unsanitary jails.�� We can��t. We won��t!! We insist on a forward course, the only course. We have no avenue of retreat from our present struggle for human rights, democracy and freedom in our homeland. And so, I told the young man what I believed to be the truth....

    Ana Gomes speech at US Congress and at Capital Hilton in Washington, DC (VOA) June 27, 2006

    Ethiopia Human Rights Bill Advances

    June 27, 2006

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